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What Features Really Separate Great Apps From Others?

App Development

Sep 2017
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what features really separate great apps
The high demand for app design services is preceded by the advent of mobile devices. In the last few years, mobile app developers have witnessed a sudden upsurge in the demand for mobile apps.
The explosion in the demand for app design services has brought about so many changes to the industry. In fact, app development now has a trend that became prominent in 2016. The list of the mobile app trend has been outlined right below.
Security in Mobile App Development
Hackers keep looking for security loopholes in mobile apps to enable them to perpetuate their evil acts. In the past couple of years, there has been a worrisome increase in the frequency of cyber-attacks and breach of data security. A lot of organizations have fallen victim to the activities of these unscrupulous elements.
It is rather appealing and disappointing that a recent report indicates that mobile apps being churned out are not secure enough to pass the most basic security tests. This is rather unfortunate since many mobile apps receive and store a lot of sensitive personal data.
Google and Apple that are the two biggest players in the mobile app design services and development industry have already intensified efforts to prevent hacks and data breaches and also safeguard sensitive information. Even at that, being security conscious should be a habit and it should be a continuum. This is because hackers are continuously working to undermine the security structures in place. So, no security structure or facility can be effective for long.
The facility will only work for a while before hackers create or discover its loophole. The catch is to continuously be a step ahead of hackers. Before any security feature is broken, another one should have been installed in addition.
Better User Experience
App development companies should also consider versatility. Android and iOS devices come in different screen sizes and specifications. These devices also come in different forms like tablets, smart-watches, wearables and digital billboards. An ideal app should be able to work on both iOS and Android platforms and it should also be able to work on all mobile devices irrespective of their screen sizes, forms, shapes and specifications.
User experience is one of the biggest factors that determine the success of a mobile app. Analytics data can be a guide to assess the level of the user experience of a mobile app. Its reports can be used to improve user experience.
Shifting to Swift Programming Language
Apple recently introduced Swift as its new programming language and because of its numerous advantages over Objective-C, a lot of programmers are shifting to Swift. As such, Swift is fast becoming the most popular programming language. So, it is necessary for app developers to shift to swift or remain obsolete. It is often advisable to swim along the tide of technology advancement.
Getting prepared for internet of things technology
The internet of things technology is a pretty new technology but it has become widely accepted and tech giants like Apple and Google have already launched products like Apple Watch and Google Glass respectively to show their readiness for the technology. 
Due to the unprecedented convenience that will come with Internet of Things applications, a lot of organizations are already making preparations for it. Technology analysts have already predicted that internet of things will take the world by storm and the time to get prepared is now. This implies that any app developer that wants to remain relevant in the app development world should get prepared for the technology.
In fact, so many organizations have already begun to adopt the technology. This will lead to organizations acquiring more private cloud networks and all acquired with a wide variety of sensor-based systems. 
More contribution from Cloud computing and technology
Since Cloud technology has played a major role in the app development world since inception, it is expected to intensify its contribution to the growth of the industry. Cloud has made work much easier for a lot of people and it is necessary for developers to align themselves to the applications of Cloud technology.
Readiness for Mobile Payment
The sales made through mobile devices have exploded over the last couple of years and the trend will not change soon. So, Google has taken advantage of the increase by creating Google Wallet while Apple created Apple Pay. Any smart app developer should be working towards the development of mobile apps that will not require physical cash or debit/credit cards to process transactions. 
A lot of apps fail because of poor publicity and optimization. In fact, most developers are not yet aware of the fact that apps should now be optimized for search engines. Consider the fact that there are over 250 million mobile apps available now. And more are being produced every day. So, how do you expect your app to stand out and be seen? This is why optimization for search engines is equally as important as building the app itself. 
Low energy consumption
The world has woken up to energy efficiency. So, it has become a major factor that determines their choice. Any app that consumes a lot of battery life will not be a hit. Once customers notice it, they will delete the app almost immediately. So, a good developer should consider low consumption of battery life. 
Short loading time
Another quality that makes an app a hit is a very short loading time. The longer it loads the more users stay away from it. The ideal loading time of an app is between 6 and 10 seconds. Any app that loads between 11 and 15 seconds can still be managed but any loading time more than 15 seconds is not acceptable. So, the shorter the loading time of your app the higher the chances of its success. 
Even though internet connection is needed to download any app, people prefer apps that can run offline so that they won’t have to waste their MB’s each time they access any app. If your app does not run offline, you are already losing customers. For instance, if you need a dictionary app on your phone, which one would you rather download? The one that works offline or the one that works only online? Of Course, everyone prefers the offline dictionary. This implies that when your app runs online only, you are already pushing your app users to offline alternatives.
All the features collectively give mobile apps a better user experience which is critical to the success of every app. The great user interface also helps to attract users, especially in game apps. This is why you should hire an experienced app designer.
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