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These Are Some Of The Features Your Mobile App Should Have

App Development

Nov 2019
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the features your mobile app should have
There are various reasons why mobile apps are developed. Some people develop a mobile app for their business while others develop a mobile app for monetization purposes. Anyway, irrespective of the reason why you are developing an app, certain features will make your mobile app user-friendly and popular. Notwithstanding, these features may be new to you as a user but certainly not to the experienced app developers. Nevertheless, some of the features will be explained.
1. Search feature
People love it when they can quickly search for what they need. So, including a search feature will give them that and make them continue to use your app anytime they need to find something. Most people make searches using keywords and key phrases, so you may want to put that in mind when developing your mobile app. All the same, any of the top app developers should be able to discuss this feature with you when engaging their services.
2. Responsive design
responsive design
Your mobile app should be able to work effectively on any mobile device and should equally be supported by all mobile operating systems. You may have seen mobile apps displaying something like this: “available only on Android.” Well, those apps may not be bad but you need to consider the people that use mobile devices that run on the iOS operating system too if you want to enjoy the benefits of developing an app. Nonetheless, top app developers can provide this service with ease and comfortability.
3. Social media integration feature
You may consider integrating social networking sites to your app, as virtually every mobile phone user has a social media account. And encouraging social sharing via your mobile app will give it the needed exposure in no time. Remember that people love to share almost everything, so introducing that feature in your app will make it very popular and fun to use.
4. Push notification features
No doubt all mobile app developers are aware of the importance of this feature. In fact, a study showed that this feature can increase app engagement up to about 80%; interesting isn’t it? Yes, that is how important this feature is to mobile users. With push notification features, your users can get new 
updates. They can equally get real-time information via notifications.
5. Mobile payment
You should try to incorporate simple payment options in your mobile app. Thankfully, app developers are supporting the expansion of cryptocurrencies and/or digital currencies, so you can introduce bitcoin as a means of payment. Also, e-wallet payment options are equally acceptable. For instance, most mobile apps support PayPal. Moreover, you can also get bitcoin mobile apps.
6. Support feature
Yes, another important feature that your mobile app must have is a support feature; being able to provide a support feature or channel shows that you have your users’ interests at heart. More so, you can consider all the available support options such as e-mail support, phone chat, FAQs, and live chat (if possible).
7. Offline features
Inasmuch as most of the features of an app require data, some basic features still work in an offline mode. So, you should consider incorporating that feature too. Besides, you can make most of the app features work offline, which will be more engaging to your users. All you need to do is to contact any of the top mobile app developers and see how you can achieve this.
8. Security
Your mobile app should be able to provide some level of security for your users. People tend to have peace of mind with apps that ensure their profile and/or data protection. Even if their data is required, it should be by their express permission and should not be accessible by a third party. Well, app development companies know the implication of releasing user information to a third party, and therefore, ensure the utmost protection.
9. Feedback feature
Your users should be able to give you feedback on how they feel about your app. In turn, you should also acknowledge their feedback. Once there is a rapport between an app developer and the users, loyalty is usually the result; meaning that your app users will exercise loyalty with you. Besides, getting feedback from users will let you know where you are missing it, what your users want, and how you can respond to their needs.
10.  More touch-responsive
Yes, this may sound strange to you. However, it is not, to app development companies. App development companies know that being able to use touch-based features most of the time gives your users a more enjoyable experience. Hence, you may want to consider this when developing your mobile app.
11. Simplicity
This is another feature that you must consider when developing your mobile app. Mobile device users enjoy using simple and/or easy to use apps. Moreover, the app size should not be so large that it will consume a lot of data to download. So, being able to provide a mobile app that suits users will help to give your app recognition.
Finally, the above are some of the features that make an app exciting and equally what mobile phone users demand from app developers. However, in addition to those features, a good mobile app should also be error and bug-free. It may be difficult to eliminate bugs from a mobile app; however, it should be minimal, if at all it must have.
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