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The Future of Mobile App Development: Multi Experience Development Platform


Sep 2020
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the future of mobile app development multi experience development platform

With the increasing use of smartphones, mobile apps have become a need for smartphone users. The demand is not going to be exhausted anytime soon as it seems and has a long future. This can be said because the mobile app download ad spend anticipated to reach $64 billion globally by 2020. The mobile app market will rise rapidly over the next few years, as users like spending more time within apps. Huge media costs increased paid campaigns, mobile use, increasing apps, and users contribute to more ad spend.

Another Big Thing In Mobile App Development
The initial step in mobile app marketing is to achieve maximum app downloads. The multi-experience will transform the mobile app development domain. As per the survey carried by Gartner, mobile apps affect your business success the most.
Jason Wong, Research Vice President, Gartner, said that the development platform merchants are enlarging their value proposition beyond web and mobile apps development. They are doing so to match industry and user demands. Top app development companies are facing the exposure of multi-experience development platforms. Thus, brands are pushing their online business efforts in developing wearables, augmented reality, voice, and chatbot experience.
The brand interaction modes with their customers include gestures, type, natural language, and touch. They also extend throughout the digital users’ journey. This occurs as voice-driven devices, smartwatches, and smartphones go through different markets and sectors.
As per the Gartner survey findings, around 91% of businesses have advanced and deployed mobile apps. You must be at a maturity stage in the iOS/Android mobile app development. You may fail to expand in other interaction models if you are not at this stage. This figure stands at 73% for voice apps and 60% for chatbots if we talk about conversational apps.
The Technology Your Mobile App Development Company Requires
Cloud-hosted artificial intelligence is the most used tech, whether you outsource or do your mobile app development in-house. It supports multi-experience app development, followed by Android and native iOS app development, and mobile back-ends services. This tech is obtaining prominence due to increasing interactive user-interface, image and voice recognition, and other AI services. These AI services are turning out a commonplace inside mobile apps.
Multi-experience Development Types in Mobile App Development
Consistent Experience:
consistent experience
The best example here is Google. The search engine website delivers a consistent online experience to its users throughout devices. This consistency comes from its integral feature set and content. A consistent multi-experience is about adjusting the screen size as per the device’s model and screen size.
Continuous Experience:
Many of you must have read a book on Kindle. And if not, you might be knowing that the device delivers a smooth experience to its readers. You can take an interval from reading a book on one device and read where you left off on another device. Users can enjoy a continuous experience as they shift their devices while reading, resuming the same action, or going ahead with a series of steps.
Complementary Experience:
Various devices complement one another in this type of multi-experience. Complementary experience stimulates you to keep all devices together to practice collaboration and control. For example, you may utilize your own device, like a joystick, to play against your buddies. Here, one device manages all other devices, acting as the chief console.
Advantages of Multi-Experience
Multi-experience development platforms are a new era of mobile app development platforms. These platforms facilitate quick and scalable development throughout various channels and devices. This helps to ensure the continuous delivery of online and ambient user experience.
Your business benefits from multi-experience development platforms because they ease your digital transformation efforts. You can manage a greater control over your users’ online experiences.
Below are the few advantages of this platform:
Improve Productivity of Internal Operations
Multi-experience development platforms permit businesses to apply a wide range of internal operations and thus smoothens processes with a single space. Businesses can bring their users a quicker, and more productive online experience.
Reduce Marketing Time
Multi-experience development platforms significantly reduce the marketing time for hybrid/web/native apps. Mobile app development enhances and quickens the code being reusable throughout various platforms. In fact, the design procedure becomes more smooth. Feedback cycles are reduced, improving the overall user experience.
Control Deployment
Streamline your constant deployment procedure and fast-track deployment to cloud service providers with multi-experience development platforms. These platforms also render your business a completely distributed environment. Once your deployment process smoothens, productivity improves.
Prevent Potential Security Risk
prevent potential security risk
You can keep a close eye on anything mysterious happening to your data, especially all your data being on one platform. You can get a 360-degree view of your software landscape to remove all kinds of security risks. You don’t need to engage in Shadow IT.
How can a multi-experience development platform impact your business?
The rise in multi-experience touchpoints benefits companies and increases the possibility of returns. Differing modes of user interaction have supported organizations to achieve their ultimate business goal of business innovation.
Multi-experience app development platform has resulted in the follows:
Rapid digital transformation
Aligning organization goals with the IT department of your business
Eliminating the gap between user experience & implementation of tech
Improve internal operational efficiency
Develop mobile apps quicker and reduce marketing time
Final Thoughts
Technology leaders known to deliver a thoughtful mobile experience possess robust capabilities in mobile app development and web development.
Key Takeaways
Display an out-of-the-box product vision and commitment of multi-experience in app development platforms.
You can observe considerable growth in the mobile app market and increase your users with strong partner ecosystems in place.
A mobile app development platform is a strategic alternative for your business. These will ensure digital transformation success as you begin on this journey and shift from design thinking to supporting new touchpoints.
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