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Creating a username and password are two necessary requirements in many applications and online services that we access daily. Many of these services are free, but in order to create a unique profile, you need to register with an email and a password. Some applications, today, even facilitate the registration process by offering logins via Facebook or Twitter. But it is definitive that, although these features are offered, it is necessary to create passwords for other services.
Creating a secure password can be really complicated, mainly because it must be easy to remember, and at the same time, the chosen password must have a number of features that make it difficult to decipher by any program created by a hacker.
In this article, we mention some tips for creating a strong password with little effort. We also mention some basic features of a good password for any service.
The longer the password, the better
A large majority of services that require subscription through a username and password require that the password be at least six characters. In some cases, the password security level is shown by some color indicators. In this way, you can verify and change your password if your security does not seem appropriate.
Although some of these services request a password that has at least six characters, the reality is that it is a fairly low number for a password. So, make sure your password has ten or more characters. The more characters you have, the better. Count the number of letters contained in your password before submitting the form of any application or website.
Make sure passwords include numbers
make sure passwords include numbers
Apart from considering the length of the passwords you create, be sure to include numbers and other special characters such as hyphens, apostrophe, exclamation marks, etc. In certain cases, some services do not allow the use of certain special characters, but you should also be able to create a password with numbers.
The secret is to combine letters and numbers in the middle of the sentence. Many people usually place the number at the end, and although this is a good option, you can create more secure passwords by changing certain letters to numbers. Carefully evaluate whether changing numbers by letters is not obvious. You can also add numbers in the middle of a word or between two words to increase the security of your password.
Create passwords based on a phrase or sentence
A simple way to create strong passwords is to make them based on a sentence. You just have to form a sentence and take the first letter of each word to form your new password. For example, in the following sentence: "My pet is a Russian hamster, he is 5 months old, and his name is Pompon".
From this sentence, we extract the first letter of each word, so that our password would look like this: "Mpiarhhi5moahnip".
You could also ignore the use of capital letters in the sentence, although using them improves the security of your password, though it is not really recommended. The idea behind this technique is that at first glance the password seems to have been generated randomly. But since there is a meaning behind this series of letters and numbers, it is easier for you to remember it. Also, avoid using words found in the dictionary, which are one of the first that hackers try.
Use a passphrase
A passphrase refers to the use of a complex phrase instead of a word as a password. By the same length, it offers greater security than a password that has been created based on two words.
Like passwords based on sentences, they are simple to remember, and because of their complexity, they offer greater security against hacker attacks. For example, we can use the following sentence as a basis: "My pet is a 5month Russian hamster".
So the passphrase could be: "Myrussianhamsterpetis5".
It is important to note that the phrase used must be a fact or thought with which you feel identified. In this way, you can easily remember it. Also, you should avoid using famous phrases or music lyrics and try to include a series of numbers and special characters to increase the security of the created password.
Create a password for every service
Create a different password for every service or platform you use. In case hackers hack any of your accounts, at least they do not have access to any of your other profiles. Although it may seem a nuisance to create a new password for every service or platform you use, you will eventually see how it is useful and can help you avoid situations where all the accounts you use or the vast majority of them are put at risk.
In this way, you avoid exposing yourself and losing all your accounts. Even if one of your accounts falls into the hands of a hacker, you are sure that your other accounts are still safe.
Consider using a password manager
consider using a password manager
If you have many accounts, services, and subscriptions, and you find it difficult to remember all the passwords you create for each of your accounts, you can opt for a password manager. By installing these applications, you can generate random passwords, all secure and extensive for each of your accounts. Since passwords are random, and it is much harder to remember them if you cannot associate any kind of meaning to them, content managers not only facilitate the creation of passwords but also keep them securely. That way, you don't have to remember any password. You can also get a password managing app by meeting with app development companies.
In conclusion
As you can see, selecting one or two keywords as a password is not entirely secure, so you may want to review your main accounts and change their passwords. Luckily, with the techniques and tips, we have mentioned in this article, you can create strong passwords without any difficulty.

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