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Top Mobile Apps For Memory & Focus Enhancement

App Development

Nov 2020
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top mobile apps for memory & focus enhancement
Gone are the days when we used to sit with a pen and paper to solve crossword or Sudoku puzzles with your friend during the class. All of us have played such games in our youth but may not be playing it anymore. The truth is that such games are beneficial in sharpening your memory and focus. They can enhance your cognitive skills and give you a new brain workout.
On average, around 70k thoughts pass through our minds every day. Growing older, the number grows evermore, and our mental power lessens. Hence, it is necessary to give some exercise to our brain and keep it fit for daily tasks. And the rise of the smartphone and mobile apps by top app developers 2020 have made these exercises easier than ever.
Today, numerous mobile apps enhance memory and cognitive performance. However, which ones to choose? From the bucket of mobile apps, we have come up with the best ones out there to sharpen your memory and cognitive skills.
Best Apps To Train Your Brain
1. Lumosity
Lumosity can be quite a challenge for your brain & memory power due to letters and numbers. Each session has 3 different games that are continuously changing at random, which make your brain function.
Lumosity tests your brain with various challenges that enhance your speed of solving problems and logical thinking simultaneously. Many game modes are meticulously designed to test and offer you ideas of strengths and weaknesses. These challenges keep on increasing, and each day comes up with ideas to function your brain.
2. Fit Brains Trainer
This mobile app provides you with a more flexible approach to mental exercise. This app focuses more on different parts of the brain rather than the traditional format. Moreover, several mechanisms urge you to finish everyday challenges and have a healthy mind. Multiple categories are represented by different colors, tracking your growth.
The game is free to use and doesn't highlight any intrusive ads. It is recommended for people who want to remember certain aspects better, like storylines or words.
Games such as a sum of nos., finding associative principles, and passing halves of the circles will take you on the different sides of brain training.
3. Elevate
This mind game app is based on speaking, reading, writing, and solving math puzzles. Solving these challenges will put you in a better and confident position.
You should know that this app won the title of the best app of the year in 2014 for iOS. Elevate encourages brain training with over 40 minigames. Each game has been designed to increase various skills, including math, speaking, and memory skills.
The app will give you a daily, weekly, or monthly report of your progress and your comparison with other users if requested. The basic version of Elevate is free for Android and iOS both.
4. Peak
Peak makes your brain reach its peak with 40 unique games, and each one is built with the help of neuroscientists. These games are created to push you to challenge you with brief, intense exercises designed revolving around your life. Peak boosts your skills with minigames that test your memory, focus, mental agility, problem-solving, and more.
Peak offers a personalized plan to train your brain, referred to as Coach. This feature will challenge you with new workouts, track your performance, and keep you motivated.
5. CogniFit Brain Fitness
The concept of this app is what makes it different from most other apps. A team of neuroscientists put in a lot of effort to design a game that improves cognitive performance, irrespective of the situation. This app has various modes, including one which puts you against your friends. Every statistic is tracked, giving you a summary of your performance.
Playing this game for 15 minutes each day can enhance your problem-solving skills. This game isn't free to use, though; it demands $13/month.
6. Clockwork Brain
Several memory-improvement games highlight a modern, futuristic design. Clockwork Brain is your app if you're looking for a change in that department. Clockwork Brain has a traditional design and contains several modes and games, structured like an old factory workshop. This smart idea is conducted to perfection, delivering us a refreshing take on mobile games to enhance memory.
7. Sudoku
Sudoku app is the best way to get your brain working. It is a pleasant way to pass the time. Tons of puzzles can be discovered with this mind game app's help, and the experience is indeed higher than a pen and paper. You can also find hints, auto-check, and duplicates to help you when you get stuck with a puzzle. You can even check out the daily stats if you think you are making progress.
8. Happify
This app is meant to improve your outlook when faced with a life-oriented problem. This mobile app also has many options for enhancing overall well-being and battling stress. The Gratitude journey is a wonderful feature of the app where you are asked to write the top 5 things you are grateful for.
This app improves your mental state and viewpoint towards life. This makes it an excellent choice for people who feel overwhelmed and stressed. And yes, it's totally free!
9. Eidetic
This app has a unique approach to mental exercises. This app lets you remember numbers, facts, and information vital to you. Custom exercises are born by inputting the phone numbers and other details you choose. Spaced repetition lets you improve memory and develop it from the ground up.
10. Brain Trainer
This game has several sets of games that are built for different areas of the brain. Left vs. right mind, recognition, colors, memory power, math skills, concentration, multiplying, and quick search are some of the genres you can choose to play the mind games from. You will love the stunning colors and interface of the app that absolutely improves the mood.
This blog has listed down some of the best mind training apps are available on both iOS and Android, and you can enrich your brain with better cognitive skills. You will undoubtedly see your work and education progress skyrocket with these apps. Use them for your mental health benefits and feel the difference.
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