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The Best Health & Wellness Apps To Stay Productive

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Jan 2021
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the best health and wellness apps to stay productive in 2021
Smartphones have usually been seen as a bad influence on our health and mindset. However, did you know that it has many positive sides that can impact our lives positively? In these stressful times, it can help enhance our health and reduce our stress to work efficiently.
Do you ever feel like you are not getting sufficient sleep? Or do you feel distracted & unproductive in your work hours? Well, that’s not uncommon. It’s been a while now since working remotely, and isolation can make us feel pretty inefficient and negatively impact our performance levels.
If you want the best out of smartphones and mobile apps, invest your time in top health and wellness apps developed by top healthcare app developers 2021 out there. The apps mentioned in this article will boost your energy levels and make you go away from all the stress and anxiety.
Top Health & Wellness Apps To Stay Healthy
Tons of health and wellness apps are available out there; hence, it can be tough to choose the best ones amongst them. But, don’t worry; we have compiled a list of the top wellness apps for your peace of mind.
1. Headspace
This is one of the top health & wellness apps that help you build life-changing skills with mindfulness and guided meditation from the world’s finest experts like Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace. One of the best mental wellness apps to keep you happy, stress-free, and calm. This app helps you focus, stay calm, breathe, and maintain life’s balance.
Key Features:
- Bring your buddies to meditate with you.
- Shift mode for mind-boosting workouts.
- It helps you with stress and anxiety meditation for handling tension.
- Creates restful sleep with Sleep music, Wind downs, and Sleepcasts.
- Numerous guided meditations on subjects such as workout, sleep, & focus.
2. Shine
shine app
This app helps you manage stress & anxiety, enables you to find your inner peace, strengthen your mental health, and motivates you to become an improved version of yourself. The shine app allows you to meditate, connect, and reflect with everyday self-care apps.
Key Features:
- Integrate your Apple Watch & make Siri Shortcuts.
- Female-focused self-care app for your mobile.
- Hear meditation and feel calm.
- Track your progress.
3. Sleep Cycle
The sleep cycle is a smart alarm clock and top sleep tracker app that keeps you boosted all day. Track your sleep from night to morning & get through reports on your sleep patterns—one of the famous mental wellness apps to help you feel great about yourself.
Key Features:
- All-inclusive sleep stats and daily sleep graphs.
- Tailored wake-up window, from immediate up to 90 minutes.
- Hand-picked chosen alarm melodies.
- Sleep analysis with sleep cycle patented sound tech.
- Snooze by double-tapping or swinging the phone lightly.
4. AllTrails
AllTrails is the best health & fitness app for cyclists, hikers, and runners that allows you to find the nature around you. AllTrails is one of the best apps for wellness that records your ride, hike, and run with AllTrails GPS activity tracker. AllTrails is the best app if you are a traveler who loves exploring and digging up nearby mountain biking, hiking trails, or running.
Key Features:
- Track your progress.
- Save your favorite trails.
- Record your experience with this app’s GPS Activity Tracker.
- Explore over 100k Hiking Trails and Mountain Bike Routes.
- Filter by kid-friendly, wheel-chair friendly, and dog-friendly walking trails.
5. Calm
Calm is one of the best wellness apps for meditation and sleep. Get over 100 sleep stories, guided meditation, breathing program, relaxing music, and masterclasses in one app. The calm app is suggested by the best therapists, mental health experts, and psychologists.
Key Features:
- Best health and well-being apps.
- Meditate with over 30 calming nature views and sounds.
- Over 100 sleep stories and adult bedtime stories to make you sleep.
- Track your journey with everyday streaks.
- Breathing exercises to help you rest.
6. Happify
This is one of the top health and fitness apps that believes happiness is not just one thing, but everything. It offers you some of the best science-based activities and games that help you weather daily stress, combat negative feelings, & strengthen flexibility by offering robust tools to improve emotional well-being.
Key Features:
- Get insights with a smart progress tracking app.
- Best for those who are struggling with daily challenges.
- Extensive access to customized 30 plus tracks.
7. Post Box
post box app
This wellness app reduces your digital distractions by keeping your alerts until a time that suits you. This app helps you pick what notifications you wish to receive and limits other ones. Post Box app encourages mindfulness, self-care and provides you restful nights.
Key Features:
- Boosts efficiency and reduces stress.
- It calms your mind and allows you to focus on what matters.
- An app for digital well-being.
- This app works the best if you care for your mental health.
8. Streaks
This is easy to use a habit tracker app to track your task completion. Streaks contain one of the best wellness apps that include reminders that keep reminding you of your tasks. This app lets you track up to 12 jobs you wish to achieve each day, and the goal is to build a streak of successive days.
Key Features:
- Set a reminder time.
- Achieve your habits.
- Simple yes/no option in notifications.
- Online support & multi-device sync.
- Track various habits, daily goals, each one in its calendar.
Wrapping Up
Smartphones and mobile apps can do a lot more good than bad if used for health and well-being purposes. Sometimes, it’s just better to put the mobile down and really focus on what’s actually beneficial is the key to a more efficient day. Here is a list of top health and wellness apps that can boost your productivity to a great extent. If you are a business owner and wish to build a healthcare app, connect with our expert app developers and share your ideas to build the best-being app.
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