Top Mobile Applications for Internet Marketers In 2020

top mobile apps for internet marketers
Internet marketing is an activity for people with strong nerves and a desire to constantly keep themselves in good shape. The rapid change in trends, the emergence of new chips, tools are a lot of reasons for stress.
However, those who love their job, from such a set of attitudes are only inspired. One of the secrets is mobile app development for internet marketers. We talk about them in the article. Here are some of the mobile applications that are very helpful for internet marketers:
Upgrade social networks

1. Postponed Posting
Without deferred posting services, 70% of SMMs would have already burned out from confusion and endless copy-paste for various social accounts.
With Buffer, you can configure posting on several social networks:
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Twitter
- Google+
- Pinterest
The application has conveniently built-in analytics for each social network. Buffer interface is intuitive. An alternative to Buffer is the Hootsuite Pending Posting Application.
2. Targeted advertising
targeted advertising
Controlling Facebook ads on your smartphone is a great way to quickly get information. The service “Advertising Manager on Facebook” allows you to not only track the progress of an advertising company but also create new campaigns using easy individual settings.
You can create Facebook ads in three steps:
- Select publication
- Target audience
- Define budget and delivery schedules
Organize a working day

3. Time Management Assistants
Marketers always have a lot of tasks for different projects and with different tools developed by top app development companies, they can find solace. Somewhere it is necessary to approve the design, somewhere to check the statistics of contextual advertising, or even worse - to agree on a plan for the annual development of the company.
In order not to forget anything and do everything at least a day later than the deadline, we came up with Evernote and Trello and a dozen similar applications.
Create task lists for the day, week, month. All this can be structured into separate “notebooks”, as well as attach photos and audio recordings.
You can draw up task lists with bulleted lists to mark what you have already done.
Marketers also benefit from the service by the ability to create a separate notebook for useful links to read useful articles in their free time.
The functions of Trello are similar to the functions of the previous application, moreover, with its help, you can control the team.
Structurally, the service consists of “cards” with tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines. In many companies, Trello is used precisely as task management - your team can easily see current tasks and complete them.
For those who work with graphics

4. Photo editor
Marketers do not always have the time or ability to process an image or photo in Photoshop or Lightroom, and the task requires it.
Adobe Photoshop Express solves this problem. About 20 filters and tools are available in the application - it is suitable for express post.
5. Image Search
Quickly picking a high-quality picture is another task of internet marketers. And if on the desktop, we have a large number of photo stocks, then it is inconvenient to do this from the phone.
Using the Flickr application, you can select an image for your purposes in high quality and quickly upload it to your smartphone.
Are you developing?

6. What is in the trend
Marketing blogs and newsletters is a good thing, and even from a smartphone, you can read them. However, the Telegram messenger offered an improved option for obtaining knowledge. In addition to the usual functions of online communication, the application allows you to conduct channels. Useful information is provided in the form of messages or links.
Respond quickly
7. For SEO and PPC
The indispensable Google Analytics for monitoring advertising campaigns is also available on your phone. When you need to quickly check the data - the application is at your service.
Another useful service is Brand24. It helps to collect company mentions in social networks, blogs, and media.
8. Email Marketing
email marketing
An essential tool for internet marketers is also available on your smartphone!
If you use MailChimp, then using its smart counterpart, you can replenish the database with leads and receive reports.
And with the optional Mailchimp Snap app, you can even create a mailing campaign.
Not just for marketers

9. Slack
The corporate messenger has already captured more than a dozen companies. This is useful not only for internet marketers but also for app developers.
10. For inspiration
Applications for marketers are not only convenience and professional growth - without inspiration anywhere, but the need to take a breath and turn your attention is huge.
Therefore, you can download various apps that allow you to access TED talks and keep you motivated.
Creating applications for Android or iOS has made life easier not only for marketers but for hundreds of other people. Use them for work, inspiration, planning or entertainment - the choice is yours.
If you want to implement a new application for marketers - contact top mobile app development companies.

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