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Reasons Why You Should Consider Creating A Mobile App

App Development

Jan 2019
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reasons why you should consider creating a mobile app
The mobile application can increase sales of a company because it serves as a means of attracting and retaining customers. Whenever you want to create a mobile app, you should meet with top app development companies.
15 years ago, companies that asked business owners to create websites did not receive orders, because business owners were asking "why do we need a website, who needs it because we are already selling?" Today, it is unthinkable to imagine a business without a website. The companies that had created a website early took away the lion's share of customers, while others were disappointed that they could not be among the first.
After the Internet revolution, the era of mobile technology has come. Right now it's time to use the useful tools that broke into our world together with mobile devices; it's about mobile applications.
If you have a smartphone or tablet, then you must understand how different functional apps, games, and entertainment work.
What can a mobile application do for business?

Loyalty programs encourage repeat sales. For example, charging bonuses motivates a customer to make several purchases before he can receive a discount. That is, the buyer will return again and again, accumulating points, and the business will, again and again, earn profits and loyal customers.
People are already tired of a lot of bonus cards. Loyalty program in the mobile application replaces the bonus card and gives the buyer the opportunity to free up space in the wallet - a great way to win the client's over.
Building customer confidence through push notifications
Push notification - messages that come to your smartphone screen from the application. According to statistics, push-notifications increase the usage of an app by half.
Let's say a client is going to work in the morning, picks up a phone and looks through the messages. He sees a push notification from the clothing store about a seasonal sale, clicks on the message and goes to the app's tab with an image of a beautiful dress or shoes that are available at a considerable discount. The business gets the attention of the client, he studied the information and went to the company's website or to the application tab where to make an order. The conversion of sales will increases.
Customers are getting used to receiving useful content and are now beginning to wait for it, which means that the trust in the company increases.
Restraint from competitors
Most companies use leaflets, radio advertisements, SMS marketing, websites and social networks to promote business. In AppStore and Google Play, there are barely a dozen applications that are intended for buyers within a particular city or region. This means that the use of mobile applications developed by top app development companies gives a stable competitive advantage.
Just imagine: a person in a city goes online from his mobile device to order a pizza for dinner, and Google finds him a mobile app for the delivery of meals. He installs the application on his smartphone and makes an order. The business has just gained a customer depending on the quality of its services.
If, for example, you see the websites of companies delivering meals on a computer browser, then you need to work harder to get into the first lines of search results, and an application will allow you to get ahead of rivals.
Site + App bundle
The application allows you to establish a permanent channel of communication with potential customers. The website of the business can get traffic through search engines, and by redirecting users to the mobile app, the company will keep working with the potential client. When the client closes the tab with the company's website, it stops communicating with the company, but when the website takes the client to the application, the customer can interact with the company more.
How to do it?
- Put a pop-up window on the site with a suggestion to get a bonus for installing the application.
- At the end of each post, put a reminder about installing the app.
- Set the redirect page to install the mobile application in Google Play, if the client leaves the site.
The very existence of a mobile application does not solve all the business problems, but in able hands, it becomes a powerful tool for increasing profits.
The target audience
targeted audience
Everyone associated with the promotion of business talks about "target audience." The key is that the mobile app circulates only around the target audience.
For example, someone sees the advertising campaign of a travel agency mobile app, he decided to install the app to know its special offers. He installed the app only because he has an interest in traveling. Only the people who are already traveling or planning to go on vacation, that is, the target audience will install the app. 
If a client installs an application of a travel agency, then he is interested in the topic of travel. Therefore, you can send push notifications and offer him leisure options.
Attracting customers
Offer your visitors an exciting bonus, rewards, and discounts for installing the app. The app helps to release exciting marketing actions, and thus it is beneficial to differ from competitors.
For example, the company can offer a lifetime 10% discount on certain types of goods/services or receive an electronic coupon for a cup of coffee as a gift after installing the application. As a rule, visitors to a cup of coffee will order another cake or a full dinner. The enterprise remains in positive territory; the business gets loyal customers.
Increase sales
Making profits is the primary target of every company. All marketing tools should support in realizing this objective. Built-in application functions, such as, a loyalty card and sending push notifications allow you to encourage users to make purchases from your company, as well as instantly inform them about various discounts and promotions. You can enjoy top quality app by contacting Android and iPhone app development company USA.
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