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The Best Local Databases For Building React Native Apps

App Development

Jun 2021
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the best local databases for building react native apps
As an entrepreneur, you should be aware of the top-notch cross-platform apps to grow your field. Cross-platform apps are both cost-effective and time-effective. React native is the perfect framework to create a reliable and effective cross-platform mobile app for your client.
In the ultra-modern world, react native is an excellent framework for cross-platform app development. Whether iOS or Android, demand for react native is rising as several developers believe in using this framework for their mobile app development. From startups to well-established firms, everyone wants to use frameworks that are not both cost-effective and time-saving.
According to sources, the most popular cross-platform smartphone app framework used by developers globally is react native, i.e., 42% of android and iPhone app developers.
But, it can get a bit overwhelming while choosing a suitable database for your app development project. Therefore, this blog will help you select the most appropriate database for your ongoing project.

Introduction To React Native

Launched by Facebook, react native is a famous web library. It is a JS open-source framework that creates native apps for iOS, AndroidAndroid, and Windows platforms.
Moreover, this framework enables web developers to develop native mobile apps using the current and famous JS library. It also codes for different platforms using a single codebase.
The app provides elements of an actual mobile user interface instead of web views. Below are the most well-renowned brands using the react native framework.
- Skype
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Walmart
- UberEats
- Pinterest

The Best Databases For React Native In 2021

After going through the details above, selecting the right database isn’t easy as many options are available in the market. Below are the best-fit databases for your app.

1. Firebase Database

Firebase is the best choice for you if you create an app that is more into offline data updates and syncs. This Google-owned database, along with NoSQL, can majorly manage MVC-enabled smartphone apps with high data requirements.
While using Firebase-powered SDK in iOS and AndroidAndroid for cross-platform apps, every user gets the newest updates automatically. With this database, top app developers can make sophisticated and collaborative approaches with secure access to the database.
- It can be accessed straight with a smartphone.
- It is perfect for building real-time apps with offline capabilities.
- It enables real-time data syncing for all users at the same time.

2. Watermelon Database

Watermelon database is the top react native database framework if you want to develop a robust reach native mobile app. This database can cope with complex apps easily and enhance performance as well. It is built by SQLite and is pretty scalable without any slowdowns in speed.
- Offline mode enabled by syncing your engine.
- Straightforward data plugging into elements.
- Constant typing with flow.

3. Realm Database

If you wish to build real-time and offline apps, this is the top react native database. It’s an object-centric flexible database that’s easily understandable to your coding’s current level. This database lets app developers build react native mobile apps for iOS and AndroidAndroid to work on both smartphone and wearable devices. Realm is perfect for top-notch performance, and reliable react native mobile apps.
- It works great offline.
- Realm saves user interaction.
- It highlights a vast API set.
- It uses multiple encoding standards for all platforms.

4. MySQL Database

This database uses thread-like memory assignment, making it quicker and ideal for react native mobile apps. MySQL plays a major role in boosting its performance and speed. Moreover, this DB is super compatible with react native and includes some libraries to help you use SQLite using this tech. You can also use AsyncStorage to save data locally on a smart device.
- It is the most preferred in the banking and finance industry.
- It has a password-enabled encoding system to incorporate various security layers.
- It involves host-based authentication features to make the react-native database quite flexible.

5. Google Cloud DB

This is an entirely manageable DB service that allows app developers to download, maintain, and work relational DBs on this platform. It encompasses 3 architectures worldwide: multi-cloud, data distribution, and hybrid apps.
- Improved documentation & extreme durability
- Easy to incorporate with other Google Cloud platforms.

6. Pouch Database

This database allows saving the data locally and enables users to enjoy the features of a react native app even in offline mode. Pouch DB is the most famous open-source project coded in JS. It is built with CouchDB regulations, and rather than having a solid structure, it is a trustworthy back-end react-native DB and works best with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL.
- It imitates data skillfully.
- It supports online and offline functionalities.
- It uses CouchDB regulations.

7. AWS Dynamo Database

This is a document and NoSQL back-end database, entirely managed by backup restore, default memory caching, and security for internet-based apps. It does not require many admins as it is not centralized by a central authority.
- AWS Dynamo database is simple to operate and set up.
- This DB gives top-notch performance and scalability.
- It’s perfect for the marketing technology and gaming sectors.
These are the best 7 react native local databases that can render quick and world-class performance for your react native mobile apps on multiple platforms.

The Bottom Line

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We use advanced technologies and reliable frameworks for startups and well-established businesses to deliver phenomenal solutions to our clients, coming from over ten years of experience building world-class mobile apps.
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