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Top 6 Plant Identification Mobile Apps For Plant Lovers

App Development

Aug 2021
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top 6 plant identification mobile apps for plant lovers
Cultivating a plant is quite essential for the world. We may overlook climate change, but sooner or later, it will affect everyone's life. Thanks to the mobile plant app, which helps us to grow the plant. Every year mobile application development companies bring something which encourages us to know or understand about the plants.
Planting is not just about giving water to them daily, but it is more than that. Several people who love plants spend a lot of time on the internet seeking knowledge about plants. However, mobile app developers came with a great plant identification app that provides everything in one app. It is available on iOS and Android platforms - some are free, whereas some are pay versions.
Whether you want to garden them in-house or cultivate them on the big farm or solely desire to learn about them - we have compiled the list of everything you need to know.

Following are the best plant identification apps you are looking for:


The name itself explains the characteristics. PictureThis app is a known plant identifier mobile app. The first seven days are free to use this app, but it later started deducting and became a pay version app. The plant identifier app has a broader audience, and for them, they have more than 27 million plants. It can perform through the user's photo given, and most of the time: it is accurate. The objective of this app is that they apply Artificial Intelligence to find plants.
It provides all types of information such as which plant is this, how many times they need water pouring, they need pest control, how to cut or remove them. In the free trial of 7 days, you can see if the app is suitable for you or not. PlantThis has a large fan following; why do not you try it and tell us?

Smart Plant Home

It is pretty perfect for the ones who want things to be the plan. The Smart Plant Home is an app that optimizes taking care of plants. If something is wrong with your plants, Smart Plant Home is here for you. The plant identifier mobile app has a feature where you can send a picture of your plant to an expert team to know what is wrong. The experienced team will identify the plant problem and tell you how to grow it and its solution.
It is powered by advanced technology - so you can contact experts 24/7. The photo will tell you what should not be done and what type of pest is required. They will tell you every bit of element which is affecting the health of your plants. To find alternatives and receive great information. You can access it from Android and iOS platforms.
best plant identification apps


This app is initiative by the National Geographic Society and the California Academy of Sciences. iNaturalist is AI-powered to help solve the issues of plants and wildlife. The plant identifier mobile app is a social network community for naturalists to record and share what they want about the plants. In addition, they have a database where you can drop your query. Both iOS and Android can use it.
It is the social network where plant lovers, Gardner, and others share their observations and knowledge. It is beneficial for taking care of plants and identifying diseases. The community is overwhelming and will suggest to you every small detail regarding the planting.


Are you someone who loves to see plants? PlantNet app is for you. The plant identifier mobile app has a broader range of photos. It could be from anywhere and anything. It is a user-friendly and good app to experience. Like others, you can recognize plants by sending images of them. The plant identifier app shares valuable knowledge, so do not miss it. 
The outcome is accurate and reliable. The plant identifier app is free to use and has a group where there are over one million images in projects. They claim to form new species and images every day.


PlantSnap is a big help for the one who wants to obtain plants and take care of them. It is free to use and provides digital interference to people. However, the mobile app is not available on iOS, and you need to pay $3.99. The app is famous; hence, 30 languages are in-built. This mobile app has a photo placement that allows you to check plants. 
The PlantSnap enables you to identify the right one and save it. Moreover, it allows you to crop your photo and saves it automatically. The plant identifier app has two versions - free and premium; experts claim that the premium version is the best for plant lovers. They said that plant lovers could operate more and learn about the plants with fewer ads. The mobile has already worked on 50,000 species. With a broader library, you can browse more.

Garden Compass

Garden Compass is only available on the iOS platform. The plant identifier app is your reminder buddy who helps you to achieve the task in the garden. The user can place their plant in a project name digital care calendar. The plant identifier mobile app will give valuable advice and suggestions regarding the plants.
It has two versions - one is free with limited options and the premium one with unlimited possibilities. The plant identifier app is famous among the experts in the Apple store. You can access knowledge about gardening from all over the world. Even if it's a minor issue, Garden Compass is ready to help. The plant identifier mobile app gives efficient speed and accurate results.

Final Words

We know it takes a lot of effort to grow a plant, provide them with care, and many other factors. Therefore, the compiled list will help you to do all that. Now, it has become essential to have a mobile app by android app development companies that offers planting and gardening advice.
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