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Quick Guide For Successful Project Control and Deliverance

Software Development

Oct 2016
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quick guide for successful project control and deliverance

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. Technology is something that transformed human interaction with the world. Innovations are the driving force that heads smartphones to bring something new, leveraging more usability to the world. Every business is coming up with their mobile apps that open up opportunities to let users access their services 24/7. But, before starting any app development project for their business, they are surrounded by an array of questions. Questions like:

• What are the key points to be considered for mobile app development process?

• What issues will be encountered during the development process?

• How long will it take to complete the project?

• How will app developers update them regarding development stage?

• Will they get the desired app quality developed?

Well, asking such questions is quite common. It defines how serious you are to get a quality job to be done. To answer all these questions, you need to choose the development team that converts your business app idea into reality. From the above discussions, one thing is clear – If customer involves his/her interest in app development process, then it is the stepping stone towards the road of success. Here today, we will discuss how you can manage your app development process and how to choose the company that you can trust.

Successful Project Delivery Stages:

Here, we begin with the stages where interaction with the company and customers take place.

1. Project Development Estimation:

During the initial stage, a company will ensure clients project concept, its requirements, features etc. Below are the points that company will clarify to the clients during initial stage:

• App development platform to be considered.

• Features and specification of the project.

• Database and API development.

• Technology used along with specifications of OS and version support.

• Design specification and need of customized design if any.

• Integration of third party tools and any special requirements of clients.

How to control work during the initial stage?

At this time, the client will approve the rough estimation given by app development company. So, during this stage client can make adjustments and changes with the company. Now final estimation consists of precise description regarding the project.

Detailed Estimation:

The next step will be the creation of detailed estimation of the project where all details, features, and specifications are mentioned by the company along with the timeframe and cost to create each specification.

2. Preparation of Software Documentation:

Once detailed estimation of the project is approved then final details are confirmed before starting another project. Here 3 main documentations needs to be discussed out:

Contract: It explains all details of the discussion carried out between the company and the client in terms of work, project deliverance date, clauses that can cause project termination etc.

Project Specifications:
It gives in-depth details regarding project features, how it needs to be developed, specifications of UI design screens and its interfaces, project development stages etc. Once project specification is created and approved, both parties will sign the agreement, and after that design stage is released to them.

Final Estimation: Once all specifications are discussed and approved, detailed estimation is generated based on the current specifications. This needs to be approved by the mutual consent of both company and the client after which no further modifications can take place.

How to control work at this stage?

Here such process is conducted to make sure that final documents are agreed by both; client and the company. It is done to carry development process effectively and smoothly.

3. Development Process:

Once documents are approved, project development phase begins. Here company defines a most suitable methodology to carry out entire development phase. The project team is formed and development module is carried out. Generally, majority company follows the agile methodology for app development. Mobile app development process is divided into various stages known as sprints. Sprints are generally 2 weeks, where development is performed and the very next week, development team performs app testing, find bugs and fixes if any.

How to control work at this stage?

At the end of each sprint, work is submitted to the client for approval. This is how control of the development process is conducted. Here client has full rights to compare the quality of work corresponding to the specifications mentioned in the documentation. So at this stage, no changes can be performed. If the client wish to input some new feature or functionality, then a change request needs to be sent by them. This is how work controlled at this stage.

4. App Store Submission:

Once the development and testing stage is completed then, the app is ready for deployment. During this stage, development team passes application for moderation in the app store. After deployment, the app is available for users. But if there are some bugs or modifications needed, then it needs to be done.

How to control work at this stage?

Before an application is live for users, the final version is submitted to the client for their review and specification comparison. If everything goes well, then app development company submits an app to the app store for submission. Caution! If after uploading some minor development issues are found, then it is resolved by app developers UK.

Final thoughts:

Hope that this article helped you to get clear with the app development process. Still, if you have any queries or concerns, then contact Hyperlink Infosystem to get your best business solution. Contact us now!

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