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12 Top AI Apps for iPhone to Boost Your Living

App Development

Apr 2024
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top ai apps for iphone

This article provides learning of the top 12 AI apps for iPhone that revolutionize everyday living, from photo editing to personal finance management. With these innovative applications, users can experience unparalleled functionality and usability, thanks to leading iPhone app development companies. Whether enhancing photos, transcribing meetings, or learning languages, these apps showcase the transformative power of AI on the iPhone platform.


Does your iPhone have the best AI apps? AI apps make your iPhone the real smartphone by adding extra smartness. AI apps can give you special features for all your needs. For the AI app development company, creating perfect AI apps for iPhones is necessary to provide the best experience to iPhone users. Now, you must be thinking of how AI apps are different from traditional apps.

These apps transform the way we use technology, from photo editing to managing personal finances. Thanks to the top iPhone app development company, you can have AI-powered apps that offer unmatched usability and functionality.

In this article, you will learn about the 12 amazing AI apps for iPhones that provide you with the best smartphone experience. Let’s have a look at the best AI apps for iPhones.

12 Top AI Apps for iPhone in 2024

1) Lensa

Lensa AI is an app for photo editing. With this AI app, iPhone users can create videos, and add special effects to images. There is a feature that allows you to create avatar characters in different styles.

Its range of various features and editing styles make it a popular image-editing tool for the everyday consumer. Lensa AI is considered the best AI editing tool for iOS.

Download now: iPhone

2) Otter AI

Meetings, lectures, and brainstorming sessions can get complex with too much information. But with Otter.ai, you can relax and let it transcribe everything accurately in real-time. No need to worry about missing important points or rushing to take notes. Just sit back, listen, and let Otter do the work for you.

Plus, you can easily find specific information later by searching for keywords in the transcripts. Say goodbye to the stress of keeping up with notes and hello to smooth, efficient meetings and sessions! Otter AI is the best creation with efficient iPhone app development.

Download now: iPhone

3) ChatGPT

Open AI’s ChatGPT is one of the top AI apps in the world. It is the best tool to generate text and original content based on the instructions. This app on iOS devices helps users to write emails and text. In its first month of operation, the ChatGPT achieved 57 million monthly active users.

With ChatGPT, one can have the best content in seconds. It saves time and also creates the best content that fulfills your content needs. You can also use it to get information and simplify complex text. With this text-generating tool, you can have a complete content solution on your iPhone.

Download now: iPhone

4) Rizz AI

The AI-powered dating app is a real blessing to all people finding the perfect match for them. RIZZ AI checks out your dating profile and messages, giving you personalized feedback on how effective, clear, and engaging they are.

With RIZZ AI, you can chat with confidence, knowing you're making a great impression. No more wondering if your messages hit the mark, you've got a digital wingman to help you out.

Download now: iPhone

5) Elsa

ELSA, a conversational AI app, specializes in English language learning for schools and businesses. It offers users an AI coach that tracks speech patterns and pronunciation progress. Using AI, ELSA tailors curricula to individual performance and behavior. Accessible on iOS and Google platforms, ELSA provides a personalized and efficient learning experience.

Download now: iPhone

6) Grammarly

Grammatical errors and misspellings in the emails and other important text are terrible. But, what if the AI tool helps you to correct your grammar and spelling mistakes accurately? Grammarly is an efficient app that helps you write smooth and accurate emails and texts through your iPhone.

Download now: iPhone

7) Google Assistant

Having a personal assistant who is always available at your service gives a premium feeling. Google Assistant on your iPhone provides you with this experience. You can smartly use a search engine with the voice command.

You just need to ask for the song and it plays it automatically. With Google Assistant, you get an AI assistant that supports you by providing the best results available on the internet.

Download now: iPhone

8) Luma AI

Luma AI app is a photo editing app. It's not just about filters, this AI-powered picture editor offers advanced features for portrait enhancement, lighting adjustments, and precise object removal. With Luma, you can have your photo editor in your pocket, ready to turn ordinary shots into visually stunning masterpieces.

Download now: iPhone

9) Notion

If you are feeling swamped by scattered thoughts, lists, and to-dos then Notion is there to help you. It is your all-in-one organizational powerhouse. Seamlessly link information across projects set reminders, and design personalized workspaces for ultimate efficiency.

Harnessing Notion's AI capabilities, like smart recommendations and automatic task prioritization, staying on track has never been simpler. Have a streamlined project with the help of Notion.

Download now: iPhone

10) Remini

In a world where memories fade, pictures endure. Remini's AI image restoration technology works wonders on damaged, grainy, or blurry photographs, bringing them back to stunning clarity.

With Remini, you can relive special moments with breathtaking detail, from the sparkle in your grandparents' eyes to cherished childhood snapshots. Don't let time dull your memories, let Remini revive them in all their glory.

Download now: iPhone

11) Replica

If you are bored of chatting with toxic humans, you can chat with virtual friends who feel like a human. The Replica is the conversational AI that chats with you like a human. You can customize it as your mentor, friend, or even a romantic companion. You can also share moments with your Replika using augmented reality, making interactions even more immersive.

Download now: iPhone

12) Cleo

Cleo is your AI buddy for managing personal finances. With Cleo, you can handle budgeting, saving, steering clear of certain expenses, and even borrowing money. But here's the fun part, Cleo adds a dash of personality to your financial journey. You can choose to be playfully "roasted" or "hyped" for your spending habits and how they match up with your goals. For iOS users, Cleo makes finance management a bit more entertaining and a lot more personalized.

Download now: iPhone


AI apps are the real booster for iPhone apps. These 12 AI apps give a clear idea about which AI app suits better for iPhones. For the best AI apps, hire iPhone app developers who are experienced with AI technology and development. Along with an AI-featured app, you can provide the best iPhone experience.

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