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What Are The Most Pivotal Enterprise Mobile App Trends?


Jul 2019
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most pivotal enterprise mobile app trends
When enterprises take the time to meet with app developers, they are looking for assistance that extends beyond the basic. They are in search of app developers that remain on the cutting edge. Mobile apps are a staple for any forward thinking enterprise and the top companies will want to make sure that they are in lockstep with current trends.
App developers that are not fully up to date in this regard cannot be trusted. As more and more technologies are being introduced into today's marketplaces, integration is key. This is where the assistance of app developers comes into play. They can outline the latest trends and let an enterprise know if they are making the right decisions.
These are the recent trends that are dominating the world of enterprise app development. None of these trends are going to be going anywhere anytime soon, so it behooves enterprises to get on board now before it is too late.
1. Internet of Things Integration
Any enterprise that allows themselves to miss out on the Internet of Things risks falling behind. Every aspect of enterprise is being impacted by the advent of this technology. App developers are known for creating apps that are designed to enable IoT devices. These devices are designed to improve the level of efficiency of any workplace and manufacturers also stand to benefit from the level of safety that they provide.
2. On Demand Apps
These apps are no longer a luxury for any enterprise. They have now become a staple. The top app developers are on hand to make sure that employees are receiving the best possible work related apps. When employees are looking to receive assistance when it comes to their benefits, they are now relying on apps of this nature. Today's employee has come to expect this sort of care from their apps and there are very few exceptions to be made.
3. Machine Learning
machine learning
It is safe to say that machine learning and artificial intelligence are both here to stay. Enterprises are now embracing both of these technologies more than ever before. For starters, there are no shortage of apps that are designed to make the training process much easier. Machine learning can also be used to help enterprises that are struggling to find the best talent. Sifting through a pile of resumes has never been easier, thanks to AI and machine learning.
4. Blockchain Technology
This technology is no longer the exclusive domain of the cryptocurrency community. Enterprises from all walks of life are now utilizing it because of its unique combination of security and transparency. Data is also decentralized with the use of blockchain, which is another major plus. Smart contracts are now being prepared on a regular basis with the usage of blockchain. Blockchain is also being utilized by app development companies that are looking to track their supply chains.
5. Prioritization of the User Experience
The user experience is one of the most crucial aspects of any enterprise app. This is something that app developers know all too well. As more and more enterprises realize that this is a key aspect of their success, a greater level of focus is being placed on the user experience. Those who take the time to do so will notice that their apps come with a much higher rate of adoption. These are the types of investments that pay off exponentially over the course of time.
6. The Increased Presence of AR/VR
presence of ar vr
Augmented reality and virtual reality are not going anywhere anytime soon. Enterprises have already seen the runaway success of Pokemon Go and are looking to replicate it. With the help of augmented reality and virtual reality, numerous processes are made easier. Training workers is made easier, since they are given a canvas on which to work. Avoiding future mistakes is simpler when the employee is provided with an opportunity to get their early jitters out of the way. Employees will soon expect all enterprises to include these apps.
7. Data Sharing In Real Time
Enterprises now have more data to monitor than ever before. When they are unable to handle these tasks in a timely manner, a number of issues are created. An enterprise must be able to delegate properly and those who do not rely on apps for such purposes are placing themselves in a difficult position. By making sure that there apps for data collection on hand, an enterprise avoids the difficulties associated with tracking said information down at a later date. Top notch communication is also ensured with the usage of these apps.
8. Wearable Technology
These devices are well beyond the "cute personal accessory" stage. Organizations are now relying on them on a more frequent basis, as they allow for easier access to data. Many employees prefer to use wearable tech to access the apps that they are going to need throughout the course of their day. Any organization that is looking to gain access to top tier talent must consider these needs during their decision making process. Those who remain cognizant of these needs are able to enjoy far greater levels of success.
By taking the time to learn more about these trends and how app development companies can help, an enterprise is properly positioning themselves for the future. App developers that cannot offer further background should not be trusted in any instance. Future success depends on the decisions that are made in the present, so move accordingly.
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