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Spotify Vs. Apple Music: Which Music Streaming App One To Choose?


Oct 2020
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spotify vs apple music which music streaming app one to choose
Our music experiences have transformed over the past 5 decades. One of the biggest transformations has been physical and online ownership- music to streaming, playing music in real-time from a library.
Music streaming has offered a gigantic boost to the music industry, thus declining physical music sales and reforming how music is packaged, spread, and absorbed.
When we think about the best music streaming platforms, Spotify and Apple Music instantly pop up in our heads, considering they lead the competition regarding the paid users.
It can be challenging to decide which one to use unless you are not an iOS user. Determining which one has a smart speaker is crucial if you're enjoying music at home. However, other factors such as streaming quality and music discovery can also be equally vital to music lovers.
This article will compare different areas between the best music streaming giants to make it easier for you to choose your option.
1. Price and Subscription options
Both the music streaming platforms offer a free 3-month trial period for their premium services, which usually costs $9.99/month. It costs $14.99 for family plans and $4.99 for students. The pro version allows you to stream any song from the catalog on-demand and listen to music offline.
Spotify offers a Premium Duo Subscription for 2 users who stay in the same house for $12.99. Moreover, if you're a student, you can get access to Showtime and Hulu as a part of your premium subscription.
Of the two streaming options, Spotify is the one with a free, ad-supported tier. So in case you want to use the free version, you can still listen. The free version allows you to skip 6 songs in an hour.
Apple Music only allows free users to stream Beats 1 Radio, or you can hear songs from your iTunes library.
Spotify is apparently the winner here.
2. Streaming Quality
In the context of stream quality, Spotify uses the Ogg Vorbis format. On the smartphone, you can pick the bitrate to stream, in addition to up to 320kbps, which is useful mainly if you're tensed about utilizing too much mobile data. At the same time, computer playback is at 160kbps or 320kbps for premium users.
If you hear Spotify's web player or through Chromecast, it plays in AAC at 128kbps for free version users or 256kbps for premium version users.
While Apple Music plays at 256kbps AAC files.
You most likely won't notice much difference between Apple Music and Spotify's superior quality unless you are a serious audiophile.
There is a tie between the platforms when it comes to streaming quality.
3. Library and Music selection
library and music selection
Spotify has a library of more than 50 million songs, whereas Apple Music scores more with 60 million. Both these platforms offer early access to particular albums over time, and Apple Music at times offer exclusives for specific music videos.
If you switch on the iCloud Music Library inside Apple Music, you can obtain your private itunes library across all your devices. This attribute matches the music in your library with those in the iTunes library or uploads them if the music is not available so that you can hear your music whenever you're logged in with your Apple ID. You can upload up to 100k songs.
Keep in mind that iTunes Match is available even without an Apple Music subscription for $25/year.
Spotify allows you to stream songs from your phone in the Spotify app, but it only functions for local files. Spotify is the only platform that renders podcasts inside the app. At the same time, Apple divides podcasts into a dedicated Podcast app.
Both have one advantage. While Apple music wins for syncing your own library, Spotify wins for the podcasts.
4. Interface & Navigation
Spotify has a black look across its app, while Apple Music features an immaculate white look on the device. Both are relatively easy to navigate on mobile, with the primary tabs at the bottom of the interface.
Spotify has animations and small videos that play full screen when you hear music. Both enable you to view lyrics on the screen if they're available for certain songs.
But only Apple Music allows you to find by typing a bunch of lyrics to search the song you don't know the name of.
Google Maps allows you to hear and control Apple Music or Spotify playback inside the navigation interface in Android and iOS.
There's a tie between both the music streaming platforms in this area.
5. Discover Music
discover music
One of the main reasons to use a streaming service is to find new music. Both platforms expose you to new music based on what you already like.
Spotify has customized playlists, such as Release Radar and Discover Weekly, that naturally pop up every week with new songs. Similarly, Apple Music has playlists like New Music Mix.
When you register on this platform, both the streaming apps by app development companies ask you your favorite artists and genres. Once you start streaming more music, it gets a clear idea of your taste and suggests music accordingly.
Apple Music and Spotify have radio stations based on your liked artists, genres, and tracks. Apple Music has a separate station known as Beats1Radio, which is organized and hosted by actual DJs so that you can hear it in real-time like any conventional radio station.
And Spotify suggests new music based on the more relevant listening patterns.
There is a clear tie between both Apple Music wins in Radio station while Spotify wins in the playlist section.
Which one's right for you?
There is no point of discussion if you are not an iOS user. But if you are and you want a free service, Spotify is a clear winner. However, if you are flexible with paying for a service, the decision will be more complicated.
Apple music tunes well with other Apple devices. If you are using HomePod, Apple Music is your best bet. On the other hand, Spotify has higher compatibility across several devices, from game consoles to a smart speaker.
Spotify does exceptionally well in unraveling and customizing playlists and suggesting its tailored playlists and features. While Apple Music offers you higher flexibility in shuffling songs from your own library with the latest tunes you can play on-demand.
It can be a little confusing to choose between the two, but you can decide what suits you the best as per your preferred feature.
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