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Top DevOps Skills You Must Have In 2023


Apr 2022
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top devops skills you must have in 2023
I am going to go out on a limb here and say something that might make you feel uneasy. Are you sure you are cool with it?
Well, you still reading this article so it must mean that you have no qualms about it. Are you ready?
Ok, here goes nothing:
No one completely understands DevOps.
Before you come at me with pitchforks and shovels, I need you just listen to me.
In this article we are going to focus on:
  • What Is DevOps?
  • What Are the Functions of DevOps?
  • What Are the Benefits of DevOps?
  • What Are the Must Have Skills In DevOps?
So, let us get going, shall we:

What Is DevOps?

I just said earlier, "DevOps is, like you artsy friend. No one truly gets it.” Do you remember? Of course, you do, I just said it.
Well, that is because DevOps is more akin to a “philosophy”. It doesn't feel like a tool sometimes. The good thing about philosophy is that its ideas can be broken down and shared with everyone.
The bad thing about philosophy is that it’s not objective at all. In philosophy, what is happiness for you might not be a pleasure for me, yada-yada, you get the point.
But DevOps completely subverts it.
This is because DevOps here acts as a guiding manual for engineers. It allows an organization to prioritize the people over process and all other jargon. It is all about simplifying the process to its smallest level and then improving upon it.
This is the guiding philosophy of DevOps.
Communication and collaboration are the two key features of DevOps. And it was here to take over old ways of development.
We have discussed DevOps before in another article as well!  But I can't share it with you as to when I did before, our overlords did really like it, so I'll paraphrase them.
I’ll quote it for you:
Back in the time of 2007, the software world was different. The work was scattered around all the departments. This meant that as a developer, you will only work on the coding. Now it might seem awesome for a social anxiety-filled guy like you to not talk to anyone, but this led to a team in-efficiency.
This is what DevOps tries to fix. And the best part is, in many ways, it’s a smashing success.
“Wow, man! This DevOps approach looks like an awesome thing my dude, but like. But  what are its functions?”

What Are the Functions of DevOps?

Like I had said before, DevOps is a means to an end. So, there are no complex functions of DevOps. In its simplest form, DevOps’s main function is to help the team get results fast, in shorter cycles, more efficiently, and provide high-quality software.
“This is amazing! What are a few benefits of adopting the DevOps model?”

What Are the Benefits of DevOps?

In a way, DevOps allows its developers and engineers to:
- Automate the process
- Workaround the problems faster
- Consistently be able to deliver high-quality results
- Work in a more divergent yet efficient way
- Provide consistent and fast solutions to the incoming problem
DevOps allows its engineers to work at a faster pace while multitasking without sacrificing its quality.
“Alright, I see where this is going, but now let’s come to the point. What according to you, are some of the must have skills for DevOps?”

What Are the Must Have Skills In DevOps?

Now we are coming to the crux of the matter. Before we even start, you have to see that development in 2023 is a lot different than how it was in 2012. Back then the reasons were different, the requirements were different and the skills were different.
So, let’s hit the bat with our DevOps skill, shall we:

1) Coding Skills:

Come on. You knew it. This had to be the topmost skill. And you know what? Is it even possible to become a developer in today’s time without learning Coding and scripting? Comment down below and let’s discuss it.
Needless to say, here’s a list of programming languages that you need to learn include:
Python, Java, PHP, and shell.

2) Cloud Skills:

Collaboration is at the core of DevOps. So being proficient in Cloud is a must-have. This allows the team to work together and find out the fault lines and the weakest links that need to be fixed.
And obviously, this goes hand in hand with.

3) Communication As Well As Collaboration Skills

Does anyone here remember Power Rangers? In every episode they would fight a monster and then the monster will get bigger and they will then call on the Mega-Zord and win the day. The key piece of advice here is that they would openly communicate with each other.
This is exactly how DevOps work.
To get the best results, you have to be a member of a team. Your team is a well-oiled million-dollar race car. And as every part of a racecar is crucial, so is your team.

4) Pro-activity And (e) Customer-focused Approach

These two points can be separated, but there is a reason I didn’t do it. That’s because Proactivity and a customer-focused approach go hand in hand. You see, at the end of any business, customer satisfaction will be the key to your success.
But in today’s time, customers don’t just want to be satisfied. They need to be WOW’ed. And the only way you do it is by making sure that your team members are proactively working towards the end goal.


Now that I have finished my article, you can please impale me with your pitchforks that you have kept down as I do not have a single idea how to end this article. So, here’s the common rhetoric.
Thank you for your time. If you’d like to read our other articles then you can find them here.
We will see you at the next one.
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