Ways To Promote Your iPhone App

promote your iphone app
The app sector is fashionable and there are a growing number of apps with different functionalities and features. For the user, it is wonderful to have so many options to choose from. But such cannot be said for the developers during iPhone app development
For this reason, it is becoming more complicated to involve in iPhone app development. It is becoming difficult to rank high among apps with similar functionalities which means that users can’t easily find such an app.
In this post, you will discover some of the best guidelines and ways to promote your iOS and Android app without spending or spending very little money. This guideline is critical when launching your app since it is the phase that is most important to your success or failure.
Without further ado, here are some ways to promote your app that will be very useful for you:
1. Create a title, a description, and attractive images/screenshots.
create title description and attractive images screenshots
This is the first step and task that must be done to promote an application. You have to carry out keyword research taking into account the competition, the type of app, the services and products offered, and the target audience.
It is essential to search and find a good title and description containing the selected keywords to enhance the positioning of the app and improve its visibility on the application stores.
It must also be attractive for the users to decide to install the application and sufficiently clear and concise so that the users know what they will find when downloading the app.
The images are also a fundamental aspect for the promotion of an application because like the title and the description, it will be the first thing the user sees and will have a great impact on the number of downloads that occurs. Therefore, it is important that they are of good quality and point out the most important and differentiable aspects of the app.
2. Create a website or download landing page for the app (direct link to the download page of the app in the App Store).
Ideally, it should have at least one blog tab (with useful content for the users) and a contact tab. This way, you can show your app to the web audience and get downloads by alternative means to the mobile application sales stores (App Store, Google Play).
This site can be live prior to the launch of the app to obtain information from different users through web forms. You can also obtain information from users prior to the launch of the app by creating social profiles. This way, you can get a new way of communication and promotion with potential customers and you can make a list of interested people (a marketing tool that is certainly very powerful).
3. Create business relationships and collaborations with relevant media (blogs, magazines, newspapers) on the subject and services of the App
This is fundamental in the launching of an app since it will get the attention of a large number of users. This is necessary at the beginning of the project as well as being able to be a differential advantage with respect to your competitors.
This is a technique that generates confidence in users. Appearing on media with some influence or relevance in the app sector or the subject matter will greatly help you to generate a good image and therefore results in more download of the app.
4. Advertising and promotion through RSS.
advertising and promotion through rss
Depending on the application (theme and functions), you can use social or other networks. You can carry out advertising applications on Facebook (Ads), Instagram (Ads), YouTube (Adwords Display), etc.
A very good way to carry out effective promotion action on social networks is to create different thematic groups on different RSS, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google +. You will be able to reach more people who are interested in your app since they allow you to segment the audience you want to target.
5. Publication on App Store or app download stores (in the maximum possible):
You should ensure that your app is published on the various app stores.
- Google Play Store
- App Store
- Windows App Store
- Amazon App Store
- Etc..
6. Contact influencers and bloggers in the mobile marketing sector with some authority on the subject/ type of app/ services that you offer through your app.
One way to get influencers with whom to collaborate could be to search for contacts on social network groups related to your app that have a good number of followers and likes and locate their administrators. To be successful and to carry out the actions that you have planned previously, you must offer something attractive that you know they will not reject.
7. Create a video presentation of the app where it is described in a creative, fun, attractive and personal way.
A good technique for this is to tell a story in a way that people can identify with by giving specific and typical examples of real-life situations where the app will be useful for them. Another option would be the creation of short videos in the form of a series to educate and train future users of the app and capture the attention of those who are undecided. YouTube and Vine are two good platforms to do this.
8. Manage the reviews and appraisals of your application on social networks, your website and the app download page on the App Store.
It is necessary to be especially careful with the resolution of negative and critical reviews so that these are solved and do not generate download problems. For example, if there was a problem with one of the functions of the app that a user has identified and criticized, it would be appropriate to resolve this issue and respond to it by notifying the correction so that new users do not take it into account. You should ensure that every functionality is perfect during your iPhone app development.

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