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Some of the most experienced app developers now adopt some simple strategies to attract customers, generate leads and even increase their conversion rate. Here are some of the techniques.
Offer localized content
According to a highly successful app developer, most companies don’t utilize their app’s ability to collect precise data about their users. In case you are not aware, your app should be able to store the phone brand and model, mobile carrier, location, and several other important information about each of your app users.
You need to use your app for profiling. This will enable you push out localized and individualized content to your users and this makes them feel special. For instance, if you open a new physical store, only your users that live in the same city or county with the new store should get a notification about it. Even the ones that live far away from it should also get the notification whenever they come around the location for any reason.
For users that have entered their date of birth, your app should be designed to send birthday wishes to them on their birthdays through push notification. You have no idea how this simple gesture can impress users of your app. Some organizations are already doing it.
Treat your app subscribers specially
app subscribers
Whenever you organize a public event, treat the subscribers of your app specially. A good way is to reserve the front rows for them or offer them free snacks. Even if you are not the main organizer, you could offer to contribute so that the subscribers of your app can be treated specially. This will build emotional attachment between your brand and your customers and emotional attachment breeds loyalty. 
Your customers will be more willing to share more of their information with you and also promote your products. It is needless to remind you that positive word-of-mouth recommendations from unbiased customers are the most effective means of advertisement.
Ultra-short registration form is super-cool
Nothing annoys first time users like a long registration form. The registration form on some mobile apps is as long as visa application form. If only the inexperienced app developers that developed such apps have any idea how many prospective users that have turned back because of long registration form; they will realize how much harm they have done to their brand.
You must have heard that an average user has between 30 and 36 apps on his phone at any given time and he does not use about half of them more than once. Long registration form could be one of the reasons for this. Aside the tedium involved, people are generally less willing to give out their information after the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica eye opener. 
Experienced app developers are aware of this and this is why they make their registration form very short. You should be okay with just name, email address, phone number, and physical address. In fact, some app developers ask for only name and email address.
Yes, you need more information about users for better profiling, localization of content, and content individualization, but there are better ways to ask users. Let them enjoy your app for a while and entice them with bonus, discounts, or other freebies if they fill the long registration form. That way, they will be more willing to share more of their details. So, you will generate more leads with a simple 2-step registration process.
Make your phone number a call-initiating link
After going through your app, a new user may want to call to ask one or two questions, so he may have to copy out the number, leave the app and launch the dialer. As you can see, the process is quite long and tedious. The length and tedium can change a user’s mind. So, to make the process easier and faster, you can make the phone number a call-initiating link. That way, users only need to tap the phone number and a call is initiated. 
If you are observant enough, you would have noticed that all the points raised above are also geared towards building great user experience. That is exactly what it is. Nothing attracts users and customers like great user experience. If you get it right, they will not only download and install your app, they will retain it for a long time. 
Use chatbots
use chatbots
Whether you believe it or not, prospective customers are usually very impatient. When a customer asks a question, he expects a quick answer. This is why it is now becoming a common practice to integrate chatbots in mobile apps. The bots offer instant response to any question and they answer as many questions as possible. Most importantly, they work 24/7. 
This is possible because the bots take their answers from their rich database of information. However, it is still possible for a customer to ask a question that a particular bot cannot answer. The bot will then provide the customer with a particular phone number to call as an option or check back within 24 hours for the answer. At the same time, the bot will send the question to back-end and its database will be updated with the answer to that question. So, when the customer checks back after 24 hours, the answer will be available. You can also generate leads with chatbots because quick response is vital to lead generation.
Make informative and educative posts
According to several studies, customers will rather patronize an authority. So, when they feel that you are an authority in your niche, they will patronize you before others. You need to position yourself as an authority by posting several educative and informative messages related to your products. When you eventually post a message about your products, they won’t perceive it as an advertisement, rather, it will seem like another educative post. 
Integrate social media into your app
When you integrate social media into your app, users will be able to login through their social media account with just one click. Secondly, they will also be able to share your posts by clicking the “share” button. The primary reason several people share posts is because it gives them certain pleasure doing so. This is because people are generally obsessed with social media. So, chances are your posts will be shared if you integrate social media in your app and the popularity of your brand will keep increasing.
In conclusion, these are some of the ways to promote loyalty, generate leads and convert them through your mobile app. So, it is better to apply all the techniques.

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