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Top 5 Fintech Apps To Manage Finance In 2021

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Aug 2021
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top 5 fintech apps to manage finance in 2021
Finance and technology are the two industries that evolved like never before. However, the ultimate factor is fintech mobile apps. The outcome of two brilliant trending industries. It is not much to say that fintech is in demand and everyone wants to be part of it.
But like every other, thinking about the idea and implementing that idea takes lots of effort. Nevertheless, mobile apps are a game-changer for the banking and finance industry. They connect with that differently and more effortlessly. As a result, digital payment has become quick and more manageable.
As per the survey, it is pretty beneficial for startups. Only startups have earned more than $ 1.7 billion from fintech mobile apps in the first weeks of January.  The fintech startups focus on new markets and how to conduct financial service operations. Several finance apps like Paytm, PayPal, Google Pay, PhonePe have already gained their name in banking and finance.
One of the primary reasons people prefer fintech apps is because it is easy to use. It does not take much effort to download from platforms, and the operation of an app development is simple.
This article will tell you about the importance of fintech mobile apps by showing you the example of existing fintech apps.

The compiled list of 5 best existing fintech apps for your business services:


One of the known fintech mobile apps is Chime. The US-based company has a vast audience, highly used and fastest developing mobile app development. The apps have numerous banking facilities such as real-time transactions, less minimum balance, no overdrafts, and many others. It makes it easier for the users and manageable for them to run it.
The mobile app has access to multiple automatic saving options, and users can handle their expenses with no other extra transaction fee. Even instant deposit checks, enhanced mobile payment systems, sending money to others, no hidden fees, and others can be possible with Chime. The mobile apps help users to concentrate on saving by deducting 10% of the payback instantly. Moreover, the amount is given to the user directly.
The mobile app also offers free ATM transactions all across the world.


ZestMoney, a fintech mobile app that has gained a name in the financial industry. Established in 2015 - the different platform connects innovative mobiles, digital banking, and the latest technology to make it more convenient for users. With ZestMoney, you can acquire loans easily and quite faster compared to others.
ZestMoney has adopted innovative technology - which eventually has affordable finance into the digital world. It is simply available, and you do not need to own a credit card to pay online in down payment or EMI. You can pay later and access the loan effortlessly.
top fintech apps


Another hit on the list of fintech apps is the N26. The Europe-based company empowers you to get instant charge of your finances after the process of installation. It is available on both platforms - Android and iOS and has more than 3+ million customers. N26 provides you withdrawals in ATMs for up to 2 transactions. The customer can open their account by simply downloading N26 from the play store. The mobile app can be used to induct immediate money transfers and receive full-fledged insights into your spending statistics. You also will get a contactless Mastercard, transfer money to your family and friends, utilize personal banking features to organize and handle the finances. The N26 allows you to have control in finance by mobile app only.
Users can add several financial products like overdrafts and personal credit. N26 is a perfect example of modern banking and fintech apps.


Revolut helps you to handle and manage your money wisely. Whenever a transaction takes place, it sends you an instant notification about the payment. The benefit of the mobile app is that it enables you to keep a monthly or weekly budget. So, you can keep track of expenses; you will figure out how much you consume on particular services or products. It will help you to limit your expenses and let you save a certain amount by it. It has more than 150 currencies so that users can effortlessly transfer money wherever they want and whatever time they wish at the real exchange rate.
Revolut keeps updated - so it will help you follow the latest trend and make the decision accordingly.


Pencilton, another finest fintech app which you should not miss. It was a startup whose aim was to help people learn about saving money and keeping track of expenses. The mobile apps set a record about payment, investment, saving, income, and many more. There are several features which help you to gain benefits like helping to set a goal on how much money you need to save and in what ways.
Keeping track will help you make valuable decisions; it is a win-win situation for everyone. There are many users, and the rating is also higher; it has 4.3 out of 5 ratings on play stores.
Another brilliant feature lets you prepare a task and auto-transfers a certain amount to the respected bank account. Recently, mobile merged with banks to issue debit cards to children; however, it would not let them withdraw cash. So, parents know where their child is spending and how much.

Final Words

If you are from the finance world or someone with a non-financial background - everyone should have fintech apps. It lets you have secure transactions in real-time, instant loans, personal finance, trading and investment, crowdfunding, equity, and many others. Every fintech mobile app has different features and provides something. You have to follow a few processes to make an app, and even after creating it, but in the end, it is all worth it. If you are a mobile app developer who wants to create a fintech mobile app, have basic and unique features to stand out among competitors.
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