Visual Elements That Can Affect The User Experience Of An App

Visual elements that can affect the user experience of an app
User experience is a term that is often used in the field of web development and mobile application development. Since the degree of competitiveness is high, not only is it enough to have a visually appealing design, but user preferences must also be considered. And that is precisely where the user experience helps determine if the interaction of users with the website or application is optimal.
Although visual elements are not the only factor taken into account to determine the user experience in an app, they can have a great impact on it. In this article, we show you the common visual elements in every app and how each one of them can affect the user experience.
Images is one of the most obvious visual elements on any app. The simple term "visual" in the app and web context makes us think instantly of photographs and illustrations. Images are essential in any design as they not only allow visitors to understand the message of the app and website more quickly, but they are also the main ingredients of any attractive app and website.
In some app, it is unthinkable that images are not included since they are online stores where it is necessary to present quality photographs of all the products that are being offered. However, even on websites such as blogs or online newspapers where large amounts of content are text, photographs, or illustrations that accompany the text are usually included.
No matter what type of app you are creating, you will always find images that help reinforce or convey a message. Due to the purpose of the images in the app, they are considered as an essential part of any user experience. It will be natural for them to find images in apps, so including images with which users can be identified is paramount.
Both images and text are necessary elements on any app or website. But you should not only consider the language used and the tone of communication with which you have written the text that you will place on your site, but also the typographic fonts that you will use.
As you should know, the fonts influence the message you are trying to send and can help reinforce the message. For this reason, selecting fonts can be a challenge, particularly if you must combine them with others that are more suitable for titles.
Apart from considering the design of the fonts, you should also take into account their size and color. If it is not a suitable color that does not have enough contrast with the background, it will affect the readability of the text. The result is the same if the size is too small or if it has been decided to place very long lines of text in the design. All these little details can have a big impact on the user experience, so make sure you spend time selecting sources for your website.
Logos are elements related to corporate identity and are usually placed in any graphic piece belonging to the brand, whether it is printed or digital design. No wonder, then, that they are placed in a visible place on the website and always kept in sight. In this way, the user acknowledges that the website belongs to the said brand.
Despite their main purpose on websites, logos also have the power to improve the user experience. It is common that for users, logos are not only a hallmark of the brand, but on a website, they give another additional meaning: return to Home. On many websites, the logo is usually linked to the home page. But since people often identify visual elements more quickly and the logo is usually placed in a way that attracts attention, visitors feel more inclined to click on the logo. Users have become so accustomed that the logo is a link to the home page that, if this function is not presented on a website, users tend to assume it to be an error.
Call-to-action buttons
The call-to-action buttons have a very clear purpose: to indicate to the users the action to be performed. Be it download a newsletter, access a free trial, sign up for a service, learn more about a product or service, etc. There are endless possibilities of actions that a user can take in an app. It is up to the client's objectives to determine what it will be.
In many cases, call-to-action buttons are usually considered as a starting point. For this reason, it is common to find them on landing pages, often prominently located on the first screenshot to which the visitor has access.
Since they are usually considered as a starting point and throughout the app, there are clues that help the user to navigate, call-to-action buttons are usually essential not only when generating a higher conversion rate, but also to create a good user experience. Both the position, size, and text of the button can affect not only the conversion rate but also the user experience, so it is important that you carefully analyze your design since there is no ideal location to place the call-to-action button.
In conclusion
The user experience goes beyond the aesthetic or visual aspect of an app. The interaction that visitors have with the app should be considered. However, both layout, color, and image decisions have a profound impact on the user experience, and for this reason, they must be taken with this factor in mind.

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