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Must-Have Features For An eBook Reading App

App Development

Sep 2020
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must have features for an ebook reading app
With the advent of technology in every domain of life, nothing is left untapped, and printed books and papers are no exception. Ebooks are replacing printed books. Currently, ebooks are in high demand for the way it is structured, viewed, and conveyed. If you are wondering what an ebook is, it is a strong mobile service that is created to make the reading process more simple, comfortable, fun, and hassle-free.
After reviewing several ebooks, we have come across some essential features that must be included in your app if you are planning to develop one.
1. Massive Collection Of Book
An incredible ebook reading experience starts with a massive collection of available books, both installed and ready to read, and those that can be sourced. Apart from the typical categorization based on the genre like romance, non-fiction, historical, professional, etc., other things are also expected, like the status of various books, such as in-progress or completed, also sorting based on ratings or length, or other mechanisms.
New apps which developed by top app developers usa 2020 are also expected to utilize AI and machine learning to facilitate suggestions based on user behavior, such as which books they read and how they communicate with readers when they do.
2. Support Various Formats
The ebook apps support different formats, such as MOBI, EPUB, TXT files, PDF, Word Documents, and even encoded ebooks like those with Adobe DRM. Multiple reasons have led to their adoption, a few due to the abilities they render, some because they are supported and marketed by famous platforms. But the fact remains that the readers will have various eBooks bridging different formats. Hence, it makes perfect sense to support several forms possible.
An alternate model to support is to render an in-built conversion mechanism. The reading apps supports one or a small number of formats and performs really well.
3. Store & Sync Your Favorite Books
It is nothing new that a modern ebook reader app will store an ebook locally on the device for prompt and offline access. Many times, these ebooks would be rendered directly by the user. But once added to your app's library, storing them to a back-up cloud mechanism allows the user to empty their device's local store without stressing about their favorite books' status. They would be available on-demand when required.
This further facilitates a sync mechanism where the reading apps available or are being viewed are available with reading status details across all devices owned by the user.
4. Different Platform Support
different platform support
Your ebook app integrates across devices and performs both acknowledge the fact and facilitates users to resume enjoying their reads in various contexts on multiple form factors.
As more devices become amplified, operating on multiple OS, a success factor is how easy you make it for your users not just to read, but resume reading as their choice changes. Meaning, being available on Android and iOS, tablets and smartphones, and even colossal form factor devices like desktop computers.
5. A reader-friendly interface
Another factor that contributes to a successful reading app is a well-designed and intuitive user experience. The interface has to be well-planned and executed to render a pleasant user experience. Many interactions are based on the real-life experiences of reading printed books. Simultaneously, many innovations have been based on the capabilities of the platform.
There are well-established conventions, such as permitting various sizes to read the text, displaying a progress bar, adjusting the overall folio to show the updated sizing, and allowing people to pick the colors for the text. Some fascinating innovations are brewing up. These include taking the time of the day into account to change from blue to red tone or utilizing surrounding sensors to fix other aspects that impact readability.
6. Reading Tools
Since the reader indulges in the fantastic reading experience, another task is to make it more noticeable with tools and services that make it enjoyable. This can be done with standard and also expected tools, such as the bookmarking, capability to attach notes to selected text, an in-built dictionary, and the like.
Some ebook-reading apps have little more advanced tools like easily finding passages where a specific character has been addressed or cross-referencing a specific item. It has become easy for ebook readers to imitate a basic audiobook with text readout in the user's favorite voice, with most platforms facilitating text-to-speech.
7. Reading gamification
There are only a few apps that lack some level of gamification. Ebook reading apps are not untapped, and several activities can be used to render an engaging, gamified experience to the users.
Features such as stickers, badges, streaks, levels, and more, frequently supported by rewards, are standard features. There are particular activities specific to reading ebooks like the speed of reading that are frequently used to facilitate these.
8. Social Media Integration
social media integration
In the end, all mobile apps have to realize the significance of social interactions in everything that we do as humans. Conventionally where books were lent as suggested reading or people got together to read a book and communicate, the latest social integration apps have made it simpler to do it with people across the globe.
Services such as Goodreads have facilitated readers' communities to get together, and social media allow for standard features like a social introduction to more new things like reading challenges. Besides suggesting books, people can also discuss them with like-minded people.
Ebook reading apps are obtaining popularity as the written material is erupting, and more people discover the joy of reading. There will always be a need for the ideal ebook reader app with fast digital accesses and a falling cost of devices.
As a mobile app development company in india 2020, you want to create a robust mobile app to hook your users, and including these features will do the same. Hence, the features mentioned in this article are a must-have to drive more users and retain them, thus making your ebook-reading app a success in the market.
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