Remaining Ahead Of The Curve: The Key iOS Trends Of 2019

ios trends 2019
In order to remain ahead of the iOS curve, the top app development companies are sure to stay abreast of the latest trends. Any mobile app development company that is looking to get the most out of their products would be advised to do the same. But how will these iOS trends affect future planning? What do the top app development companies know that another mobile app development company does not?
Many of these trends have been visible in recent years. Forward-thinking iOS developers have already been preparing for the brave new world we find ourselves in. Let's take a closer look at the key trends that are taking place and how will they affect the app development companies going forward.
1. iOS 13's Impending Release
Now that the release of iOS 13 is just around the corner, a mobile app development company that is looking to remain ahead of the game will want to study more. It is expected to be released by the end of the summer. While most of the bells and whistles that will be included are merely rumors at this point, it behooves a developer to keep their ear to the ground.
For starters, app developers must take the time to consider the changes that are going to be made to Siri. She is expected to take the next step forward and become a far more personalized assistant. App developers can leverage this knowledge when they are creating products that are geared towards the needs of iOS users.
2. Swift 5.0's Impending Release
swift development
This is another release that is expected to shake things up, for the better. The updates that are going to be provided once this release takes place are of the utmost importance to iOS app developers. This version of Swift is going to offer access to the necessary Application Binary Interfaces stability.
Libraries are going to be more easily embedded at this time and the aforementioned app developers need to consider a few key facts. Overall app development is going to be affected. By the end of 2019, all iOS developers are expected to select Swift for all of their current and future needs.
3. Smart Home Apps
Apps that allow people to control their homes from a distance or with a remote are only going to become more popular. The top app development companies are already preparing apps that are designed for this specific purpose. Those who are not are leaving themselves behind the proverbial eight ball, as this trend is certainly not going away anytime soon.
Apple users are already familiar with the HomeKit. Business owners are also going to be looking to developers to assist them when it comes to creating apps of this nature. Apps that utilize Apple's HomeKit are only going to become more and more commonplace in 2019 (and beyond). 
4. Apple Will Continue To Assist With Various Transactions
As we move closer and closer to a world where the e-wallet will become mainstream, more and more business are looking for the best apps to assist them in this regard. According to past reports, Apple has been responsible for processing at least one billion transactions in 2018 alone, thanks to ApplePay.
Online transactions are becoming more and more secure as well. This sets the stage for a mobile app development company that is looking to create a product that speaks directly to the zeitgeist. Apps that allow for greater integration of Apple online payment services are going to experience more success than apps that do not.
5. The Advent of the Core ML 2 Toolkit
The release of the original version of this toolkit is crucial to the development of apps in a number of key areas, including artificial intelligence gaming and facial detection. Now that Core ML 2 is slated to be released, top mobile app development companies are looking to leverage the awesome power that is going to be provided.
The Core ML 2 toolkit is expected to be much faster than the original. The size of the trained learning machine models is going to be reduced significantly. This allows developers to add far more features than ever before to their apps. Developers are also able to utilize the extra space to create apps that are far more responsive.
6. Increased Emphasis on Security
emphasis security
As any Apple fan will happily state, this is a company that is always focused on security. While iOS apps have always remained protected, malware attacks are expected to decrease. A new Transport Layer Security release is going to offer increased protection.
The 1.0 and 1.1 versions did their job but the impending 1.2 release is designed to meet the needs of the modern web browser. Developers are able to design the apps that their clients need, without having to worry about the hassle of security related additions.
7. Augmented Reality
Apps that provide real-time updates to users may a long way off but the best app development companies know that they are just around the corner. Thanks to the updates that have been made when it comes to augmented reality, an iOS mobile app development company can now create apps that are much smarter.
Those who use their iPhone for navigational purposes will also benefit from the augmented reality leaps that have been taken. App developers can utilize advanced ARKit during the creative process. This creates a more interactive Apple Maps experience and this shift is going to play a major role in application development in 2019 and beyond.

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