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The 10 Best Strategies For Increasing Mobile App Downloads


Feb 2019
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the 10 best strategies for increasing mobile app downloads
When a business takes the time to hire a mobile app development company, they want to know that they are going to receive the proper results. App development companies offer businesses the necessary assistance and allow them to achieve all of their chosen objective. But what happens after the app development company is hired? How can a business make sure that their app is receiving the necessary downloads?
Fortunately, there are a number of methods for increasing mobile app downloads that any business can benefit from. A mobile app development company can assist a business when it comes to getting the most out of these methods. It still behooves a business to do their own research before contacting mobile app development companies.
Be sure to read on and learn more about the best ways to maximize a partnership with an app development company.
1. Remain User Focused
Too many businesses remain excessively focused on the exact number of downloads that they are receiving. This is a useful metric, of course, but it should not become the be all end all. A business that is looking to hire a mobile app development company for app development will need to consider all the necessary metrics. Knowing how to count these downloads is key.
For example, the business needs to know where the downloads are coming from and where the apps are being used. This gives them the tools they need to make the necessary alterations. The more that can be learned about the user behaviors, the easier it becomes for a business to build on all of their past successes and continue to grow.
2. Use Keywords Correctly
While keywords are not always associated with the launch of apps, those who are looking to maximize their number of downloads would do well to speak with app development companies about the best ways to maximize their number of downloads. An app development company can provide a helpful primer when it comes to using keywords in the correct manner. Let's say that the app is focused on finance.
If so, the business will need to make sure that they are incorporating the keyword into the areas that are most likely to be viewed during an organic search. A business must place themselves in the shoes of the target audience in this regard. What are the words and phrases that they are most likely to be typing in if they are looking for the goods and services that the app is going to provide? Take the time to consider these questions before making any rash decisions.
3. Don't Neglect The Foreign Press
There are a number of ways to get the press to pay more attention to the app after it has been released. In many instances, the mobile app development company that is chosen will be able to provide insights. They will have the experience necessary to ensure a much smoother process. There are also various hacks that can be used to help a business receive more attention from the press, if mobile app development companies are unable to help.
App development companies are not always aware of the benefits of foreign marketing, as far as the results of an organic search are concerned. Many businesses that have been looking to increase the number of downloads for their app have been able to tap into foreign markets when the local press is being neglectful. These write ups and reviews are just as meaningful as write ups and reviews from local outlets.
4. Promotional Campaigns
When an app is being made available to the public and a company is looking to experiment, there are certain promotional campaigns that can be geared towards increasing the number of downloads that take place. If the business is releasing the app on a 'pay to download' basis and they are looking to increase downloads, something as simple as decreasing the amount of money that is spent on each individual download can lead to a significant uptick.
Price drop promotions are proven to work and an experienced mobile app development company can provide plenty of information about past promotions of this nature that they have been involved with. This is not going to work every single time but businesses that have already amassed a loyal user base are always going to have more success than those who do not. 
5. Ask Customers To Provide App Reviews
Some businesses may simply decide to ask their loyal client base to provide reviews, free of charge. Other businesses that are still in the process of building a client base may need to offer a little bit of financial incentive. App downloads are always going to increase if the app is being reviewed in a positive manner and this is one of the more common pieces of advice that will be provided by app development companies.
User testimonials go a long way towards increasing downloads because they allow prospective users to learn more about the experiences of others. No one wants to download an app blindly and the days of placing unblinking faith in businesses are over. The playing field has been leveled and businesses can no longer rely on good faith. Today's customer wants to know more and they will not settle for less.
6. Using Engaging Visual Imagery
Why should a customer be willing to download an app that was created by a mobile app development company that is skimping on all of the visual imagery? Nowadays, the modern consumer is far more likely to take the time to download an app if they are being given the chance to check out some awesome visual imagery in the process. Eye catching videos and photos will do more to increase the number of downloads than any number of promotional gimmicks ever can.
When a user is searching for the app in question, one of the most common things that they will find is a screenshot. These screenshots go a long way towards deciding whether they are going to be willing to give the app a download. The screenshot should show the user exactly what they need to expect and include lots of captions and explanations. The user must be convinced that the app has a quality design that supersedes the competitors.
7. Choosing an Effective Marketing Plan
The companies that are fortunate enough to have a marketing budget will typically choose to spend their money wisely. However, there are other companies that may get too conservative. Those who are blessed to have an advertising budget to work with and are looking to ensure a certain number of app downloads should be willing to meet with various mobile app development companies before making a final decision.
This lets the business know how they can go about the process of choosing an effective marketing plan. After all, it is not always easy to differentiate between all of the options available. Most marketing plans need to be structured over a certain period of time, whether it be weeks or months. Rolling out a full campaign right off the bat may seem like the best idea but this is only for the bravest of souls. 
8. Name The App Properly and Describe It Correctly
Too many businesses allow themselves to get bogged down with the task of giving the app a cool name and they do not stop to consider the importance of this step. Sure, it might be nice to come up with a fun name that looks really good on the written page but what happens when that name is too confusing? When the app is being named, the customer should be given some indication as to what it will accomplish.
The name must be appropriate for the app and also unique. This can be a tough balancing act to accomplish but the best businesses are able to align themselves with mobile app developers who can help. The name should also be concise. No one is going to download an app with a needlessly long name that is not easy to say. The chosen name must roll off the tongue with ease.
9. Embrace Social Media
Social media apps need to be embraced in a selective manner. The apps that will provide increased downloads for one business may not work as well for others. Think about the target audience and where they like to spend time. Is the app being created for those who are more prone to spending their free time on Twitter or is your audience more likely to be found using Instagram?
Facebook offers the widest reach and many companies will embrace this hub as a fail safe. If the business has a more professional approach, they may decide that it is their best interests to use LinkedIn to spread their app. These apps are also a great way to engage with the target audience and converse with them more directly.
10. Crafting an Eye Grabbing Icon
An eye grabbing icon does a lot of the heavy lifting from a promotional standpoint. This is the first thing that a prospective audience member is going to see when they are scrolling through the app store. Selecting a design that serves as the clearest representation of the app is important when the business is trying to increase downloads.
The user should have a good idea of what they are going to find once the app has been downloaded. Mobile app development companies are a valuable partner during this step of the process. They give businesses the advice that they need so that they are able to create an icon that is not confusing to the eye or overly cluttered.
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