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Virtual API - A Boon for Testing : Know how you can defeat API testing gridlocks with Virtual API


Jun 2016
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virtual api - a boon for testing

Today's Software application Development architecture depends heavily upon the API as the Kernel of the application, in the same manner any app developers would rely on database of its application or the UI which is considered as the key components for any architecture without which Application is lifeless.

You might have heard about API couple of times if you are surrounded by the app developers that are working on multiple projects but ,

Hold on Guys .... Do you Exactly Know what API is ? What is the Use of API ?


Well, to make you aware about , API 's are the set of programming instructions or protocols and standards that are used for

accessing website apps or any other tools. Generally API's are unleashed by the software companies so that other software

developers can scheme out the software empowered by it's services. Let's take an example to make you clear about the


Example : Amazon has liberated its API into public so that any web app developer can access amazon's products information

meanwhile, can also give direct links to the products that has updated price and information along with the “buy Now” option

attached with it.

Getting back to the thing the dependence on API means that the app testers need to test out app's behavior in response to

number of API's developed. But it can lead to hassle in the scenarios where APIs are not developed by us. i.e third party API

like that of Amazon or they are still in the development mode.

This is where API virtualization Comes into picture ...

Virtual API is nothing but an environment created using which testers can imitate the features of the software developed and

create artificial responses from the all created APIs on which application relies on. Despite of preparing for the whole new

separate server to imitate software Development, API virtualization aims to mirror the minimum of behavior response of one

or more API endpoints.


With API Virtualization ,development team are facilitated to create Virtual API that enables the to test the API on frequent and

detailed basis at the time when API is into development mode.

Let's look over how Virtual API can prove to be beneficial and how it overcomes API testing challenges.

1. Testing of APIs is too behind-hand in software Development Life-cycle.

Solution : Make parallel development along with API virtualization.

Explanation :


Execution of Virtual services eradicates reliance on External APIs during your app development life-cycle and allows you to

examine your API model by its behavior before and during the mobile app development.

By Virtualizing the API that are still inside the development mode ,You can be on the top of head by creating functional

Performance test against the API , So you will start the ball rolling as soon as the API is completed.


Simultaneously,development of Virtual API allows to performs constant testing and reviews for developers to get exact idea

whether the API developed is meeting the needed requirements or not.

2. Cross-team API dependencies will slow-down the release schedule

Solution : Segregrate Development and testing team from customary changes as real API is into development Zone.

Explanation :


By Providing development team with Virtual versions of API , You can eradicate the dependencies that slower down the

software delivery cycle. Though the development team still needs to join forces and work as per given schedule , they won't

be blocked if there are changes or any kind of delay takes place.

Figuring out any API that is under development will allow you to test all the dependent API and all the integrations along with

that API majority supports , So that you are well prepared for the future bugs or issues that may turn out When API is made


3. Third Party Vendor Service are unable to Scale Performance testing.


Explanation :


Most Probably in regression and load testing ,depending on third party API's can draw more fees beyond the budget

obstruction.As these testing methods are crucial enough without API virtualization , we cannot perform tests except that we

go beyond the targeted budget or spending excess fees.

4. Environment instability leads to less testing time.


Solution: Set up a virtual API sandbox


A Virtual API Sandbox imitates the nature of the app development and creates artificial responses from all APIs on which

application depends on. The app that is under the test still make use of the same calls like earlier but redirects it to the

virtual API, that makes it possible to undertake specific test by API responses.


This API Virtualization makes it likely to test API separately , assessing response against real-data under various conditions.

This permits testing team to undertake load-test in a loop till the time it is demonstrated that API can perform load of

required no of simultaneous users without harming software developed.

5) Data creation consumes huge developer/ tester time.




API virtualization permits you to again Execute test without having need to do data setup. Tools like Service V, allows you to

generate data instantly or to pull data from external resources. Data can be pulled into following formats: JDBC, XML File,

Grid Layout , Database etc.



Once the data-source is been identified , you can make use of interface to mention the properties that are included in those

data source.This data source can be further used to generate responses based on the request and responses will be updated

by its own if any modification is found in data sets.

Build API faster and Stronger with Virtual API


Today's API depends heavily on API which indirectly states that testing those apps also depends on the very same API making

it more crucial to test and check the performance and response of API. Hyperlink Infosystem one of the top app

development company has expert team of testers and QA that not only performs testing of app but also manages its

performance quality as well load balance the sessions , User traffic Engagement and so on . So if you are in Search of best

testing approach that changes your app level and performance then Hyperlink Infosystem is your address. Contact us now to

make your app reach at highest performance level.

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