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The Best Video Conferencing Mobile App: Zoom Vs. Google Meet

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Sep 2020
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the best video conferencing mobile app: zoom vs. google meet
With the advent of the latest technology, such as high-speed internet connection and networking tools, the world has become small. Moreover, in light of the pandemic, remote working tools have been encouraged when everybody's compelled to work from home.
The COVID-19 situation forced organizations to operate remotely, which was not planned. But regardless, the pandemic is displaying how remote working can be managed through video conferencing and other such applications.
There are various video conferencing apps to help teams interact face to face on a digital platform. Whether it is about connecting with the team or chilling with family and friends, everything can be managed via the best video conferencing apps.
There are many such mobile apps like WebEx, Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and a few others in demand for connecting with the respective team members. These apps allow discussing the entire workflow through screen sharing. Moreover, today these apps enable celebration on various occasions, also through such apps.
Among various video calling apps, the two most widely used and well-renowned are Zoom and Google Meet. Several app development companies widely use these apps to meet their daily work requirements.
They both are undoubtedly impressive and user-friendly in nature; there are still some differences between the two you must consider that can best match your needs.
Let's first know a little about these apps to point out their differences.
What is Zoom?
what is zoom
Video conferencing app Zoom is available on most of the platforms, such as iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and PC. This app provides a zoom meeting for free that can allow more than 100 participants at one time.
The meet time can be fixed as per the needs. In terms of number, Zoom gives room to about 1K people to participate in one video call, where 49 videos can show on the screen parallelly.
In terms of core capabilities, Zoom has HD video and audio capabilities. Moreover, its collaboration video calling tools have screen sharing, meeting recordings, connotation, and transcription capability.
What is Google Meet?
what is google meet
Google Meet is a video calling service that offers free video and voice calls and group messaging. One needs to have a Google account to getting started with it. The video conferencing app permits up to 150 people to chat, but up to 25 can join the video call at one time.
Also, amid the pandemic, Google delivers several features for free to its users as an addition. One can host meetings of above 250 participants for free. The live streaming feature supports 100K viewers.
Comparison between Zoom Vs. Google Meet!
1. Video Quality
One of the essential factors to consider is video quality. Both these apps have HD video quality, but Zoom wins the battle with 1080 p max video resolution, whereas Google Meet falls back with 720 p. It isn't bad, but if you prefer top quality, you know your option.
2. Participant Limit
As discussed earlier, the number of participants can be a significant hindrance when you are conducting a lecture of a family gathering over video calls. Hence, this is something you must be aware of. For Google Meet, the participant limit is 25 (10 is the limit for personal use and 25 for business) for free accounts, whereas, for Zoom, the number increases to 100 for free accounts. If you want to invite a myriad of people to your video call, you know your best bet.
3. Account Creation
It cannot be delightful to deal with so many accounts these days. Hence, it is understandable to want to avoid creating another account for your video calls.
The great news is Zoom doesn't need you to sign up to join meetings. The host can form a link, which can be entered by anyone via a web browser.
Google Meet video call URL can be created as well, but anyone attending it will require a Google account to access. Most of us already have Google accounts, but Zoom is still easily manageable.
4. Compatibility
Google Meet and Zoom can be used with all primary OS and devices around. Both these apps support iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows, and a web browser as well.
Zoom has an additional benefit that allows you to attend a meeting via call, but that is where the advantages end in terms of compatibility.
The best part about Google Meet is that you might not require to install additional software to use it. This is because Hangout most often comes pre-installed with Android, which still rules the market with a 74.13% market share.
5. Security
This one's a bit tricky.
Zoom's security has end-to-end encryption, which makes it technically better. Whereas Hangouts have in-transit encryption that means data is only secured while on its way to Google.
However, although Zoom has better security, privacy concerns have been raised recently, compelling them to pause new features for three months.
Therefore, if you are security conscious, you might want to stick to Google Meet for a while.
6. Pricing
Google Meet has a Classic Hangout version that is absolutely free.
Zoom's free plan serves technologically better than Google Meet if you are seeking more features. The only limitation with a Zoom free account is that video calls between over 2 participants are restricted to 40 min sessions.
You are restricted even with 100 participants with a free Zoom account, but that's still much better than Google Meet's ten-person limit.
If you want more functions, Zoom's most economical plan starts at $14.99/month.
Which one's better for you?
Alright, so Zoom is the better option in terms of features, quality, and reliability. Professionals love the service they deliver. Moreover, even the free version of Zoom is better than Google Meet technically. As much as incredible Zoom is, it is intricate to master the software know-how.
But, more isn't always better. Google Meet is a good option for those who don't need all the features that Zoom has. If they don't have over 10 participants and need more security and fancy features, Google Meet is fantastic too.
In the end, it all narrows down to your convenience and priorities, while technology has a lot to offer you.
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