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The Future Of IoT-Enabled Smart Parking System In Cities


Dec 2020
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the future of iot-enabled smart parking system in cities
Technology has transformed the way we live and perform. It has altered everything around us, starting from digitalization, AR, VR, AI, Mobile Apps, IoTs, and more. Among these, our primary focus today will be the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, all of us are aware of the revolutionary changes IoT has offered us with smart homes, voice assistants, smart vehicles, and whatnot. Do you know what else it has offered us to make our cities a better place to live in? Smart Parking System!
The sharp rise in vehicles has made parking a time and resource guzzling task. Most bikers or car owners take multiple rounds before finding a perfect spot to park their vehicles. Several times one has to park far away and walk to get to the actual destination. In today's era, where everyone's talking to make cities smart, it won't just come until the parking problem is resolved.
Smart cities need smart parking; people need a place to leave their vehicles without walking long distances to reach their desired location. The future of smart parking is optimistic. It will permit us all to make efficient use of available space while vastly enhancing parking management efficiency for drivers & agencies that manage this vital city resource.
Lucky for us, our cities are getting smarter. Everyone from citizens to tech developers, retailers, and government agencies agrees that innovating the tech system is a crucial aspect of making the life of urbanites worldwide liveable.
Transportation is one of the significant problems we face. More people means more traffic congestion and extra pressure on our confined resources. Anyone living in the city will tell you that finding adequate parking can be unbelievably frustrating. It can lead to chaos on roads, with drivers circling the blocks looking for a spot, making people reach their destined places late.
This article will cover the innovations in smart parking systems and the various benefits it has to offer us. But before we dive into that, let's learn what smart parking is.
What Is Smart Parking?
This innovative parking solution is a blend of IoT, machine learning, AI, etc., to ascertain & report on the availability of parking spaces to bikers in real-time. Information is gathered via multiple sensors implanted in parking lots to make a dynamic parking map that bikers can utilize with their smartphones. Moreover, traffic law officials also benefit from smart parking data as it lets them supervise traffic more carefully and better spot parking violations.
Innovations In Smart Parking
The following are the innovations in smart parking in practice and will be a reality soon.
1. Tracking Sensors
tracking sensors
Vehicle tracking systems use OBD sensors or GPS to gather data on cars to ascertain parking spaces' occupancy. This data is then processed by the corresponding network server & shared in a readable format with car company managers and drivers. IoT forms the foundation of any vehicle tracking platform. Today, this application is being utilized by large-scale app development companies for automotive fleet management.
2. Automated Parking
An APS or Automated Parking System can move cars up & down in a multi-story parking facility. Cars do not need space for humans to get in or out during the process since it is automatic. This lessens the land used for parking and further enhances the available space. APS facilities do not open parking lots and provide limited access making them secure. The resource usage within such a facility is minimal as less light and ventilation is needed to preserve an APS parking lot.
3. Parking Counter
A system is capable of sensing vehicles entering & leaving a parking facility. This system will effectively provide bikers a count of available parking slots in real-time.
Parking lot owners can utilize automatic vehicle counters to forecast future vehicle hikes, ascertain trends and patterns, and enhance parking facilities' efficiency.
4. Safety Controls
safety controls
IoT-enabled solutions can reinforce traffic compliance. A system of sensors and data processing algorithms & parking control systems can capture and report breaches with visual evidence. A smart parking system can alert the offender and issue a parking ticket in seconds.
Economic Benefits of Smart Parking System
The economic benefits of a smart parking system represent a crucial chance for every municipality:
With a rise in revenues, it is possible to build new services for citizenship, enhancing mobility, urban fabric, and road infrastructure, while forming a virtuous circle to represent the real key to transform it into a smart city.
Moreover, investing in this system can promise significant and safe revenues and should not be ignored.
Collective Benefits of Smart Parking System
Smart parking system offers vast advantages that can involve all those who use the system:
- Parking managers
- Parking controllers
- Municipalities
- Users
The whole community benefits as it can reduce the number of cars in parking space, thus traffic pollution. Research says that at least 30% of urban pollution comes from car traffic circulation to find a free parking spot. Hence, a smart parking system can be of great advantage when it comes to reducing pollution and making the environment a better place to live in.
The Future Is Smart Parking
Smart Parking solutions play a huge role in the smart city ecosystem, betterment in convenience, congestion, lower costs, urban mobility, and practical information & intelligence delivery.
Digital smart cities change the consumer's experience and set expectations that shape the demand for parking services. The progress of all-inclusive information services has led Smart Parking to extend our technology and services to meet smart city solution needs.
Smart parking applications have a positive impact on all investors. Bikers will be equipped to reserve parking spaces in advance. Officials will better be able to manage traffic and catch parking breaches. Managers and parking facility owners can better use the space and resources within their parking lot. Smart parking will be a great move for urbanization. Hire top app developers for mobile app development for your business.
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