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The Five Novelties That Come With Android P And The Benefits Of Android For Businesses

App Development

May 2018
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android p and the benefits of android for businesses
The beta version for developers has already been launched. What is it about? What are its benefits are and how is the program is installed.
Android P is Google's new mobile operating system. Among its most distinctive features is the official "notch" support or tab at the top of the screen. Something that popularized the iPhone X and then incorporated some new phones such as the Asus Zenfone 5.
Google launched the first version for developers and can be downloaded by accessing the site. It is available only for first and second generation Pixel phones. Of course, remember that this version (as often happens with the beta) is unstable, which can cause the phone inconvenience.
If you still want to take the risk, then you must first make a backup of all the information that is on your mobile device because when you install the program, all the data stored on your device will be erased.
1. Support for the notch
As many new phones incorporated the tab on the top of the mobile where the front camera and sensors are, Google decided to add support to the "notch" in its new operating system. What does this mean? This is the feature called Display cutout support that will allow both manufacturers and developers to modify the design of their apps so that the content is integrated or separated in the upper bar.
2. More complete notifications
The notifications will display complete conversations, with images and stickers and intelligent responses will be suggested. All from the notification center on the home screen.
3. New options for live broadcasts
It includes a new API (application programming interface) that will allow access to all the cameras of the cell phone (front and rear) at the same time, which could add more options for live broadcasts.
4. Greater protection for privacy
Android P will prevent, by default, applications from making use of the microphone and camera in the background. This is fundamental to take care of the privacy of the user. It should be remembered that only a few months ago it was discovered that several mobile applications could make recordings at any time and without warning.
5. A plus for performance and other benefits
The new system also aims to improve equipment performance and reduce energy consumption. It also includes a new API to process mobile payments and support for RTT Wi-Fi that will allow knowing more accurately the user's location inside closed spaces.
Advantages Of Developing Mobile Apps For Your Company

Every time a new technological advance appears, it is natural for companies to analyze the benefits they can bring to their business, always balancing it with the investment that it will require. In the digital world, you will find advantages of developing apps for your company that will be interesting, especially when the applications are gaining ground and are highly requested by people. You should meet with a mobile app development company to hire Indian app developers.
Knowing the benefits of mobile app development for a company
As in any new project in which one enters, it is good to know the advantages that this will bring to your company. Information is key to making good decisions, and you need to know the benefits your company:
Presence in mass-use mobile devices 
It is difficult to find people who do not have a Smartphone. This small device is facilitating communication between people and is also a useful tool to perform different types of operations, either online or offline. When a company has a mobile application, it is delivering a tool that will make life easier for the user, for which he will be very grateful.
Strengthens the image of the brand
That a company offers an app, means that its growth goes hand in hand with technology. Loyalty grows on the part of customers who are receiving more options to perform more activities with total comfort. You should meet with a mobile app development company to hire Indian app developers.
Optimize your resources
To explain this point, let's imagine that you are a bank and decide to launch an application. What users expect to find when downloading the application is the ability to perform basic operations such as transfers, card payments, review movements, etc. This type of functions, while adding value to the company, help to optimize resources since it will not be necessary for remote assistance so that customers perform simple operations and can concentrate their efforts towards other areas of the organization. This is one of the great advantages of developing apps for your company.
Reaffirm nexus with the client
Creating a mobile application generates more trust between the client and the company. It is delivering more options to use all the services offered by your company and does so through a device that is part of their lifestyle. They take this consideration into account, they feel it as a benefit to them. Also, a new communication channel is also opened, and it is important to know their problems, listen to them and guide them if they have any doubts about what the company can do for them. They value this type of actions and feel that the company is more committed to meeting their needs.
Greater publicity
Many applications can be linked to social networks and, if your app meets all expectations, do not doubt that the user will be responsible for to make it go viral. They will begin to share activities that they carry out in them, transmit their experience and the benefits they have found in the application, which will be reflected in the positioning of their brand in the minds of consumers. You should meet with a mobile app development company to hire Indian app developers.
Promote your services in a segmented way
The good thing about having a mobile application for your company is that users have to identify themselves before using it. By having a profile of each person, we can know a little more about them, like their tastes and the topics that interest them. In this way, you can use resources such as push notifications to offer specific services to a certain sector of your clients that are more interested in what you offer.
Enter the world of mobile applications for companies together with expert developers
When you decide to enter this new market, the first thing you have to analyze is the needs of your clients and what benefits you are going to give them. Then, it is necessary to hire professionals with experience in the creation of digital projects that guarantee the functionality of the application that we are going to create. You should meet with a mobile app development company to hire Indian app developers. 
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