The Advantages Provided By Data Driven Marketing

data driven marketing

Mobile app developers and top app development companies have created a world where businesses and their marketing partners have never had more access to the information of the consumers that they are trying to reach. However, having access to the data that apps can provide is essentially useless unless you are able to formulate a definitive plan that is based around the proper advantages.

The need for guesswork has been removed from the equation once and for all, thanks to the efforts of app developers. Whether it is information regarding the search patterns of a potential customer, their social media activity or the interactions that they have with online sales campaigns, the advantages provided by data that is gathered with the use of mobile technology have changed the world of marketing forever.

One of the most crucial advantages that mobile data provides is the ability to hone in on a target audience. Marketers can now track the consumer's calls and browsing habits to develop a marketing campaign that is specifically targeted to their needs. Gone are the days of spending a vast amount of money on a traditional marketing budget in hopes of reaching your chosen audience.

Instead of using a traditional roll out and having to wait for several weeks before receiving a response, the data provided by mobile technology offers a far more immediate indication regarding the success of a campaign. A company can now attribute their leads (as well as their conversions) to specific marketing channels, allowing them to invest their resources in the proper manner in the future.

This makes it simpler for a company to optimize their campaigns for the specific audience that they are courting and leads to a much greater return on their overall investment. For instance, a company may wish to reach an audience that spends more of its time on apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

Thanks to the use of data that has been derived with the use of mobile technology, the company can focus their marketing efforts on the specific apps that their audience uses most, leading to far less waste over the long haul. A campaign is placed in the hands of the audience that wishes to see it, as opposed to an audience that is less intrigued by the product.

Simply put, the modern consumer wants advertising that is personalized and they have an innate ability to sense when an advertising campaign is not being designed to speak to their specific concerns.

Studies have shown that an advertising campaign that is built around data and a personalized message has a far greater chance of succeeding than a more traditional advertising method. Data driven marketing also places a greater level of emphasis on the importance of timing when it comes to reaching out to a target audience.

A prospect also wants to receive information that is relevant to their concerns without all of the extra fluff. Data driven marketing is all about identifying the information that is most important to the audience you are speaking with and peeling back the layers that are not truly necessary.

Thanks to mobile technology, the time span of the modern consumer has never been shorter and when a company is not willing to get directly to the point, they are left grasping at straws. Even forward thinking businesses that use data to target mobile device users can fall flat when they are not able to take time concerns into account.

A concise form of advertisement that speaks to the exact problem that the consumer is experiencing is crucial to a business' success going forward. The buying phase is the stage when the consumer is most ready to make a decision and since today's consumer relies on their smartphone more heavily during this process, some pre-targeting is needed.

The message is much more effective when it is delivered by a company that has taken the time to predict the consumer's preferences and craft a message that is tailored to the concerns that they will have during the buying phase. Data is now used to predict what the customer is going to do, a major shift from the way things used to be done.

Data driven marketing has always existed, but it was typically used as a way to take a closer look at what the consumer has already done and tailor a marketing scheme around it, whereas modern data driven marketing is designed to provide a relatively accurate snapshot of what will take place in the future.

The final element of data driven marketing that provides a distinct advantage to the modern business is the strategic insight that the right data can provide. Once the marketing campaign has been deployed, the company that can make sense of the data that is obtained and make the necessary changes in a timely manner is able to distance themselves from their competitors.

Using the tools at your disposal to gain information that can be deployed in a useful way is what separates the great businesses from those that are merely mediocre. Every campaign will have its ups and downs and without access to the correct information, they may continue to open a continuous dialogue with their chosen audience.

There is now a wealth of information available to companies and it behooves them to make the absolute most of it. Conversions are more readily available than ever before, especially for businesses that take the time to research the browsing habits and social media tactics of their chosen audience.

Designing a campaign with the proper impact is no longer as difficult as it once was and thanks to all of the data collection possibilities that are currently available, businesses can take advantage of the fact that the modern consumer has never been more tethered to their smartphone. Those who are able to take advantage of the fact that their target audience is always captive are able to survive over the long haul, while those who are not will slowly fade away.


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