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Top 6 Mobile App Retention & User Engagement Techniques

App Development

Jan 2021
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top 6 mobile app retention and user engagement techniques
Mobile apps have become a crucial part of our lives, especially in the light of Covid-19 during the lockdown. Mobile apps have been used at their best, whether for grocery, food delivery, health, business, finance, or fun & entertainment. However, not every mobile app is a success. Many times, mobile apps are downloaded and then uninstalled after using them once or twice. As per stats, over 40% of users stop using the app after one month of using it regularly, while the percentage declines to only 10% after 6 months of the app launch. Eventually, only 4% of users continue using the app even after an entire year.
Mobile app retention is one of the most tedious tasks that need some critical measures. There's no point in developing a mobile app if no one is going to use it. The process of returning the users on the app is referred to as app retention. This blog will make it clear for you to understand various ways to retain your app users.
The stats mentioned above show clearly how businesses don't bother to retain app users after investing tons of dollars on app launch. The rate of downloading a mobile app is rising by the moment, while the app retention strategies are not seen anywhere.
With the rising mobile application development cost, every business must keep a budget to apply app retention techniques to gain maximum ROI.
Understanding Mobile App Engagement Metrics
The way various users engage with a mobile app makes you ascertain the app's success & failure. The higher the user engagement, the higher the app success &, the better is the completion of goals. Below are some primary app engagement metrics one must know:
Mobile App Downloads: The higher the no. of mobile app installs, the higher the no. of users for that mobile app that can be retained with many practices.
Active Users: It represents the users that use the mobile app daily.
Session Interval: It indicates the time between 2 sessions of using a mobile app.
Session Length: It indicates the time users are investing in using the mobile app.
Lifetime Revenue: It indicates the income accumulated from one user from the time he began using the app to stop.
Understanding the app engagement metrics can provide the businesses with a clear view of where they lack & where they serve the user needs. It also gives them a clear picture of their ROI and the intervals they require for app optimization for better retention.
Techniques for Improved App Retention & App Engagement
1. Group Analysis
group analysis
It is essential to retain app users and keep them engrossed for a longer duration. Figuring the app users' actions from the start can offer you a clear view of the app's best features and the ones that push them to quit using the app. Assessing the different actions of the cohort group within a time frame can help you retain them better.
2. Simple Onboarding
It is crucial to provide an efficient onboarding process to the mobile app users to get them back. Simplifying the mobile app onboarding should be one of the primary priorities of a business. The higher the difficulty the users face in using or registering with an app, the higher the chances of them abandoning that app. For example, the registration process should be easy for a 70-year-old to understand while the sign-up process is not over 3-4 steps.
Moreover, apps should offer to register with social media accounts. The mobile app designers can also provide a little feature education for the app users to understand the app's functionality, but it shouldn't deluge them in any way.
3. Using Push Notifications
Mobile apps use push notifications to provide timely info to the app users, thus adding to the retention rate. The app must offer push notifications whenever needed to the user as a welcoming method to the app platform, providing them the relevant information, taking surveys, & more. They can also be used to involve the users that have ceased using the app altogether. One must ensure that the push notifications should be offered instantly, and they must be personalized as per the user's behavioral activity on the app. Besides, sending several notifications can be a turn-off for the users, so one must ensure not to deluge the users.
4. Using In-App Messages
In-app messages are one of the most helpful techniques of user engagement & app retention. Most mobile apps with the highest user retention & engagement send out timely and significant in-app messages to keep the users in the loop. Besides providing a better UI/UX, sending out critical in-app messages like payment approval, denial, order delivery, an order placed, requesting feedback, and more can help the apps retain the users while boosting the engagement tenfold.
5. Customized User Experience
Another way of retaining & engaging users on an app is to provide them a customized in-app experience based on their app store history, location, and more. The customization can be static or dynamic based on the app budget needs. The developer must note that the customization doesn't cloak the security terms & conditions. Besides, customization tactics even include sending them an email on product stocks, card abandonment, and more.
6. Rewards & Credits
rewards and credits
Offering rewards & credits to loyal clients is one of the best ways to retain app users. This is beneficial for eCommerce apps that can provide bonuses, discount coupons, credits, and more to their users to boost overall app engagement and get better revenues. Providing the user's benefits for sign-ups & referrals is another technique to promote retention and engagement.
Final Words
Since building a mobile app needs several costs and efforts, moving the retention curve up must be one of the top priorities of a business while determining the development path. An organization that can retain and engage significant users over their mobile or web app can eventually increase its overall revenue. The ultimate goal is to convert the users to long-term customers, and a personalized engagement & retention strategy can help companies get there.
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