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What Web App Framework To Choose: Django Vs. Node.JS

Web Development

Nov 2020
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what web app framework to choose; django vs. node.js
Web applications have become the essence of digital technology in the business world. Everyone wants to use the best web app framework to deliver exceptional services to their clients. Among those frameworks, Django and Node.JS are the common ones that often confuse web app developers. These are both the most robust technologies being used by modern businesses to build versatile and feature-rich web apps. They both have open-source programming languages and have a large community of developers from app development companies continuously working to improve it.
Node.JS is a cross-platform framework used to develop efficient & quick web apps. It is JavaScript-based and can run on the client-side and server-side. The main reason for its popularity is that it is a tool that can get used to run JavaScript outside the browser. In contrast, Django is a cross-platform framework used by developers worldwide for Python applications and focuses on removing repetitive tasks and setting the base for rapid app development.
Though both are used to build web apps, they are unique frameworks. Both these technologies are equally popular and versatile, making it difficult to choose the best one. Hence, this blog will make comparisons between the two to support every functionality. The right framework for your app depends on its requirements.
Comparisons between the two different frameworks
1. Programming - Node.JS Vs. Django
The language syntax here enables writing scripts for simple apps. The learning curve to develop an entire web app might look sharp since you'll need to understand Node's nonsynchronous programming, native methods, and architecture. However, familiarity with JavaScript makes it easier, to begin with, Node.JS due to similar syntax. But you might spend more time developing due to Node.JS's complexities.
Like Node.JS, Django can be learned fast. This framework becomes easier if you are familiar with Python. However, to work with this framework, you must understand the unique methods and features and it's MTV architecture. Django lets you do more work with less code, saving plenty of time. It offers great documentation and a community to assist you through the tough times.
Both are undoubtedly great. However, Django is easier, to begin with since Node.JS poses some complicated concepts that make it a bit tough for amateurs.
2. Architecture - Node.JS Vs. Django
architecture - node.js vs. django
Its architecture is different from other server-side frameworks. Its single-threaded loop structure helps you develop high-end apps. This server-side platform offers strength to the apps developed within it, making them accessible for processing requests without delays. Managing multiple simultaneous requests is easy and quick in Node.JS. It helps apps process multiple operations concurrently, resulting in prompt responses to the app users.
Django is a Model-Template-View-based structure. This framework comes with several benefits that help develop apps quicker, better, and advanced. Developers from app development company can work on various modules of a single project concurrently, making Django a faster development framework for web apps. The component-based pattern of the framework gives ease of modification. One change in component doesn't impact the whole app or other components.
Both structures serve different purposes. Node.JS is designed to develop real-time apps and process several requests concurrently. Simultaneously, Django's structure focuses on faster app development and delivering a solid foundation for developing secure, scalable, and maintainable apps.
3. Security - Node.JS Vs. Django
Node.JS doesn't naturally offer security settings; hence, the app developers might have to add security to ensure your app is secure. Your app might be vulnerable to multiple attacks such as Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, and others.
On the other hand, Django takes the security aspect seriously. It prevents harmful injection via the input fields of the web app. It also manages SQL queries to block SQL injection attacks. Django provides the following security features:
- Cross-site scripting (XSS) protection
- SQL injection protection
- Host header validation
- Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection
- Clickjacking protection
Django is a winner for the security aspect. Hence, if your web app deals with confidential information, Django is your best bet.
4. Customization - Node.JS Vs. Django
This is a super customizable technology. Since you'll be developing everything from scratch, you can control the way your web app is made, and it's working.
This framework has much to offer with its enormous templates and library system. It is lessening a lot of development work. However, you cannot develop apps with more scalability since it requires a structure like other MVC frameworks. It has restricted scope for customization and flexibility.
To build a custom-based web app, Node.JS is the right framework for you. However, if you just want to develop a web app quickly and aren't bothered with customization, Django is for you.
5. Performance - Node.JS Vs. Django
With more resources, work can be done faster. While processing, more threads get the job done more quickly. Although Node.JS uses the V8 JavaScript engine to use single threads effectively, it is not as quick as multiple threads.
This one naturally has Python's high-performance abilities. The use of multiple threads helps enhance performance. Django offers app caching and database improvement, thus improving the performance even more.
Django performs better than Node.JS.
6. Full Stack Development - Node.JS vs. Django
full stack development - node.js vs. django
Full-stack development means front-end and back-end of a web app. Since Node.JS is a server-side framework, it's a back-end developer of web apps. Using Node.JS with other front-end frameworks, full-stack action can take place.
This is a Python-based framework and is considered for front-end and back-end development. Hence, full-stack apps could be developed with Django.
Node.JS is a better framework since it lets you code the front-end & the back-end using only JavaScript.
The Bottom Line
Both of these frameworks are great for developing web-based applications. However, choosing the right platform depends on your web app type. Suppose you're dealing with a susceptible web app like banking requiring a lot of security; Django is your framework. While, if you want to customize your app, then Node.JS is your framework. Therefore, choosing the best one that suits your web app the most is an ideal choice.
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