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Outsourcing Mobile Application Development – A Comprehensive Encyclopedia!

App Development

Dec 2016
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Modern mobile technologies turn out to release the complex app and high-tech games on the daily basis that makes users life easy and streamlined. Right from personal or messaging apps to professional inbuilt services, mobile app development company strive with each other to leverage best app features for end-users. Development of striking mobile app that grabs app store focal point is not an easy task. With millions of apps surrounding, you need to develop a problem-solving and unique applications to vanquish your competitors. In-house and outsource app development are the two options that are always in the race to be picked up by the development company. Well, outsourcing is one of the revolutionary trends that is prevailing since long in business and enterprise offering its most noteworthy benefits like – Remunerative development, high-ended solutions and time-saving.

If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, You're putting yourself out of business.” - Lee Kuan Yew

One of the best advantage to outsourcing is you are giving your application headache to another company, that will help you to focus on core business activity. But before you outsource your mobile app, just walk through below array of questions that would help you with the best outsourcing decision.

What Is Outsourcing?

Let's start from the point where company comprehended the increasing importance of outsourcing. As per business norms, the term “Outsourcing” is referring to third party contract to develop your services. However, In-house and outsourcing cherish their own benefits and drawbacks still, outsourcing is a best option optimum work output in shrink timeline. It helps you immensely to hire best app developer that can understand your application and develop it in more refined and cultivated way.

Why Outsource Your Business App?
This is one of the most blazing questions that baffles majority startups and enterprise owners. There are many reasons that stir you to go with outsourcing your app development while maintaining core capabilities of the organization. You are always left with options to either in-house or outsource your app development. Though both the approaches have their own pros and cons still, outsourcing would be best alternative to go with as it leveraged best-rated product in quite minimum timeframe. Every business or enterprise right from emerging startup to big shot enterprise can avail the benefits offered by outsourcing company like -

1. When you outsource your project to some professional company, you are endured to get some benefit from the company. As they have gained deeper insights by leveraging products to multiple companies, they are capable of creating brand value for your enterprise that meets your business requirements.
2. As outsourcing company developers have experienced their hands on versatile projects, it will reduce your cost of training, hiring and employing developers.
3. Better productivity with a minimum timeframe and maximum outcomes.
4. Get a groundbreaking solution at a quite competitive time without diverting your focus from core challenging ambient.

Why Is India Considered As “Outsourcing Hubspot”?
As we know, India is one of the most approached countries when it comes to outsourcing application development. The reason for being recognized in the list of top outsourcing countries is – Low labour cost, skilled developers, working ethics and good communication that leads away from your project in appropriate hands. India gives you multiple reasons to hire app developers from India for outsourcing their projects:

• Lower Labour Cost
• Skilled And Technically Robust Developers
• Unique And Best Industry Solution
• Expert And Experienced Development Professionals
• Process Driven Culture
• 24*7 Availability

How You Can Search Out For Ideal Outsourcing Company?
With multiple alternatives available on the internet, you can hunt for outsourcing companies keeping below factors as a base.

1. Google Search Results:
Undoubtedly a good start but still, there are many top companies that are not covered in the array list of Google search results. However, it all depends on the keywords that you have entered in the search bar to find out the best outsourcing companies. However, you should try other options too.

2. Consider Freelancing Portals:
Some freelancing portals like Upwork, ODesk, Elance etc are also the best platform to hire app development company by considering client reviews, ratings, portfolio, developers development capabilities etc.

3. Screen Out Developers To Analyze Their Development Skills:
After shortlisting few companies that fit your shoe, You can even set up a short interview to check out developers technical aptitude. It will help you to comprehend whether the company is aware with the latest ongoings or not.

What Things Need To Be Considered Before Selecting Any Outsourcing Company?
In order to get best-rated and 100% quality solution, just searching out the best company and hiring it is not only enough.

Here are some points that you need to consider before hiring any company.

1. Be clear and precise regarding what you want to outsource and what are the expected outcome/result.
2. Always keep quality as a dominant priority rather than price.
3. Practice to sign NDA agreement before proceeding ahead.
4. Have prior insight about the company and its happenings before signing project with the company.
5. Remember to test your application progress.

How Much Would It Cost To Outsource Your Mobile App?
As majority app development is practiced on two most dominant platforms: Android and iOS, let us watch out how development rates differ in other countries.

There are many app developers that are surrounded by the myth that development of costly mobile apps will lead them to quality apps that open up success doors. However, that's not true. The low budget application may also create wonders with unexpected outcomes. Here are the estimated rates followed by the countries and their development platforms.

1. India is one of the least charging countries with average rates of $25 for android and $35 for iOS.
2. On contrary, North America is one of the highest charging countries that quotes an average rate of $ 170 and $140 for Android and iOS respectively.

If you analyze quotations based on application complexity then the simple app would cost around $3K - $10k while application with more complexities may cost $ 50K - $250K.

Want To Outsource Your Business Mobile App?
Hyperlink Infosystem is one of the top-notch app development company that deals in the web and mobile app solutions. Well, development rates heavily rely upon application complexities along with development platforms. If you want to go with native app development then app development may cost you around $50K - $150K/hour on both the platforms. This cost may vary as per inclusion of components like web service, UI/UX development, admin panel development, API development etc.

Here in this post, I have tried my best to cover maximum points that need to be taken care before outsourcing your app development. Still, if you have something more outside this guide then feel free to comment below. Make us your technology partner and explore more development horizons. Contact us now.

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