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Ways To Promote A Mobile App In Social Networks

Digital Marketing

Feb 2020
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ways to promote a mobile app in social networks
19% of iOS downloads and 15% of Android come directly from social networks. And Twitter, in particular, is an exciting platform to promote mobile apps since more than 83% of its users access it from their smartphones and search for apps to download.
In this article, you will learn how you can promote the Apps created by top app development companies in social networks and effective strategies to promote any app on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Promote your Apps on social networks
There are different ways to promote mobile applications in various social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.
One of them is using the "Share" functionality without having to exit the app. You can customize the message you want to publish and choose which link you want to share with the users of your Facebook or Twitter community: the download link of the app in the App Store, the download link of the App in Google Play or the link of the PWA (Progressive Web Application).
The second way is by sharing the push messages that are sent to the users of the app. For example, imagine that you own a restaurant and that you have decided to make an aperitif a weekend to make your business known.
To do this, you can decide to notify the users of the specific day in which the aperitif will take place and inform them. Also, to the aperitif, there will be wine tasting, gifts, surprises, and discounts on exclusive wine bottles for all those who come and that have the app downloaded.
But, as you want your message to reach more people in addition to the users of your app, you decide to publish it on social networks so that other new users know your business and your app.
That way, you get loyalty to users who already had your application downloaded while getting new users to know your brand thanks to the dissemination of your message on social networks.
Another alternative is that you get the QR code of the app, download, and make it viral by sharing it on social platforms. That way, users who view your post from a computer and are interested, can download your app much faster by scanning the QR code.
Now that you know the different ways in which you can share an app on social networks, let's see how you can promote any application on the different social platforms.
Promote an App on Facebook
promote app on facebook
You can use Facebook to carry out a campaign to promote your mobile application so that users can download it.
An intelligent way to encourage your audience to share the download link of your application among their friends is by giving them something in return.
And what can you offer the users who find it interesting to help you promote your application on Facebook?
- Premium features for free
- Access to a promotion or limited discounts
Draws of specific products or services that are marketed through your app
The most important thing if you decide to use the raffles to promote your app, is that the contests are real, the process is transparent and that you post the name of the winner as well as the prize. This will generate credibility among other users. It is also advisable that the draws are timely to create a sense of exclusivity in your Facebook community.
However, that users share the download link of your app, download and test it does not imply that they will use it frequently. For this reason, you have the option of launching a second campaign to motivate users who have downloaded your app to interact with it.
Promote an App on Pinterest
Pinterest is a social network structured to visual elements, and that is why you should guide the promotion of your app in this regard. Publishing and displaying images, infographics, vector designs, tables, graphs, and attractive screenshots of your application on this platform can help increase the number of downloads. A strategy that can work very well on Pinterest is to share testimonials or positive reviews of your app in a visually appealing format, such as a quote.
Ask customers who use your app regularly to describe their experience with it in a small paragraph and make sure it contains the keywords of your app. Sharing the resulting positive review is a great way to motivate other people to try it, use it, and generate engagement with it.
You can also make publications and encourage people to share the download link, as we have seen previously on Facebook so that the message moves and reaches more people.
Promote an App on Instagram
promote app on instagram
Since implementing its new advertising solutions in 2015, Instagram has become a very profitable option for businesses that want to promote their content, products, and services by paying less.
Keep in mind that Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads share the same advertising interface, so you can coordinate campaigns between both social networks and use the same targeting options, including advanced features such as custom audiences. I recommend that you use the "carousel" or "image player" formats to create visually compelling ads.
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