The Impact Of Technology On Businesses

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Technology has taken over every sector. Technology advancement comes with more and more convenience and that is why everybody embraces any one that comes. Several decades ago, all you needed to sell your products and services was a physical store. All the best retail outlets all operated on the physical terrain. People ordered either by going to the store physically or by making an order through phone calls.

Gradually, the emergence of internet changed everything. Ordinary physical stores became inadequate as only people who live around your store could buy products from you. With the emergence of internet, every retailer who wanted to remain in business had to get a functional website. Otherwise, they will run out of business.

Technology now moved from desktop websites to mobile website since people now access internet more via mobile devices than via laptops and PCs. As companies were getting settled with mobile websites, the emergence of smartphones raised the bar again. Now, having a mobile website is not enough. To guarantee the convenience of your customers you need a mobile app.

With a mobile app, communication and interaction will be easier and faster between you and your customers. Mobile app comes with so much convenience that if you don’t talk to app developers for your mobile app fast, your customers will leave you for your competitors that already have a functional app. Who doesn’t like convenience?

Since technology has made it compulsory for every business owner to have their own apps, the demand for app development hit the roof. While some companies ask for a new app, others seek regular update and upgrade of theirs.

Naturally, when there is a high demand for a certain service, providers of such service begin to spring up just to cash in on the high demand. More app development companies were founded in 2016 than in previous years altogether.

While this is a good development, it comes with a little problem. Many of the new app developers are not competent. What makes the situation worse is that you may not be able to determine their competence before hiring them. To avoid falling into incompetent hands, here are a few tips.

Before hiring any of them, talk to about three or four them. Have a chat with about four of them before you make your decision. Go for the one with the most experience. Experience matters a lot. Since some of these developers lie about their experience, you need to ask for a proof of experience.

While it makes a lot of sense to consider the one with the lowest charges, you should flee from ridiculously low charges. It is often a trap. Incompetent developers usually bait prospective customers with low charges. The best way to hire a very good developer is to seek reference, if possible.


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