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Mobile Apps Can Help You Improve Your Fitness Levels

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Jul 2020
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mobile apps can help you improve your fitness levels
As much as technological advancements have made our lives simple, we have also become more exposed to a sedentary lifestyle. This lazy lifestyle can pose a severe danger to your well-being and fitness. Say, you are supposed to meet someone for a meeting at the office, but you decided to do a conference call over Zoom. Thus, the world has become a small place. Continually staying at homes, due to digital facilities, can make us homesick, and prone to health disorders, whether mental or physical.
One of the worst ones is Obesity. And other disorders like fluctuations in your blood pressure level, and blood sugar, depression & anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, various types of cancer, and others.
So, what should you do?
With technology achieving milestones in every other sector, it has also made significant changes in the health and fitness industry, and you surely can leverage the benefits.
It has some negative impacts, no doubt, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages on a vast scale. So yes, technology hasn’t made our lives complicated. It has just offered us excellent services, and we have to decide how to make the best use of it.
Advancement in technology has made it possible for us to work out at our workplaces, using the best mobile apps out there. Mobile app development companies in india have launched various workout apps--- yoga apps, exercise apps, dance apps, and others.
These mobile fitness apps not just helps in balancing our fitness levels, but also keep up our healthy lifestyle. The fitness sector is one of the fastest-growing segments in the IT industry.
According to Forbes, these are some of the best fitness apps--- Beachbody on Demand, Esquared, MyFitnessPal, FIIT, Move GB, Sleep++, Headspace, and a few more. These apps help you manage stress levels, improve your resistance training routines, and help you gain new types of cardio exercises.
It has become easier to track your daily workout schedule with the help of a variable number of apps. Apple’s in-built health app helps you track your daily step counts and measure the amount of calories lost or gained.
In this article, we shall focus on how the fitness apps can impact your health.
Benefits of Mobile Fitness Apps
1. Fitness Routines to Become Affordable & Available
There is no more requirement to hire an expensive personal instructor, or look for a gym or yoga class around your house to lose pounds. All you need to do is search for a most suitable app for you that matches your requirements, download it on your phone, turn on the music and start working out. Social distancing and affordability cannot become the reasons for not keeping up your fitness levels.
2. Helps Reach Your Fitness Goals
helps reach your fitness goals
Many of us desire to have a slender figure and look appealing & chicky, irrespective of our lifestyles. However, trapped in our sedentary lifestyle and jobs, it gets challenging to remain fit. Framing unrealistic goals at the start of our workout plans can be motivational for beginning our fitness regime. Still, it cannot survive long enough—fitness apps like Couch to 5k help set realistic goals in our desired time-period. Only after we succeed in achieving our target, they take us to the next level. This helps with our fitness plans, which is quite challenging for amateurs.
3. Assists you Supervise Your Fitness Routines
Most mobile apps require you to enter your information like calorie intake, your everyday routine, exercise regime, and fitness goals. They will supervise your calorie intake and calories burnt all over the day. They will provide motivational comments throughout your exercise regime, and direct you to perform a specific exercise. Apps like MyFitnessPal and Edmundo Sports Tracker record our personal fitness history and stimulate us to give our best performance.
Apps like Runtastic assist us in seeing our running progress. And if you get bored of your running routine, you can switch to apps like Zombies run to alter your routine and make it more riveting. This app turns your every day runs into heroic missions. Every run you go on is like a session of Zombie show, where you are the lead character. You just have to start a task and hear the story as you run. The thrilling part is where you hear the zombie sounds as you run, and the only way to get rid of them is to keep running. At times, we feel dehydrated while running. An app called Waterlogged helps you supervise your water intake, and encourages you to sip water at regular run intervals.
4. Suggests New Ideas for Your Fitness Routine
suggests new ideas for your fitness routine
Fitness apps like Jefit and Body fitness are enhanced apps that offer new resistance training exercises for particular muscle in our body. Yoga apps like Yoga Wave and Tai Chi render particular images, coaching, and videos to enhance your workout and stretching routines.
5. Supervise Our Diet & Recommends Healthy Eating Methods
It is a widely accepted fact that exercising alone is not sufficient to maintain your body's overall fitness. Diet plays a vital role, as well. In case, you are concerned about the food you are intaking; there are plenty of apps to advice you on healthy options of food to choose---the closest available dietary restaurant or store, healthy ways to cook a particular recipe, and count the number of calories you consumed and require to burn.
6. Build Your Network
A few fitness apps, such as FitGang, iMapMyFitness, and more, are connected to social media sites like Facebook. This helps us to interface with people having similar fitness goals and following similar workout regimes. This can help you be a part of an inspiring community of fitness lovers, and you can compete with each other.
Wrapping Up:
So, it must now be clear that mobile fitness apps by mobile app development agency can be beneficial to us in too many ways. Technology has the potential to direct us towards a healthy lifestyle. Most of the apps offer in-app purchase option also, so you can take a trail or use a basic version first, and decide if you want to buy a pro version. Just download an appropriate app for you and start exercising now.
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