Top 4 Productive iPhone App Development Approaches

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Mobile app development company is one of the most prosperous industry as compared to others in terms of monetary gains. Within shorter time span, mobile apps are the only platform that has covered almost each and every industry whether it is – Health, Entertainment, Finance, Education, Travel or Communication – whatever the domain is, mobile apps have penetrated itself into the lives of the people. Over 27% of the global smartphone market is covered by Apple's smartphone devices.

So, is iPhone App Development Profitable Anyway?

Well, yes it is! There are people that make high revenues by developing single app alone. Though the question is very relevant, but should be asked in accordance with the application that you are supposed to develop. There are cross-platform applications for sure, but here we are targeting on apps that totally points to iPhone app owners. As iPhone market is thriving and so does the iPhone app development market. Though, Android stands as one of the leading app platforms with 1.6 million apps available in the Play Store, Apple App Store is leading closely in the second position with over 1.5 million apps. The App store is immersed with even more applications every single day.

The key factor that affects the profitability of an application is production cost. Single platform iOS application costs quite lower than cross-platform applications as well as apps developed for the android platform, as more fragmentation is been noticed in Android OS.

Tips to Develop Profitable iPhone Apps

iPhone app development is not that simple process as it seems to you. We need to enforce thoughtful ideas, strategic design along with planning and teamwork as well as continuous post-launch effort to make your app visible amongst a huge range of audience in the App-Store. So, if you want to ensure your app success then follow below checklist for successful app development.

1) Market Demands

As we know, there are so many apps out in the market that has made app markets over-crowded and so, the blockages to the entry points are low while the blockages to success are high. It is not necessary that your app will be approached as “award-winning” app in the App-Store. But still, there is some space to make a business out of it; if you are targeting to some specified type of audiences.

We always concentrate on the tough competition running in the market and it is also quite an important aspect especially for startups and entrepreneurs. But one should also conduct extensive research about your app idea, that whether it is absorbed in the market or will find an opportunity to rule over app market.

2) Designing Uncomplicated Apps

One of the most common mistakes that every developers and designer often make is trying to make the application more complex. They need to understand that people interact and engage with a streamlined and easy-going app, not with the app full of complexities. They should understand the difference between the serviceable app and complex app. The developer needs to keep into consideration that development is not an opportunity given to him to apply and demonstrate his programming skills.

3) Stick with the Apple's Guidelines

Getting Apple's App-Store approval is the foremost step that you need to take after iPhone app development. From the development phase itself, you need to consider Apple's guidelines and should develop your apps accordingly. So, it saves your time to revise and amend the fixes that need to be done once your app is rejected by Apple.

4) Pre-launch App Marketing

Following Key factors needs to be focused on effective Pre-launch app marketing:

i) App Search Visibility:

To make your app search visibility in the top chart inside app-store then you need to focus on the variety of factors like “when to give offers and discounts, strategy to make more In-app purchases and much more”. Proper SEO and marketing strategy should be incorporated in order to make your app outreach to more number of people.

ii) Proper Content:

Your app marketing is only effective if you provide appropriate content. Despite of giving the huge amount of efforts, if your app does not hold that selling factor or lacks behind the normal standards then, the result can truly disappoint you.

iii) App : Icon, Name, Description & Screenshot:

The first thing that drags users towards your application is App Icon, name and screenshot. Just make sure that the icon and name must be relevant to the app. It just takes only 2-3 seconds for the user to decide whether to download your app or not and so, detailed description should be given regarding your app in a way that it makes user mind to download your app. Also, App Screenshot should be such that it gives the overall idea of the app that helps the user to easily understand and relate your app to them.

iv) App Publicity:

You can share your app links to your friends, cousins, colleagues on some famous platforms like Hike, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp that will effectively help you out to promote your app.

Outlining the Session:

Well, at the end of the session, it all depends on how do you measure out this success ratio. For some, monetary factors are part of the success; while for some, it is user satisfaction. Hope that this post will help you in future endeavors during iPhone app development. If you still have a great idea but searching for some experienced developer then, hire iPhone app developer from Hyperlink Infosystem that will help you out to convert your raw ideas into a top-rated app in App Store. Contact us now and get your app developed with us!


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