What Makes A Landing Page Most Important Aspect Of Your Business Application?

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For a common man, your application has taken birth on its launch day. Being an entrepreneur, you know how much efforts you have involved during app development, app launch and in post-launch activities. Development of successful app is not everyone's cup of tea. There are innumerable factors that contribute to makes an app successful. So, you are a startup and have an amazing app idea. You also have a team of best Indian app developers and all necessary resources to start with your app development. Well, that's fantastic. But, how you will let your prospective users identify the capabilities of your application? This is where the need of landing page arises.

So, What's Landing Page All About?

At the center of marketing lies the landing page. A landing page is basically space where users land at the moment they click on the app. Landing page decides the future of application. It decides whether or not the user is going to stay on your app, navigate or will leave your app. A landing page is like the home page of your application or you can say introductory part of your app. So, this is something that makes landing page most crucial aspect for any online business. While defining landing page of your app, make sure that you address core features of your app and give your users a strong reason to visit your app repeatedly. For some that are still arguing regarding the existence of landing page, below I will address some key points that will clear your confusion regarding the existence of landing page.

What Makes A Landing Page Most Important Aspect Of Your Business application?

1. Increasing Conversions
Being an entrepreneur, you need to take conversion rates of your app very seriously. Identify the reason behind just having 50-60 downloads of your app regardless of having thousands of user impression. Without knowing a proper reason, you will end up spending the good amount of bucks on an already optimized feature list. With a landing page, you can get detailed statistics and can even turn your potential visitors into customers.

2. Retrieving Feedback

Landing page makes it easy to engage users before the launch of an app. You can engage users in your app by providing highlights regarding your app features and functions at regular intervals. You can share your app screenshots, teasers along with benefits of your application to let them know if they are heading in the right direction or not. Following this approach, you can create a large amount of user base on multiple social media platform.

3. Referral Information
Though you have multiple applications available in the market, they cannot give you complete referral information. You will end up losing organic referrals as most of the app don't provide this information. Marketing information will help you to decide the success of strategy and changes to be done in the case of strategy failure. Landing page helps you to retrieve this information through tools like Google Analytics and much more.

4. Live Support And FAQ
Integrating live support feature in landing page can help you to solve instant issues of consumers. It can prove to be beneficial to turn your app visitors to app users. In order to resolve the most common doubts of your visitors, you can also add FAQ section in the landing page. Adding FAQ will not only resolve your visitor's queries but also build the trust of your visitors.

5. Share Your Story
It is one of the best parts of your app where you can tell your app story to visitors. Communicate with them and tell them how you build the entire app concept, what make you strike with such an app idea, and what is the entire process followed in the development of an app. Make sure that you keep this part funny and interactive. As landing page is the first interactive part, ensure that you leave the best impression on them.

Having landing page is one of the most important parts of app development. So, follow the points and design best landing page for your business application.


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