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Top 9 Flashlight Apps To Enhance Lighting

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Sep 2021
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top 9 flashlight apps to enhance lighting
Imagine you are in a dark place, and you want to find something? What's the first thing you will do? You will start your flashlight on your mobile device. That is the first, and only one can think of - hence, it proves the importance of flashlight matters in our lives.
Sometimes a standard flashlight is not sufficient and you want more. Well, we have the solution for that also, and it flashlight apps. There are plenty of flashlight apps for Android and iOS devices. Today, we will focus on flashlight apps for Android devices. The mobile app development started considering flashlight apps and its feature.

The List of Best Flashlight Apps for Android Devices:

1) Flashlight: LED Light

If you are looking for an Android app to set your device into a bright flashlight instantly, you must give Flashlight: LED Light a chance. The flashlight has one of the most astonishing user interfaces; it attracts users and displays clean and smooth. Indeed it will give competition to the original flashlight. Their unusual feature is a strobe mode with a fine-tuned frequency controller, SOS signal, and more.

2) FlashOnCall PRO 2020

As the number suggests, it is the pro version - but the best part is free. It is like iPhone style, which was used by them only but not anymore; apparently, FlashOnCall PRO enables the camera to flash. Thus, it can have flash notifications for SMS, calls, video calls, and many others. Moreover, you can have one of the brightest and fastest flash alerts for notification - thus, whenever you get any notifications on the silent mode, you will come to know with a flashlight. Remember, once getting a call and a flashlight appears a trend - yes, that is the one. Furthermore, you have the power to customize as per your convenience - like whenever you want to turn on or turn off.

3) Brightest Flashlight

One of the reasons why people prefer to choose such apps is because of brightness. The brightest flashlight is perfect because it provides a bright flashlight - they utilized the LED flash for the mobile phone's camera. Nevertheless, this mobile application will obtain the light developing out of the camera's LED flash more radiant. Hence, Brightest Flashlight will apply the LED flash role that is already on your smartphone camera.
Not just that only, it provides a torch in your backlight of keyboard and main screen to offer you maximum brightness. It is free to use and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in the Google play store. You can switch it on or off as per your choice in Brightest Flashlight.

4) Color Flashlight

One of the most famous flashlight mobile applications in Android is Color Flashlight. It gives various types of color flashlights, which makes them different from others. Other extraordinary features are emergency, customization, and many more. You can form a pattern in different colors. However, you can utilize LED on the back of the device or the screen. The mobile apps are completely free, but few ads will keep pop up now and then.
best flashlight apps for android devices

5) Flashlight Free

As the name implies, it is a free flashlight app - that is also one of the Best Flashlight Apps for Android. It is a simple classic flashlight with no other extra flashlight. So, why choose it? Because of its performance. It gives you the perfect torch for what users are looking for it. They have two versions: free and paid in-app purchases. So, if you are seeking more from the flashlight, do check out their paid version.

6) Icon Torch - Flashlight

If you are not looking for a flashlight all the time - try Icon Torch. It is a free Android flashlight app that empowers you to use the flashlight needed whenever you require it. Hence, you do not need to go to the flashlights. All you have to do is click on the icon, and it will start the flashlight directly. Hence, you do not have to deal with other extra things, that also includes advertisements. Furthermore, this application ensures a flashlight illumination that is polished enough for a flashlight.

7) White Light Flashlight

Do you not want something extra? Okay, try White Light Flashlight. It is an open-source, simple flashlight app. It is a white and clear mobile app for Android users, and it is free to use. No extra ads or unnecessary permission are there - so you can utilize it seamlessly. Just switch on the flashlight with a single click, and you are ready to go.

8) Tiny Flashlight

Are you worrying that the app consumes a lot of space in your mobile app? It is a tiny mobile application with a smaller size. So, you do not have to worry about the mobile app takes a lot of space in your smartphone. It is pretty famous in the list of flashlight app. It might be tiny - but it works efficiently like any other application. It is free to use the app, though there will be few ads - it is manageable. It contains features like plugins and customization. Even they have the option of lock, so if you want not everyone to use it - you can lock it and make it exclusively.

9) Flashlight Widget

The last on the list is Flashlight Widget. It is free for use and has some valuable features. The mobile app is simple for users and one of the best options you can come across. It has a widget - which you do not find in every flashlight mobile apps. You can download the flashlight widget free from Google Play Store and no other extra features. It is merely for the usage of a torch or flashlight.

Final Words

Those were the best flashlights apps for Android; it is pretty beneficial and efficient for every user. If you are bored of your old standard flashlight and want to try something else - then you should give a chance to these apps.
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