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Unique Mobile App Ideas For Real Estate Businesses

App Development

Oct 2020
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unique mobile app ideas for real estate businesses
With the ever-changing technology, our lifestyle has become easier and convenient. Mobile apps have done a tremendous job in every arena of life. One such industry is - Real Estate. Real estate is a fast-paced industry and is made for embracing business applications. Real estate businesses get top-level pressure to generate more sales, and not to forget, they also face fierce competition. They need to increase their client experience and ability to build an extreme level of trust with them.
Mobile apps are the most appropriate solutions in all sectors due to their ability to boost effectiveness and help agents sell their clients in highly attractive ways like iPads and tablets.
Real estate agents are embracing mobile technology usage and developing specific mobile apps to help them do business. Speaking of which, it will be essential for people who are not using apps for flourishing and leveraging benefits for real estate enterprise apps.
There are several real estate business ideas. Moreover, real estate comes with many business scopes, especially after technological development. So, if you want to grow your business, it's time to tap into mobile tech and revamp your business model.
Before moving on to unique app ideas, let's know the benefits of real estate apps.
More Engagement: Mobile apps can increase your clients' engagement level, rendering a fantastic effect that can make you look different from your nemesis and increase your sales.
Better Efficiency: Mobile apps can retrieve data faster and make communication easier and feasible by facilitating you to use your smartphone irrespective of your location. This way, you can save time and generate additional income.
Better Communication: Mobile apps can make better and faster communications with clients, ensure they can reach you whenever they have questions, and deliver them a complete and memorable client experience.
Top Real Estate App Ideas To Transform Your Real Estate Business
1. Locality Review App
A top mobile app development company in 2020 uses the convenience of location services for several reasons. In the real estate world, a good locality is as equal as a good property.
locality review app
Anyone can rate a locality using a locality review app. The locality can score on various factors such as weather, education, living, amenities, distance from the city, and more.
All these factors together will create a rating or a basic score of localities. This app also helps clients discover which area is ideal for them and determine which real estate property they should pour their money into.
2. House Purchase & Renting Information App
Renting or buying a home can be tough as it requires too much research and paperwork filing. A mobile app can make it more convenient for your clients to determine their best option, thus delivering a positive and unforgettable customer experience. Apps make your work easy by including necessary data about the buying and renting process.
This responds to all your client questions, delivering a smooth experience. Hence, offer this application to your clients as an additional service.
Also, this app can act as a communication channel between you and the client, so they can connect with you when required.
3. Real Estate AR/VR App
Showcasing properties using AR/VR tech is one of the trending real estate business ideas in 2020. It is presumed that the AR/VR tech in the real estate industry will reach $2.6 billion by 2025. AR/VR tech will help people save their money and time on checking various multiple properties.
These techs help people visit properties virtually at any time & from anywhere. Real estate companies that use these technologies can acquire a client earlier than traditional methods. You don't need to do a house view to show the property with the help of AR/VR.
4. Calculator App
Mortgage Calculator
Most property sales come with mortgages, slowing down the entire process due to the complex nature of mortgage calculations. To avoid wasting your clients' time, it's best to use the mortgage calculator app.
Repair Estimates
Moreover, purchasing a property may come with additional expenses like repairs, thus making the process slower as it is challenging to come up with cost estimates in a meeting only. Hence, a calculator app can help you by allowing you to evaluate the repair cost as per some benchmarks.
A calculator app allows you to convert these calculations into a report easily and email that to customers as per their convenience.
5. Property Investment App
You can develop an app that will offer information to potential investors or assist with each investment decision in the property market. This app must feature a chatbox for users to ask their queries about any challenges they face during a real estate investment.
property investment app
The app must also have an in-house expert who is experienced and knowledgeable of the real estate market and can respond to all user questions, rendering them solutions to their problems and excellent investment choices. The expert must describe the areas where investors will get the most returns in case they buy property here.
Moreover, the app must also inform users of what's going on in the real estate market and help them if they must invest in or liquidate their properties to obtain maximum returns.
6. Property Listing App
Approx. 93% of the clients first explore the website's online listing. The listing depends on specific points:
- Listing properties only for sale
- Listing properties only for rent
- Listing properties for both sale and rent
You can create a property listing platform for property owners to register and list their properties with the information needed. Buyers or renters will look for properties based on their requirements.
7. Property Rental App
The rental business is on a boom. People keep migrating from one place to another for various reasons. Hence, this creates a need for renting stays. Therefore, begin with this idea for your real estate business.
The online rental business can be advantageous for renters and tenants both. It becomes easier for renters to pay rents online and share their questions online. You can connect to the property owners who want to rent out their properties. A marketplace also allows the property owner to list their booking and earn a flat commission on each booking.
Final Words
In today's fierce competition and technology-driven world, people's demands have increased, and they want everything at their fingertips. They are super busy with their work and have no time to visit every property. Hence, the mobile app presents an incredible solution to solve all the buyer problems with the above-mentioned mobile app ideas.
As a real estate company, it would be the best decision for your business to create a unique app with top mobile app development companies.
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