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9 Steps To Develop A Web Application

Web Development

Jul 2022
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9 steps to develop a web application
Nowadays the internet has opened all possible ways of upgrading the internet in the most favorable ways. The Internet is helping businesses grow rapidly. With minimal investment businesses are reaching most of the targeted audience on their own with the help of the internet because it holds that kind of potential. Also, it is important and helpful in building the engagement-organic one.
Let me tell you that a web application is a merging of both the server-side and the client-side script. You must be wondering what these two must do? The server-side script is written in programming languages like PHP, ASP, etc. Whereas the client-side script is to show the user’s analysis using JavaScript and HTML. Now you know what the web application works, you should better have an idea about what they do too. Let’s take note of that too.
Well, web applications are particularly used to build a channel between the company and the consumer so that both can communicate seamlessly. Communication is established through various manners such as online forms, shopping carts, feedback forms, content management systems, etc.
This was just an introduction to the web application, you should know what is web application deeply because that’s what it takes if you really want to build one. So let’s get to know it, shall we?

Introduction to Web Application

Before you give a thought to this let me clear that the web application does not look like a mobile application, no, not even close. So hold that thought for a minute. If I have to tell it in one line then we can imply that web application development is a client-server application that can be accessed through the web browser interface. Web applications can not be downloaded, unlike mobile applications. So that’s the major difference between mobile applications and web applications.
Basically, the web applications are client-server applications as discussed above. The client requests a service and the server initiates the request in order to give proper results to the client. Both are important and both play a major role in building web applications.
Whatsapp Web, online retail sales, shopping carts. Online games, and photo editing tools are some of the best examples of web applications. Web applications can be categorized into 5 categories, naming static, dynamic, online shopping stores, portals, and animated applications.
First of all back to the main topic how will you be able to build a web application? What are the essentials for it, what are the benefits of it, and which features do you need to include? Everything is given in this article, so go through it thoroughly.

How to Start Your Own Web Application Development?

Here is the step-by-step guide if you do want to start web application development. Trust me it is not a piece of cake. But if you follow the steps- particularly 10- given below then you will be able to build a good web application.

Mining the Idea

Not only in web application development but in mobile application development you will have to mine and generate the ideas for your application. First of all what kind of application do you want to build and then if you build it whether the people will like it or not. Categorize the community who might like it and do the same with those who might not. Then go for brainstorming or you may just hire a person or a team for it. As soon as you do, start thinking about the ideas and features that you may include in the application.

Understanding and Functionalities

Now you know what kind of application you want to build, it is essential to define its functionality of it. Let me tell you that for functionality the best option is to visit your competitor's web application. Find out what kind of features they have and what kind of features can be included in the web application.
Do not try to overload your application with unwanted features. Just focus on the part which may help your web application to grow.


This is the part where most of the web application developers fluctuate the most. Because designing is not as easy as it seems. Because designing is tough but you don’t have to do it yourself. You may simply hire a person for that too. In designing what we simply do is Picture the application. Your application should have great experience in UI/UX designing.
What we simply do is make it easy for users to navigate and interact. Also, we may make the website look gorgeous on the side of the user. Navigation helps users to get out of unwanted delays.

Wireframing the Web Application

The wireframe is a kind of blueprint of your web application. Hire web app developers to build a wireframe before the final product so that they can make essential changes before the launch. A pro tip is that you should make the wireframe of every page in your web application so that you would not leave any kind of loophole.

Testing Wireframe

Testing a wireframe is pretty easy you may make a panel for testing your wireframe prototype.

Creating Database

The application database is essential for every web application. Database saves the data for the customer at the back-end. So the database should be proper on the side of security. There should not be any breach at this point.

Front-end and Back-end

The front end is visible to users so it should be very attractive and user-friendly. On the other hand, the back-end is not visible to users so in that case, it should have followed the proper protocols. But remember as the back-end is not visual by the users, you can not simply avoid it. It may really harm your application.

Testing the Application

You should properly test your application.

Launch Your Application

Once your application is Tested at various points you are all set to launch your own web application. Now all you have to do is to wait for people to react to it.


With the help of the 9 Steps that have been mentioned above, you will be able to build any kind of web application may it be an eCommerce website, Static or dynamic web application. Web applications are of great importance nowadays. Because people do not want to install applications that hold a lot of space. Rather they prefer web applications. So, why not build one and be with the trend.
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