Trends For 2018 Social Media Marketing Where Email Can Be Used

social media trends 2018
Many “experts” have been claiming that email marketing is dead in the age of social media and smartphones. A quick look at what any good mobile app development company is doing to include email in smart marketing will show you just how live email is.
App development companies have understood that many clients prefer email as the method of communication. Some clients prefer this method as the first contact point for new products. The idea is and always has been to cater to the desires of as many clients as possible to make the most sales.
The following are presently expected to be the trends in 2018 that social media will follow according to the best analytical minds. Some of these new trends fit email marketing very easily and some will take a bit more effort from your mobile app development company.
All social media platforms are using greater numbers of filters to produce a more active and personal engagement on the part of the client or potential client. Engagement with the filtering process creates a community. The sense of community depends on how well that marketing develops the community.
One possibility is something like an Android app development that looks for people who prefer email marketing. These people like email to make the deal even though they use social media. The filter finds them for you.
One of the advantages of filters is that Google already does some of the filtering for you so your mobile app development company does not have to do it all or charge you as much.
Filters keep people talking about you and your company’s products. This is targeted marketing taken to a smaller target level.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay. The most masterful use of AI to date has been done by Google. You cannot fight Google. You have to obey if you want your website, social media pages, and marketing to be at the top of searches.
Artificial intelligence gives Google more opportunity to find fault with you and demote you. You get a better chance at finding clients that fit your business if you play the game as directed. Google knows if you are looking for email clients. Violations of Google’s email rules can kill your email business.
Personalized content
Everything you do, write, or look at on your phone or portable will become a part of your digital profile. This information collected by AI of all kinds has become the basis of personalized ad campaigns. Connecting personalized social media to email alerts is a simple and very effective way to get attention to sales and new products.
Short video
Videos are getting shorter on social media and on TV ads. There are two driving forces. These are costs and the impact of a shorter attention span after 10 years of cell phone ads. Your ads have to be smarter, clearer, and more precise to get people to notice you.
The same idea goes for videos on social media sites. Shorter is better. Short means you have to pack the video with information that makes people want to know more.
Do the smart thing and add your new video to your email campaign. Give your email clients an option to view or not to view. This little courtesy creates curiosity. Short video shows respect for your customer’s time.
Expiring content
You have to keep things fresh. Expiring content is one way to do this on all of your network marketing sites. Expiring content is perfect for sales, clearances, new product demonstrations, and anything that keeps people interested.
This development is another part of the shortened attention span that has shortened the sales cycle. You do not have weeks to sell anymore. You may only have a few hours depending on your market and competition. New content has to stay on top of your social media pages or clients will look elsewhere for it.
The Chatbox
A chatbox caters to customer’s desire for instant gratification. These little communication devices are perfect for solving complaints, resolving issues before they become issues, and making clients feel that they are being taken care of.
A chatbox gives a client the feel of a personal touch that is often missing from the phone purchase experience. A chatbox can prevent that one bad review that destroys your best seller. 
You include access to your chatbox in your emails so that clients who prefer email can get the same fast problem resolution when they want it.
Optimized for mobile
Analysts projected that 70 percent of all retail sales would be made through mobile devices by 2020. They missed it by three years. The predominance of mobile has become so great that Facebook has gone all mobile for the companies that sell on Facebook.
You need to be optimized for mobile. At recent mobile phones only show three results per page for a search. This makes your odds of being on the first page even harder. Work with your mobile app development company to improve your search engine placement before you decide to make the leap to all mobile.
Platform overlap
Most social media platforms offer the feature that overlap. The overlap can be just in presentation or can be more of a timing issue. Spreading your company and products on every platform can actually prevent some of your target market from seeing what you have to offer.
The choice of platforms depends on your business. You must be certain that timing issues do not reduce your potential market.
You need email
Social media marketing and email marketing are not really that distant from each other in concepts or techniques. Social media provides a much better opportunity to build an email marketing list simply because the world is your market. The advantage you get from social media is that you build your own email lists and do not pay for them.
The most important thing in making social media work for email is asking permission. Ask if people want emails before you email. A checkbox on the signup page is all you need. The customer is not upset and you get good reviews.
The key to email success is to include all of the social media icons in the emails that you send. Place the icons where they cannot be missed. Use a Retweet icon to get your deals and new products sent to people who do not know you exist. Invite people to join in conversations. Incentivize the use of social media through emails. Make your social media site the place to opt into the email.

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