Music Memos: Make Recording Song Idea pieces on the Fly Fast and too Easy

Music Memos: Make Recording Song Idea pieces on the Fly Fast and too Easy


Top app development companies develop unique apps for every person. Apple is also the best company and it develops various apps which are use in any field.


Apple's releases the latest app music memo for musicians, songwriters and songs lovers on iPhone and iPad.

As its name suggests, Music Memos was developed to make it easy for people to tap into their musical likely and make awesome music no problem where they are.


With the use of Music Memos, musicians and songwriters can catch, organize and make their musical ideas on their iPhone.








Musicians everywhere the world, from the great artists to aspiring student, use Apple devices to make stunning music.


The application lets you record any musical instrument via the iPhone’s built-in microphone in a high-quality, decompressed format.


Voice Memos will test rhythm and chords of audible guitar and piano recording, and quickly add drums and a bass line that matches the feel of your song.


Apple says that Voice Memos recordings can introduce in Logic Pro X or GarageBand and allocated via email or via Apple Music Connect, SoundCloud or YouTube, all right from the application.



Key features of Music Memos:



Instantly capture musical ideas



1) Simply record whatever musical idea using a simple interface


2) Quickly listen to your recorded song ideas with an effective drummer

and bass player, who follow through like a live band in the room.


3) You Can Rate your song idea 1 to 5 stars to help you recognize your



4) It Supports iCloud Drive so your library of song ideas is always safe and

convenient over all your iOS devices.





Edit, view and document your song ideas



1) Automatically search the music you played and displays musical part

and suggested chord name.


2) The drum and bass performances alter quickly to match any chord and

rhythm editions.


3) Cut away any undesirable parts from the starting and end of your



4) Keep trace of comments, lyrics ideas, alternative guitar tunings or capo




Share your new song



1) Use iCloud Drive to develop your songs ideas available around all your

iOS devices.


2) Email any songs ideas to a friend, family or anyone to share your music,

or to combine with other musicians.


3) Instantly open your ideas in GarageBand for iOS to attach more

instruments and keep making your songs.


4) Spread a song ideas to the Mac so you can work in GarageBand or Logic

Pro X as a full multi-track manufacture.


5) You can share to SoundCloud, YouTube, and Apple Music Connect.



How to use the tuner in Music Memos on iPhone





Afore time recording a song, you will want to make sure that your guitar or other instruments is in tune and set to rock.

Happily, Apple added a tuning feature interior Music Memos that is a very easy to use and works great.


1. Tap the tuning fork


2. Pick a string on your guitar and other instruments.


3. Set your string's tuning depends on the note recognition. Very strong

will display a red bar to the right of the note.Very below will show a red

bar to the left of the note.


Though the bar is completely centered and shining blue, you are in tune.



How to we record a Music Memo on iPhone:





1. Open music memos app.


2. Touch the big blue button in the middle of the screen.

The Music Memos color plan will turn red and recording will start.


3. Play your riff, together, solo or whatever creativity has only hit you.


4. To stop recording, touch the big red button.



How to automatically record Music Memos on iPhone:




The Auto Record feature is really the best feature in Music Memos.

It recognizing when you have started playing and automatically start recordings.



1. Open music memos application.


2. Touch the Auto icon in the top left the corner of the screen.


3. Start playing the music. The screen will turn red and Music Memos will

start recording automatically.


4. Stop playing the music. The screen will stop recording automatically

and make a track, then stay for you to starting playing again.






Music Memos needs an iPhone,iPad or iPod touch with iOS 9.1 or after and is capable in any iOS devices from the iPhone 4s, fifth generation iPod touch and iPad 2 along.

The app is localized in many languages.


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