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Top Mobile Apps Built Using Angular Frameworks That Sets Example For Us

App Development

May 2021
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top mobile apps built using angular frameworks that sets example for us
Mobile apps have several frameworks to build the best apps, and one of them is Angular. Of course, where Google is involved, it has to be the best. Angular is a fantastic framework for developing rich and efficient single-page web apps. This framework has gained momentum recently despite the arrival of newer frameworks; its popularity hasn't slowed down.
This blog will focus on some of the best features of Angular that entail incredible mobile apps and a seamless user experience. We will list down some famous apps that are developed using Angularjs. Angular apps have a vast scope and are diverse in functionality. Angular apps are robust as they are versatile and offer super-fast loading and top-notch performance & UI/UX.
Topics to Cover;
- Introduction To Angular
- Critical Features Of Angular You Should Be Aware Of
- Most Popular Apps Created With Angular Framework 
- Final Thoughts
Introduction To Angular
AngularJS is preserved by Google and is a framework for building robust web apps. This open-source JavaScript framework aims to improve web-based apps with MVC capability. This makes it quicker to develop and test. This open-source framework allows you to expand HTML vocab & syntax to express your apps concisely and clearly.
AngularJS was developed by Google in 2010, making it one of the oldest app development frameworks. In 2016, Google released a totally new version of AngularJS, and since then, it is known as Angular.
Critical Features Of Angular You Should Be Aware Of
critical features of angular you should  be aware of
Some of Angular's features are unique and handy that app developers still choose this framework for app development. Let's have a look!
1. Low Code
This can be one of the best things, as no developer would like to write extended codes to get the job done. That's why developers prefer this framework. Angular reduces the coding not having to code separately to connect MVC components than several other front-end technologies.
2. Model-view-controller Architecture
Angular is developed on MVC architecture. The app data is controlled by the Model, while the view component controls the data display. The controller's job is to coordinate the two. MVC architecture enables app developers to divide the app and script code to connect them.
3. Command Line Interface (CLI)
This is one of the top CLI's in the industry providing advanced features that reduce JavaScript fatigue and automates the development processes. This framework helps developers avoid installation and configuration of all dependencies.
4. Component Development Kit (CDK)
This is a top front-end language that has been enhancing its CDK with the upgrades. The leading features of the latest Angular CDK are virtual scrolling and refreshing. Virtual scrolling enables better loading & unloading of DOM elements to build a massive list of high-performing data.
5. TypeScript
This one offers a smooth experience to app developers and is the top choice for front-end development. It's super-efficient in detecting bugs and reducing development time. This feature naturally populates the root file configuration for easy compilation.
6. Directives
This is the most challenging feature. You can make custom HTML tags serving as custom widgets using directives. App developers also use this feature to embellish behavior-driven elements.
7. 2-Way Data Binding
This feature notably reduces the app development time as the Model & the View layer are in absolute sync. Any modifications you make to the Model layer are quickly reflected in the View. This enables you to make alterations easily.
Most Popular Apps Created With Angular Framework
most popular apps created with angular framework
1. Microsoft Office
You must have probably used this app. This app offers free access to all prime apps like Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. Angular makes all these functionalities easily accessible to all the primary OS like iOS, Android, and Windows.
2. PayPal - Money App & eWallet
PayPal has taken the international payment-making system by storm. This app offers extreme user security and enables online payments with only an email address. You don't require to reveal anything more to the payer.
This app has over 300 users and can handle transactions with high-level security. Angular tech makes this possible with its improved integration functionalities. PayPal is popular today due to its quick, seamless, and secure checkout processes.
3. YouTube TV - Watch & Record Live TV
Launched by Google in 2017, it provides reasonable access to several live programmers to its users. YouTube TV is available on Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One, Fire TV, and more. This platform offers live streaming content and allows users to record unlimited content with unlimited storage for up to 9 months.
4. Gmail - Secure, Fast, & Organized Email App
This is the world's most used email service that picked Angular to build a mobile app. Gmail's robust and subtle features are all blessings of the Angular framework. This app has a straightforward UI, fast loading times, can be used offline, and a smooth user experience.
5. Forbes Magazine App
Forbes, the name itself demands quality. And Angular helps Forbes deliver that quality. This magazine is over 100 years old now and has well-managed to put its claws on print as well as digital media. It guarantees that its digital magazines look as stunning as printed copies. The Angular framework ensures that the digital cover looks incredible on mobile apps, web apps, and desktops.
Final Thoughts
After looking at these 5 examples of world-famous apps, you know what should be your choice when it comes to developing top-notch apps. Of course, it depends upon the requirements, and there are several factors to consider, but you know opting for the Angular framework will be an excellent choice for delivering a phenomenal mobile app experience to your users.
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