Top 7 Untapped Mobile App Monetization Strategies In India

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Monetization is a very crucial accept in mobile application development. Almost every brand creates a mobile app to make a profit or promote their business. Although there are some common monetization strategies recommended by app developers in India, some other strategies are untapped.

1. Sponsors and Partnerships:
If you can get into partnership with other brands, you stand a good chance of making a lot of money. What you have to do is to find a partner with a customer base is similar to your target market. You need a partner who can realistically add something unique to your user experience.

2. Creating Strong Code:
If you successfully create your code from the bases to the top and it works well, a lot of brands may reach out to your offering to reskin your app. If you agree to sell the license of your code, it will be used by other mobile app developers. You will make more money without interrupting your user experiences.

3. In-App Purchases:
The mobile apps with the highest number of downloads are unpaid. However, this does not mean the users do not have the chance to spend money while using the app and that the owner does not make money from the app. In-app purchases will bring in a lot of money. They download the app for free, and they stumble upon various offers while using the app.

4. SMS Marketing:
When you are using the in-app prompts which is similar to the prompts you see when you receive am email, you can decide to send your notification straight into the inboxes of your users. This marketing strategy is an effective way of strengthening your brand. This is because users will be driven back to your app. The method is effective in improving engagement. So if you desire to engage your users, even more, the SMS marketing style is your best bet.

5. Free/Premium Versions:
As stated earlier, “freemium” apps cost nothing at all to download but do include in-app purchases that make a big chunk of money for the app owner. Just make sure your app offers a complete and satisfying experience.

6. Strong Content Strategies:
One of the most ideal and precise methods of converting new users is by constantly refreshing the contents of your app. If you're a business owner who had a domain specific mobile app, you can enjoy the benefits of using strong content strategies to monetize your apps. If your business has a blog, for instance, you should make the latest post of the blog available to users through your app. Also, if you have interesting News stories, you need to ensure the News is constantly up to date.

7. Unique Payment Strategy for Subscribers:
If you constantly keep your content up to date, you should consider creating a service that allows regular visitors subscribe to it for a reasonable fee. With that, all your users will be billed on a monthly or quarterly basis once they log in and accept the payment terms. Talk to your mobile app development company today.


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