Some Characteristics Of Successful Game Apps

successful game apps
Already, there are thousands of game apps available in the gaming industry and more are being released on a daily basis. The problem here is that a lot of game apps are not successful. In fact, some game apps do not get up to ten thousand downloads months after they are launched.
While a few Indian app developers believe that space is saturated, other Indian app developers disagree. Indeed, the second set of Indian app developers is right. The high rate of game app failure is not due to saturation. Rather, it is because some Indian app developers do not understand the characteristics that make game apps successful.
While other apps are built to achieve a purpose or solve a problem, game apps are created for entertainment only. So, game apps are different from other apps and people download them for entertainment. Highly successful Indian app developers are aware of this difference.
After reviewing several successful game apps, it was observed that they all share certain characteristics in common. Experienced Indian app developers ensure that all their game apps have all these characteristics. The characteristics have been outlined right below. They are not just an option. They are a necessity – all of them. 
Super-stunning graphics
high graphics
If you look at all the games that have hit 50 million download mark, you will realize that they all have great 3D graphics. Their graphics are realistic and they are very attractive. Nothing draws players into a game more than the graphics of the game. This implies that you must take the time to design the graphics of the game. Game players are inundated with thousands of games and they are forced to pick only very few games. It is the graphics of your game that will make them try it out. And it is when they do that they will realize other great features of the game.
Wonderful sound effects
To confirm the importance of sound to game apps, you can play your favorite game with sound for some minutes and then turn off the sound and continue playing the game. You will notice that the game will become much less interesting without the sound. There is a great synergy between stunning 3D graphics and fantastic sound effects. So, to boost the success of your game, you must also take the time to design great befitting sounds for it. In fact, sound sometimes attracts players too. For instance, when you are playing your game, only the people sitting beside you can watch it. People who are a little far away can only hear the sound. So, if your game has great sounds, people who hear the sound can ask you for the name of the game app.
Engaging gameplay
Have you ever played a game that kept you on the edge of your chair all through the game? Such a game is highly engaging. Successful game apps all have it. These games are immersive, engrossing, addictive, and they completely shut you out of the world while playing any of them. Can you come up with such concept? 
This is another characteristic that your game app must have. You need to understand that both sounds and graphics contribute to engaging gameplay too.
Unique concept/storyline
Can you come up with a unique gaming concept? There are so many football games, war games, zombie killing games, and car racing games that it is very hard to get noticed in those niches. But when you come up with a very unique concept, it will be attractive to game players as they are always looking for new waters to navigate. 
On the other, you can also develop a common type of game but you must add a unique storyline to it. It will be very interesting.
Real-time play
real time gameplay
A very good game app usually offers real-time play mode where players can challenge their friends or other players over the internet. This is usually more interesting than playing with the computer. So, games that have real-time modes are almost always successful. 
This does not mean players do not like offline games. In fact, it is the opposite. They like games that can be played offline at least when they run out of data or when their phone is in airplane mode. But they also want games that allow them to challenge their friends and other players to a one-on-one duel. 
Another great characteristic of a game app is leaderboards. No matter how good you are in a game, nobody sees you apart from your friends or those you tell that you have cleared a game. But when a game has leader-boards, your name will be displayed among the best in the game and other players all over the world will see your name.
This is very motivating as all players will strive hard to get their names on the board. So, having leader-boards makes a game app twice as interesting. 
Numerous levels
The fewer the levels in a game, the easier it is to clear the game and when a player has cleared a game a few times, he sees no reason to leave it on his phone. He will delete it. So, if you want players to play your game for a longer period of time, there should be numerous levels. You should be targeting at least 100 levels. 100-level games give 100 levels of fun and thrills to players. 
One major constraint that players usually have to cope with is memory space. It is not likely that anyone will have enough memory space for all the apps that he wants on his device. So, a lot of people use their space judiciously. If your app is too large, the chances of people downloading it will be slim. It is better to keep your app as compact as possible. 
Even when large apps are downloaded and installed, they get listed for deletion each time a device user wants to download an app that is bigger than the free space left on his device. The ideal size for a game is 50MB and below. However, 51 to 100MB is still manageable but any app that is bigger than 100MB is a big turn off. 
Conclusively, ensuring that your game app has all the qualities outlined above will boost its chances of hitting it tremendously. None of them should be compromised. 

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