The Most Important Steps To Take During Android App Development

android app development
Now that seemingly every able bodied adult (and most children) have a smartphone, app development has taken on a much greater level of importance. While most would not consider Android smartphones to be the most popular, these systems account for a staggering percentage of all smartphones in circulation.
Android is certainly responsible for helping to make smartphones such an inextricable part of society. Now that Android app development has become such a hot topic, it is time to take a closer look at the process. What does it entail? How can a firm make sure that they are doing everything in their power to handle the Android app development process properly?
When it comes to Android app development, there are a few key steps that need to be taken during the process in order to ensure a successful launch. By paying close attention to the following steps, the Android app development process is guaranteed to go a lot more smoothly.
1. Deciding on a Name
Naming an app is just like naming anything else. If the name is smart and well chosen, the app will be able to stand out from the crowd. If it is not? The app is likely to slip between the cracks and never be heard from again. No pressure, right? Luckily, it is easy to avoid such problems by taking the time to choose a name before the process begins.
Be sure to take a closer look at the Android app market and make sure that there are no apps with similar names. At this time, reserve the name of the app so that it is not taken by future developers. Don't make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to choose a name. 
2. Pay Close Attention To Detailed Data Analysis
data analysis
There is a great deal of data available on this matter and it behooves anyone who works in Android app development to take a closer look before they embark on any project. The information about a developer's potential target audience is some of the most crucial. How are these users going to be engaged? What tactics will be used?
These are questions that the available data can answer for any developer, no matter what their experience level may be. Knowing how to reach out to the target audience is just as important as knowing how to create a high quality app.
3. Seek Additional Feedback
When an Android app development process is taking place, developers do not have to rely on data alone. Future user feedback is also key. Soliciting early feedback about the app before it has even been launched is a great way to remain proactive and find out everything necessary. 
Consumers are far more likely to continue using an app if their thoughts and concerns have been considered beforehand. Developers and their clients should also continue to solicit this feedback even after the app has been released so that they are able to nip any potential problems in the bud.
4. Considering The Marketplace
The marketplace for Android app development has become rather fragmented and it is important for developers to take a closer look at the current landscape. Achieving the proper level of understanding when it comes to the fragmentation of the marketplace is what separates successful launches from those that crash and burn.
Is the app that is being developed compatible with the current version of Android? Is it compatible with any of the older versions? These are questions that must be answered before any further development is actually able to take place.
5. Working on Speed and Flow
working on speed and flow
The speed at which an app can process information and the flow of information are key aspects of an app's optimization process. The average mobile user is not going to use an app that takes a significant amount of time to load. An app that takes up far too much space on the smartphone is also not going to be used in most instances. 
Taking the time to consider these realities is a step that cannot be skipped for any reason. If the app is too big for the phone and cannot load in a reasonable amount of time, the user will delete it almost immediately. Even worse, the user will also tell their friends and loved ones about the bad experiences that they had while using the app. Don't make any unnecessary changes that alter speed and flow.
6. Spacing Out The Development For Each Platform
It is only natural to want to launch an app across all platform right away. While this desire is definitely natural, it will cause developers to make decisions that are less than wise. An app should never be launched across every platform at once. Instead of worrying about a multi platform launch, Android app development takes time.
Android developers are able to provide users with a great deal of flexibility. They have the chance to use an app across all devices. But the launch process must be handled as delicately as possible. In order for the app to have the same level of consistency across all platforms, the development must be properly spaced out. It is too difficult to test one app across every device during the early going.
7. Testing! 
This is the obvious last step and it will make or break the launch in most instances. If the app is released without the proper testing, it will die on the vine. There are a number of common issues that crop up after a release has taken place and they can be avoided entirely by taking the time to conduct tests.
Alpha testers should be used during the first round of tests and beta testers are able to be utilized once the alpha testing is complete. If there are any flaws at this time, they can be corrected before the release so that the user does not experience any inconsistencies.

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