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Virtual Reality Has Come To Our Rescue, Amid COVID Crisis


Jul 2020
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virtual reality has come to our rescue, amid covid crisis
The world today is going through a rough patch, dealing with the Coronavirus Crisis. As hard as it has been to live in fear of not contacting this gruesome virus, it has been much worse living in seclusion. Little did we know it would be such a nightmare, living in isolation, thus, impacting our mental health to enormous lengths. And while we know, we are stuck in this situation until the vaccinations are out there, it can be months of isolation. Amid this situation, App and Web Development company has done a marvelous job of inventing Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR), to ease our pains, and thus, relieving anxiety and stress.
The reports show that 45% of Americans' mental health has deteriorated due to the COVID outbreak. The percentage was 32% earlier in March, and now we know the psychological damage Coronavirus could engender. Moreover, the Census Bureau's study for the end of June shows that 36% of American adults are facing anxiety and stress.
While this seems to be a massive problem, and the vaccines are not likely to be introduced until next year, coping with this virus and seclusion has become a top priority.
Fortunately, it has become viable to visit places and stay connected, and credit goes to AR and VR technology. According to the experts, Virtual Reality bestows upon us not just entertainment experiences, but during such times it is more clear that it is such a boon that can help us feel calm and collective.
Let's take a peek into some of the app development companies that have invented cool apps.
Deep VR
deep vr
In partnership with Radboud University, Deep VR, a meditative gaming app, aims to relieve stress and tension in the gamer. The player can explore through a calm and melodious underwater world. Biofeedback mechanics helps this app control the system. This app will launch this year, assisting the player in slowly and deeply control their breathing and experience this relishing experience like never before. As per research, this kind of breathing experience helps relax the nerves of our body, lowering stress levels.
Sound self will engage you in deep meditation trance, an ancient practice called "toning." Your inhaling will be intense, and exhaling will be in long-extended tones. Sound self, launched earlier in April, and created by Andromeda Entertainment, is an App Development company focusing on designing the games to help support and develop your mindfulness.
A Missouri-based company, uses AR and VR altogether with Neurofeedback to relieve your stress and anxiety. It generates 3-dimensional visuals that surround the player. To give AR and VR feel, the app controls the brainwaves and heart rate, using the EEG headband or Apple Watch. It takes as little as 4 minutes to bring your anxiety levels down once you are on with it. The story is that once you are on, you can feel a strong sense of presence, and you believe what you see. It is the power of immersive media that gives that leaves that strong impact on your brain.
Using VR and AR can help you significantly relieve your stress and anxiety levels; due to the immersive technology, then it can use the conventional apps for meditation practice. Due to such reasons, the recommendation is to use VR and AR technology not only in homes but also in clinical facilities.
According to Miri Polacheck, a CEO of a wellbeing-focused investment firm and incubator, Joy Ventures, says that AR and VR can bring a significant change to the mental health of people positively.
This immersive technology can make you feel realistic, in terms that you get so indulged in the experience, that you genuinely feel it happening even if it isn't. This can be used to provide an empathetic therapy, thus providing a long-term positive result for dealing with any trauma and anxiety issues.
Polachek says that research shows that AR and VR have been of enormous help in treating mental health issues. Not just games and apps, but it has made its way through the mental health systems globally.
Meet Psious:
Psious, a Barcelona-based company, has come forward in its development of a Virtual Reality platform. It has offered a considerable help to the mental health professionals and therapists to treat anxiety disorders. It extends it help to solve lots of issues, ranging from treating anxiety problems, lowering a fear of heights, and eating disorders.
Amid Covid-19, it offered to help in aspects of providing several environments linked with mindfulness, relaxation, and OCD problems. Psious includes a total of 70 virtual reality environments, myriad of scenes, and an angle of 360-degree video, thus offering flexibility to treat various types of pathologies.
The Psious Academy offers a program to train its professionals to achieve top results while implementing Virtual Reality Therapy.
According to a Professional Riva, VR can make you feel like you are in a safe place. You are isolated, and you can deep think about your problems and solutions.
As per research, VR can be quite powerful in treating PTSD - Post-traumatic Stress Disorders and help with stability of mind.
According to Riva, it can help focus on your work in ways. For instance, if you want some peace and want to focus, but you have noisy kids at home, it can be quite challenging. However, putting a VR headset on can help solve that problem. It enables you to feel relaxed, and with your eyes closed, you can focus on meditating.
Various companies are investing their time and money in VR technology. XR Health, the Massachusetts-based company, is a VR powered telehealth company. It possesses over 500 certified experts all over the US. It also offers physical therapy, stress relief, respiratory recovery, cognitive therapy, and more. Respiratory Recovery services that it provides focuses on coronavirus survivors.
XR Health:
xp health
According to XR health, using VR to treat mental health problems isn't recent. But the COVID outbreak has fastened the use of VR and AR to lessen the mental health issues.
The Psious Academy offers a program to train its professionals to achieve top results while implementing Virtual Reality Therapy.
According to a Professional Riva, VR can make you feel like you are in a safe place. You are isolated, and you can deep think about your problems and solutions.
As per research, VR can be quite powerful in treating PTSD - Post-traumatic Stress Disorders and help with stability of mind.
What’s next:
Maintaining social distancing, and living in seclusion has made it vital to use the VR and AR technology to rescue us from the mental health issues. It seems that the App Development Companies and Health Companies will come forward with more remarkable stuff in the future.
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