Top 5 Tips To Developing A Knock-Out Mobile Application

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App building is no longer the complicated science that it used to be. Thanks to free courses you too can learn how to build your own apps today. Or better yet, outsource your app development to app developers around the world. 
Many people, especially business owners have often found themselves thinking about how best to market their products and services. If they have to compete online, they have probably thought about having a custom app designed. But what are the things you have to look out for? Well, first things first:

1. Define the App’s Purpose

You need to ask yourself if:
• You are creating the app to promote your existing business or,
• You want to make money from your app.
Creating an app to promote an existing business
If you are outsourcing this work, then all you will have to do is spend some time in the app store finding apps that you like. Send your logo, text, images, videos and any other material you deem necessary to the mobile app development company you have chosen to work with. The app developers you are working with will look at the material you have sent them and will consult with you on specifics before they begin working.
You want to make money from your app
If this is your goal regarding your application, then be prepared to spend anywhere from $500 to $1,000 buying your source code. Before you go out to buy the source code you will later re-skin, update and publish, you need to do a search in the app store to find out what’s trending. In this way, you can minimize your potential risk. Once you have settled on the kind of app you wish to create, you can discuss with your mobile app development company the feasibility of the project. Once you are happy with the research you can proceed to have the app developed.

2. Find out which apps are needed by people before you start your app development

Thorough market research into the kinds of apps already in the app store will save you time and money. You will also be able to see any potential gaps that exist in the market where you could come in with an app to solve the problem. Take your time doing your market research because this is probably one of the most important stages in app development. 
Study which apps are paid, free, top grossing, most popular etc. try and understand why they are the best, the top earners, paid and free. What are the marketing models employed by the apps? Where could the apps improve? As you take the time to think through all these questions you will find answers for your own app development

3. Android App vs iPhone App

This is a crucial one because the languages that are used to develop the app are different for both Android app development and iOS app development. Developing apps can get expensive very fast, so opt to develop one app first and test it out to see how it does before venturing out to try another app. 
If you know who your market demographic is, it will also help you on which apps to develop. In general Apple, apps have been more profitable over the years. However, Apple has recently tightened their app approval ratings, so in order for Apple to accept your app into the App Store, your app shouldn’t primarily just be a marketing app. 
If on the other hand, you want your app to simply promote your business, Android is the way to go. Apple apps take a long time to be reviewed and go live. With an Android app, however, within 30 minutes your app can be live. 

4. Free Apps vs. Paid Apps

A general rule of thumb is that if you have the ability, make two versions of your application – a paid version and a free version. This will give you the opportunity to see which app is bringing in the most revenue. After a few months of observation, you will be able to make a more definitive judgment about the performance of the apps. Make sure you add ad networks to your app. With time if you have the traffic you might also be able to consider in-app purchases.

4. Outsourcing someone to make the app vs. learning to make apps yourself

This is of course entirely dependent on individual preference. One thing to point out though is that if you intend to make this is a business model, then learning how to make your own apps might be the best way to go long term. There are numerous platforms that offer lessons and tutorials for free. Check udemy and edX courses.
If on the other hand, all you want is an app for your business, and you don’t want to go through the hassles of having to learn code then you can simply find a mobile app development company.

5. How Many Risks to Take

If you take the time to learn how to make and build apps you can save yourself a lot of money. As we have seen, buying source code can cost you upwards of $500. This is no small change for most people. Learning the basics of coding will allow you to learn how to build your own apps. The benefits of doing this include learning a new skill, learning the ins and outs of app development; you will learn what makes some apps successful and what makes others flop. With every new thing you learn, you increase your own chances of making apps that rake in a lot of money every month.
App development for business has the potential to bring you, new customers, sell products and build your brand. It is one of the most crucial marketing tools in this Digital Age. Failure to have a website and an app can make you lose hundreds of potential customers every month. The beauty of an app is that you pay for it once, but it pays you for a lifetime.
App development done in order to make money from the app can be a great income stream when done right. Chances are it will take you making a few apps first to make a substantial amount of money – but it is possible. It is better to develop several smaller apps that bring in monthly revenue, before deciding to embark on a journey to create your biggest app. This is the advice that the best app developers would give newbies. 

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