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Top 5 Features For Creating A Logistics Mobile App

App Development

Dec 2020
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top 5 features for creating a logistics mobile app
Mobile apps have picked up pace in a decade, and today, we can't imagine our lives without them. Gone are the days when humans used to do all the tasks manually or in conventional ways. Those days are left far behind us. In present days, mobile apps have transformed several industries and shaken the market upside down with their tremendous abilities.
According to the App Annie survey, 204 billion apps were installed in 2019, and no. of installs is expected to rise around 258.2 billion by 2022. This rise is the result of the increasing demand for smartphone users. Many think that apps are only useful for B2C sectors, but they are also of great use for B2B. This also includes the "Logistics" sector.
The logistics industry is an integral part of the world economy as it is the backbone of foreign trade. With trillions of dollars of exports, this industry is obviously a great deal. And with that saying, it can do wonders with a mobile app boosting its efficiency to a great extent.
Why Build a Logistics App?
- Supervising the location of the vehicle using GPS. 
- Fleet management by tracking all the routes of your fleet.
- Parcel or Cargo booking for clients 
- Cargo tracking through NFC & RFID technologies 
- Warehouse management, including dispatch information, data tracking, and stock management.
Must-have Features for Logistics App
To build a feature-rich logistics app, below are the essential features the top app developers 2020 must consider:
1. Driver & Vehicle Tracking
driver and vehicle tracking
Vehicle tracking is a specific segment in the logistics app industry, and nothing seems complete without it.
The driver and vehicle tracking features are essential, but how? It enables businesses to have eyes on their drivers & cars' performance. This feature allows real-time GPS location use; it helps in assessing drivers effectively.
For example, it is easier to supervise if a vehicle is running according to schedule & if a driver is running late or on time. It can deliver assignments seamlessly. Since the manager can know the driver's arrival time, they can instantly be assigned deliveries to save time.
2. Offline Back-up
People assume that since we are living in 2020, internet non-connectivity isn't a real threat. However, this is a misconception.
More than $1.7 billion is lost in revenues from apps due to lousy internet speed, as per research. More than 70% of app users leave the app that fails to load. Offline apps help prevent this issue.
In this industry, having offline support in your app is essential than ever. This is because the logistics business mainly takes place on roads, and poor connectivity would be detrimental for their business and yours. In the US, some states have awful internet coverage & speed.
This, logistics apps must be ready for a loss of web connection via offline back-up. For example, drivers should be able to enter their data, irrespective of their location & connectivity. This should be mainly included in supply chain management apps to guarantee optimum task reporting.
For instance, if a driver delivers in an area with low-coverage, the app should let them mark the assignment as completed and note the time & GPS location of the entry for later assessments.
3. Pre-planned Routes
This feature is normally infused in ride-hailing services like Uber. When a ride begins, the driver is shown the optimum route to reach their destination. Consumers hate spending too much time on the commute, but they also don't even prefer their goods later.
If you don't normalize the routes the driver wants to take; you can't control the results. For example, a driver might take a longer route with his own choice.
By including a pre-planned route function in the app, companies & managers can build & allocate routes to drivers prior. This ensures that the delivery time targets meet. This feature must be synced with online maps for precise directions. Combining this with the first tracking feature means your app can supervise drivers to see if they comply with the pre-planned route.
4. Notifications For Closest Mechanical Support & Gas Stations
At times, drivers have legit reasons for procrastinating deliveries & assignments. Businesses must have a robust plan for their drivers if their trucks break down or face a fuel shortage en route.
Noting this down, an app can deliver the optimum solution for it all. The app must recognize and alert the driver of the closest repair shops & fuel stations. Moreover, they should reflect all potential contact info of these locations to instant towing when required.
Moreover, the app must maintain a fuel record, which will notify the driver of fuel shortage before it becomes an issue. This feature can help the app ensure that the fleet runs seamlessly on its way & reaches its desired location despite bottlenecks.
For instance, Drivvo is a car management app that mainly delivers this function. App developers can learn from this dedicated app & blend it with other features to build an ideal logistics app.
5. Multilingual Support
multilingual support
Intercom asserts that 70% of clients prefer communicating with businesses that offer native language support. Similarity for apps, too, especially logistics apps.
Multilingual support helps the app in being usable by all, regardless of their native dialect. This function should be included in logistics apps to ensure that users belonging to distinct backgrounds can navigate the app without any issues.
Considering that logistics apps tend to have multiple elements & are way more complicated than an entertainment app, providing language support can boost the logistics team's performance.
Build An Ideal Logistics App
There are plenty of features to include in a logistics app. But it all comes down to rendering basic yet essential solutions.
Having these features in your app, you will create a solution that can become basic in several logistics companies. Always assign the task to expert on-demand app development companies. This is because logistics apps are way more intricate than apps in other industries.
Irrespective of your outsourcing company, make sure to build an impeccable logistics app to gain a market share in your niche.
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