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Things You Should Consider When Contracting A Mobile App Development Company

App Development

Feb 2018
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what to know before contact mobile development company
It is a fact that there is an app for virtually everything. From online banking to reading the news to hailing a ride to ordering and get a gift delivered to your loved ones to booking a treat at the spa at the end of a stressful day. The list is endless, life is definitely made simpler through the design of mobile apps development by companies and you'd be losing out if you don't join the craze.
There are many benefits app development can bring to businesses that render services. Though these benefits primarily depend on the type of services being rendered, but in most cases, mobile apps will help you reach a wider audience and increase your profit margin. It is estimated that there are about 2 billion Smartphone users in the world, and that number is expected to rise by roughly 13% in 2017. This means that having a mobile app for your business can end your struggle running a successful business and mobile app development companies are more than happy to help your business develop apps that will satisfy your customer which leaves your customers contented with the services you render.
When thinking of creating a mobile app which you should. Getting a reputable mobile app development company or an individual mobile app developer is key to the success of your business. You must also have a clear idea of what you want in your app, the requirements of the app, the goals you have set for the app, how the, and the functions of the app.
The advantages of a mobile app development company outweigh that of an individual mobile app developer and are mentioned below:

- A project manager is usually put in charge of the project, a development team which comprises mobile app coding specialist, graphics designer, UX and UI specialists as well as an accounts manager. 
- Different teams of professionals assigned to different tasks.
- The synergy between the separate teams can lead to the conclusion of the project in record time at less cost.
- Due to a working on several projects previously, companies have readymade solutions that fit your requirements.
- The disadvantages of hiring an individual mobile developer are listed below:
- Individual developers cannot have all the skills needed for different mobile app needs that you might want on your app.
- An individual developer will not be able to effectively coordinate all aspects of your entire project compared to a project manager in a company.
- Another major challenge an individual developer might face is the inability to assure you of maximum security on your mobile app as you would expect from a company.
Cost of the app development is very important in determining what kind of application you will get from your developer. Make sure to let your developer know your budget and ask for their opinion and how they can work around your budget.
If the modalities for commencing development of your planned mobile application then you should know the fundamental processes of mobile application development:

- Market research and analysis
- Planning and strategy with the target audience and market trends as determining factors.
- Front-end and back-end designing.
- Coding and addition of features.
- Testing the application and fixing bugs
- Uploading the app to stores and launching.
At the end of the day, your mobile app should be able to improve the growth of your business and bring you closer to your customers. Below are the gains you should be looking out for when you launch your mobile application:
Build and Cultivate Customer Loyalty:
Mobile apps allow companies and businesses to keep their customers engaged and loyal with programs such as point systems, tier systems, and coupons. Development of apps helps to build robust and more direct connections between businesses and customers which evolve into brand loyalty.
Increase Visibility:
A business can improve visibility through apps by offering discounts and sales promotions which will keep customers more engaged. Mobile apps also offer increased visibility as they receive higher search engine rankings and increased traffic for businesses which boost chances of conversion.
Free Advertisement of your Trade:
Most of the Smartphone users spend more than 60% of their time daily on their devices, which allows businesses to advertise their services through mobile apps. This is practically a free platform to get to more consumers and targeted clients.
Data Collection:
Mobile app development companies usually infuse data collection features when developing mobile applications so that businesses can collect information about behavioral patterns and preferences of customers which allows you to make careful decisions based on data analysis for business growth that will enhance customer experience.
Native and Cross-Platform Development:
App development companies offer top-notch services in providing mobile applications on any mobile platform such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Usually, top app development companies can help estimate projects against market trends and help to decide which platforms to target vigorously and provide a seamless experience across all platforms.
Before launching that app for your business you should keep in mind that “the first impression is the last impression”. Any mobile application requires the best presentation that will convey its functionality to the intended users. A killer name for the app and eye-catching icon that will appeal to users must be used.
Demonstrations in form of explainer videos or infographics that describe the benefits of the app can send your app to a whole new level of acceptance by the targeted audience.
Marketing is undeniably the most effective tool for reaching out to audiences and consumers. App Store Optimization (ASO) is a form of pre-launch strategy that gives your mobile application a boost through the targeting your primary keywords in App Title, Description and Keywords.
All your requirements as a business owner that NEEDS a mobile app for the enhanced growth and sustainability of your business can be met through the engagement of mobile app development companies for the best deal you can get in the app development industry.
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