The Music Tech Trends That Will Affect Mobile App Development Companies

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While most do not stop to think of music industry trends when they are working with mobile app development companies, there are a number of trends that are taking place in this industry that will have an important effect going forward. Now that the music industry is in a state of flux, it is time for mobile app development companies to find out where they fit into the mix.
Mobile apps are going to play an increasingly larger role going forward and the mobile app development companies that embrace this reality will win over the long haul. In order to find how this landscape is going to affect mobile app development companies that are interested in claiming their piece of the pie, be sure to read on and learn more.
The Battle Between Music Streaming Apps
Mobile app development companies have definitely taken notice when it comes to this ongoing battle. Gone are the days when music fans were confined to a stereo or even a desktop computer. Now that everyone is able to stream music from their phone, this opens the door of opportunity for developers who are able to provide additional assistance.
We are clearly headed for a universe where music streaming apps rule the listening experience. Companies like Spotify and Apple have already decided to stake their claim but the battle has yet to be won. There are other platforms (such as SoundCloud) that have been unable to successfully monetize the services that they provide. This should definitely serve as a cautionary tale for any mobile app development companies that are looking to throw their hat into the ring.
The Rise of Wearable Music Tech
App developers are definitely watching this trend with great interest. While some may not have heard of the Radio Frequency Identification Device concept yet, RFID is going to play a massive role going forward. Wearable tech started as a means for people to count their steps and monitor their level of exercise but it is now being used in a variety of different ways.
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All it takes is one look at the crowds of major music festivals to see the shift that is occurring. These devices are not only used for music listening purposes, they also allow for paperless transactions to take place. In a world that is slowly moving towards a brave new frontier where no one is carrying a wallet, app developers will certainly want to explore this trend a bit further.
More Beginner Music Creation Apps
Instead of having to save a great deal of money to purchase all of the necessary equipment, those who are looking to get their start in the world of music can now download a number of different music creation apps. App developers that are looking to claim a share of this new market would do well to study the ins and outs so that they can capitalize.
Music industry gatekeepers have now been removed and this increases the amount of anticipation that these apps can generate. Now that YouTube and SoundCloud are the home of the demo tape, an app developer that caters to this new audience is going to place themselves in a great position to succeed going forward. Increasing access for those who may not have the money to invest in expensive equipment is the name of the game.
AI Music Creation Apps
On the other end of the spectrum, AI has progressed to the point where music can be created without the use of the human hand. There are a wide range of AI apps that are being created as we speak with this goal in mind. Mobile app developers that are looking to remain on the cutting edge should be well aware of what is to come.
For example, the music that is used for marketing purposes or video game soundtracks is going to be created by these types of apps going forward. There are also AI apps that can be utilized by users who are looking to contribute to the process and this creates a number of avenues for mobile app developers to potentially explore.
The Increased Presence of Blockchain Apps
As blockchain apps become a bigger part of our daily existence, it was only a matter of time before they made their way into the music industry as well. All of the inefficiencies that were taking place in the music world are now coming to the forefront because of blockchain applications.
Rights management tools and distribution channels are now being provided in app form. Those who develop blockchain apps that are designed to remove all of the intermediaries that have been allowing the music industry to operate with a certain amount of bloat are going to be moved to the front of the line going forward.
More Virtual Reality Instruments
Virtual reality music apps are slowly making their way into the cultural firmament and do it yourself musicians benefit immensely from these sorts of apps. They cut costs and remove overhead. In turn, this allows musicians from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams without having to make major investments.
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There is definitely a common motif with many of these trends and that is an increased sense of democratization. The world of virtual reality grows with every passing day and app developers that are willing to embrace this new reality are going to experience a greater level of success.
Festival Livestreams
Now that festivals like Coachella are dominating the news cycle, all music fans look for ways to get closer to the action. But what about those who cannot afford show tickets or a flight to California? Enter live streaming apps. More and more festivals are allowing fans to access the party from the comfort of their own home.
The onus is now being placed on mobile app developers to create the apps that allow for a seamless experience to take place. The race is on and the developers that offer the best experience to would be concertgoers first will win the day.

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