The 7 iPhone App Development Shifts That Are Currently Taking Place

iphone app development
As iPhone app development continues to progress even further, development companies are asked to contend with all of the new trends that are taking place. The developers that remain abreast of the current trends are able to experience a greater level of success than those who remain woefully behind the times.
iPhone app development is a topic that constantly evolves and now that this discussion has progressed to a certain point, it is time to take a closer look at the shifts that are going to affect development in the years to come. These seven shifts come together to reflect the changing environment and serve to put those who work in iPhone app development on notice.
Without further ado, let's take a closer look at these shifts and the ripple effects that they are going to create. These are the most crucial trends that are going to alter the way that apps are created and used going forward.....
Increased File Management Capabilities 
Now that the average iPhone user has a wide range of files to store, it is time for app developers to consider their concerns and address them more thoroughly. Thanks to the release of Files (a top of the line file management app), users now have the ability to manage all of their other cloud based apps from any location that they find themselves.
This creates a world of opportunity for developers that are looking to further their level of iPhone app development success. Any apps that can improve the user experience like this are going to be appreciated in the years to come. The developers that get a jump on the competitors are the developers that are going to have the last laugh.
Digital Wallet Services
digital wallet services
Apple Pay is now becoming a major part of the iPhone user's daily existence and app developers must consider the fact that digital wallet services will one day take over. The demand for traditional transaction services is decreasing by the second and forward thinking app developers must be willing to embrace this new reality.
Cashless transactions are the wave of the future and they are becoming an increasingly large part of the present. Any app that allows users of iOS systems to make payments without having to set foot in a traditional brick and mortar establishment is going to become more and more popular. Catering to those who use digital wallets is key.
Increased Use of Artificial Intelligence 
This is especially important for iPhone users who have come to rely on Siri for assistance with all of their daily tasks. Now that artificial intelligence has become more crucial than ever, Siri is able to engage in what is known as contextual learning. This means that she can ascertain certain facts without the user's direct input.
It could be something as translating languages based on the user's location or providing easier access to common tasks. Siri may also glean knowledge about the music that the user likes to listen to most and provide recommendations. App developers would do well to consider the increased use of artificial intelligence when they are in the iPhone app development process.
Swift 4 Is Winning The Day
App developers must remain aware of the programming languages that are being used most often and Swift 4 is winning the day currently. While most had become accustomed to the Objective C programming language, certain changes are now being made. Swift 4 is more streamlined than Objective C and works more rapidly. 
This is because of the evolution that has taken place with iOS operating systems. iOS app developers need to be utilizing the Swift 4 programming language when they are in the midst of the iPhone app development process in order to achieve the best results. Programmers will have access to more data than ever before with the use of Swift 4.
Home Automation
Apple HomeKit is taking on a much greater level of importance for app developers and for very good reason. Now that the Internet of Things (also known as IOT) has become a part of the average person's everyday life, they need apps that are going to allow for the proper level of home automation. Developers that are willing to create them will move to the forefront.
These apps are trending as we speak and they are only going to become more popular. After all, who doesn't dream of being able to control all of the items in their home with the use of convenient apps? The developers that cater to this need are the developers who are going to win out over the long haul.
More Machine Learning
more machine learning
The Core ML is an increasingly popular machine learning framework that is being used by more and more app developers. As machine learning capabilities increase, app developers have more and more opportunities to get creative. iPhone app development projects have never been easier to complete. All it takes are a few lines of code once the framework code has already been established.
This makes for much faster turnaround times when it comes to app development. It also allows for much improved security features. In a world where we need to safeguard ourselves as much as possible, these types of features become increasingly pivotal. Thanks to these developments, iPhone app development can become more interactive and cater to the user in new and interesting ways.
Augmented Reality 
All of the advanced features that have been launched recently, augmented reality has risen to the forefront of the conversation. This is a trend that needs to be acknowledged by all app developers that are looking to get the most out of the products that they are creating.
iPhone users who are looking for a realistic experience tend to depend on ARKit framework. This is the single largest augmented reality platform in the world at the present moment. The apps that are able to utilize augmented reality are the apps that are going to win the present day and the future. This is especially true now that 3D apps are in vogue. 

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